Argentina: is travel there a bargain for Americans?

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Argentina: is travel there a bargain for Americans?

I recently read a newspaper article which said that travel in Argentina was a true bargain for Americans because the Argentine peso was about 2.8 to the U. S. dollar.

If this is correct, what would be the cost of, say, a dinner for two with steak, french fries, salad, and wine in a nice restaurant in Buenos Aires?

I have not been successful in getting air flight prices on Aerolinias Argentinas from BA to Bariloche (round trip).

Is there a bargain ticket available on any airline in Argentina that permits a tourist to fly within the country on several flights at a deep discount?

Is it practical to rent an automobile in BA, drive to Mendoza, then south to the Bariloche area, and return?

We would be grateful for your guidance and advice.
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Take a look at Lan.Com. This Chilean airline has just started flying from BA to Baraloche and Mendoza. I'm researching a trip to Argentina and Chile for Jan, 2006 and this is one of the things I have discovered. Jane
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Yes, Argentina IS a bargain for Americans.

About 20 dollars, but it could be more or less, depending on the level of the restaurant.

Try LAN, as JaneB said.

I do not believe there is such a ticket.

It IS feasible, but I believe you should fly and drive.
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Transportation ( Taxi / Bus / Subway/ Train) in Argentina are a bargain.

A Taxi drive in town will cost aprox. U$S 2 ( might include a : therapy / history / economics / Tango / foot ball; etc.. brief/ comments).

Bus :try a more Real BA and take a couple of Bus drives / Subways / Trains.
Rush hours not recommended ; too crowded. ( Ticket U$S 0,25 cents, same as subway an most short train trips).
The bus net in BA will take you almost anywhere anytime, at night you will have to wait a little more ( 15 / 20 minutes). Watch out pickpocketing.

But BA should be WALKED to get the most of it. Join guided walking tours.
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Yes, Argentina is a bargain! I went for 10 days last year and spent $500 for all of my food, hotels, entertainment, etc. Granted, I didn't stay in very fancy hotels, but ate very well and saw a lot. I frequently found myself eating some of the most delicious steak I ever had in my life and saying something like, "I can't believe this is only 6 dollars!".

While you won't spend much cash in Argentina itself, the flight will probably be expensive. I think I paid about $1200 for the flight to BA and another 300 to fly to Iguazu. If you can find a cheap flight, your trip will really be a bargain!
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just came back from buenos aires and iguazu.

incredible food at super-hip restaurants (rivaling the hippest in nyc, sf, l.a.) is incredibly cheap. the most expensive full meal we had (3-course and wine) was still less than $50 for 2)

taxis are cheap. local boutique shopping is maybe 25% less than in the u.s. the fine arts (museums and concert halls) are very inexpensive--at least half the price of most major u.s. metropolitans.

4-star hotels are not as crazy cheap, but still a good value compared to the u.s.

i think aerolineas argentina offers an airpass purchased in the u.s. you just need to buy it here. i didn't have time to purchase one, but it didn't seem like a huge discount.

the best deal is to book your air and hotel as a package, but that usually means you have less flexibility in where you stay.
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I agree with o, except for one thing I believe your best bet is to have flexibility . You can do this without having to buy a package. No.1, get your airline ticket through a wholesaler, I live in Florida, and never pay more than 600 to Buenos Aires, often less. (American or Lan)
Then get hotels through a good local travel agent they have deals going on with hotels and can get you a real good rate. I use always wowargentina, [email protected]
They ( Cintia and co) have never failed me to get a good hotel rate in 4 stars hotels. These hotels are very nice and for int. standarts are really inexpensive if you book through wow or any other good travel agency.
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I agree w/ Graziella . Donīt hurry and wait untill in BA where you can contact the many tourist agencys that will provide proposals at cheaper prices tha packaged tours.

Meanwhile do your homework researching the web.

BA , is still a bargain , but donīt expect premium services / products paying bargain prices.

Being on the Nautical tours biz in Delta islands / Tigre i can tell you prices for hiring a private boat tour are Int., but in Tigre Pier , you may pay U$S 10 for a 2 hours boat trip.

The difference in what you get for what you pay of course is proportional.

What is really cheap in BA is food, transport ( taxi / bus / subway) and shooping ( not premium brands)and attractions in general.Not premium proposals .
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What I love today in Argentina is the feeling that most anything is reasonably affordable. This is a great feeling and it is due to the exchange rate.
Now there is a limit, but money wise Argentina is fantastic.
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Aerolineas Argentina offers a cheaper return ticket buenos aires-santiago-buenos aires than LAN. They are having some promotions now which are interesting. find it out.


the flight buenos aires-iguazu-buenos aires is only u$s 210 all taxes included.

what you say is right. You can have a wonderful time without breaking the bank. quite affordable but of course if you decide to stay in 5* hotel and eat at the best restaurants every day and buy whatever you come across, it will certainly turn into an expensive trip. If you can afford it all, wonderful, life is to be enjoyed.

But Argentina can give you very good accommodation, exc food and the possibility to visit many corners for
sth reasonable.

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