Arriving in Rio

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Arriving in Rio

Is taxi a necessity--best way into town?
How to ID porters?
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Sheilah, I go to Rio twice a year and my first time was in 1980, I always take a taxi into town on my arrival. If you go to the desks when you get out of customs, either blue or red cars (Coopertran) they should charge about $25. Depending on the traffic it should take about 40 minutes to Copacabana. There is a bus and I know plenty of people take the bus to Copacabana maybe it is about $2, I prefer to get to my hotel quicker, I can imagine the bus takes a little longer. When you return to the airport you should be able to negotiate a taxi fare from one of the drivers in town, maybe $18 or so. There are plenty of drivers hanging outside the Luxor Regente hotel or the Othon Palace that would be willing to take you for less.
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Both, Coopertramo (blue taxies) and Cootramo (red) are special taxies, with radio, airconditioning, and bigger cars.You can book them and pay by creditcar inside the airport. There are stands where you can do it after the gate.

You can get a yellow cab, as far as it's parked in front of the airport, or the frecao, an airconditioned special bus.

However, getting here for the first time, I'd advise you to take the yellow taxi, about 10 to 15% cheaper than Cootramo or Coopertramo. Just make sure to write down the address where you're staying, and show it to the driver.

Have a great time in Rio.

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Thanks Don and Surlock. I do have a specific question. We may be carrying extra baggage for our trip north.....
and reading in the book, it says leave NOTHING unattended. The routine is to take the bags, exchange money and probably do one of those pay for the cab inside deals. Does the airport have luggage racks like Rome or JFK? How do you know who's a legit porter and who isn' they wear uniforms? We may leave some stuff at the check in for a day or two. We're not sure how much difficulty bringing extra stuff is. Usually we're with our little roll-ons.

Another question, any recommendation for a hotel and where?

Have you been to Salvador?

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Sheilah: for peace of mind, use the taxi service available inside the airport. Sure you will pay more than negotiating with the local taxi drivers and taking the bus...but it is probably the way you will feel most comfortable. BUT, only buy one way tickets (they will try to pressure you to buy a round-trip service). When you need to leave for the airport, just have your hotel doorman arrange a taxi for you. For some reason, it's always cheaper going hotel-airport than it is airport-hotel.

As for porters and luggage racks...are you refering to the wheeled luggage carts? Yes they have those...if I remember correctly, you will see them when you come out of Customs.

HOTELS: Have you checked out They have the most comprehensive listing of hotels in Rio and you can make reservations through the website (I've done this is a legitimate company). What price range are you looking for? I've stayed at the Inter-Continental, Marina Palace and the Country Residence. I highly recommend the Country Residence, but it's a little pricy. Let me know if you have questions on these hotels. Good Luck!
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Message: Sheilah,
I like to stay on Copacabana and recently I stayed in 4 different hotels:

Rio Othon Palace - Big 5 star hotel with pool on roof, I would not reccomend as too much money and needs a face lift.

Hotel Debret - 3 star hotel, price is good, right on the beach, great staff, older hotel, great breakfast, just a little too noisy if you want to sleep late, if you get up early then no problem. Window air conditioner (noisy)

Miramar Palace hotel - Right on the beach, 4 star, a bit more money than the Debret but worth it for the insulation in the rooms that will keep out the noise, Copacabana is a very noisy area. Large rooms, recently fixed up, central air.

Luxor Regente - Right on the beach, pretty much the same as the Miramar but for a standard room I think the rooms are a little bit bigger in the Miramar, central air.This hotel has been fixed up too, very nice.

I really don't use a guide book for Rio, pleanty of websites available for places to see, to eat, to drink. There are always the standards such as WWW.IPANEMA.COM and WWW.BLAMEITONRIO4TRAVEL.COM, theres more let me know what you like to do. In Rio there is a large spectrum of things to do.

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Sheila, I would suggest that you take an air-conditioned bus from Galeao (the name of the international airport) to your Hotel.
The nickname of this bus in Rio is name is Real, and it will cost you R$4,00 to R$6,00. (They can change prices during the season.)

Keep an eye open to your belongings, specially at Av. Atlantica. Rio is a nice city, but is also a big city.

The people will normally be helpful, specially if you try to speak some words in Portuguese.

If you can get a ticket to the Samba-School parade at Marques do sapucai St. dont miss the chance. They are expensive - and worth every cent.

Welcome to my hometown.

Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
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Dear Paulo:

Tell me more about the Samba-School parade. It sounds it only for young people? We love Brazilan music and have listened for years.

If you know places to listen give me info. We're going end of March and Carnival is over but I am sure things still are swinging.

Dear Erin:

I'll check out that website. Do you like Rio or Ipanema? We like moderate surroundings, usually smaller places, but we want it to be safe, close to get food at night and walk abit or listen to some music.

During the day we'll see the sights. Go to museums, etc.

If you can name some of your favorites that's wonderful.

I haven't read throughthe guide books yet. Actually started a book last night called The Brazilians. Anyone know it?

Also rented an old film called Xica di Salvia. It was very good. Ordered Bye Bye Brazil.

Anyone been to Salvador?

Abrigada, Sheilah
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Hi Sheilah
I prefer Ipanema and Leblon to Copacabana because its more residential and sedate enough for my tastes. Copa is a little too fast paced for got the prostitutes and vendors trying to sell you stuff (even while you are eating at the sidewalk restaurants). I just didn't feel like I could relax, because I felt like I needed to watch my back all the time. I'm sure alot of that was my own paranoia and based on things people have told me...but I just don't like feeling that way, so I went where I felt comfortable.

In the Ipanema/Leblon areas, I felt comfortable going to the beach, even by myself. One night we hung out at the beachside snack bar until 1:00 in the morning (there were 5 of us, all women). There are plenty of nice shops, supermarkets and restaurants these areas as well. I highly recommend Zona Sul supermarket for souvenir shopping...they sell great Brazilian products for really cheap (wines and cachaca, coffee, cookies)!
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Depending on the day you arrive, you´ll be able to get the newspaper O Globo, whre there is a full listing of places.

What several people do hear a bit of samba all year round is the samba house paltaforma, in leblon - but it is more like a show house than the real carnival.

It´s hard to say in advance where samba will be playing in March.

Othar sites are Riotur and Embratur, there is certainly plenty of information in them both.

Boa viagem!!

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By the way, the site is


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