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hipvirgochick May 24th, 2010 04:39 PM

Arenal eruption activity today...
Breaking news
Costa Rica's Arenal volcano erupts

* From correspondents in San Jose
* From: AFP
* May 25, 2010 6:49AM

COSTA Rica's Arenal volcano has erupted, spewing geysers of lava, ash and toxic gases from its crater and forcing the evacuation of the national park where it is located.

The 1633-metre-tall cone-shaped mountain in northern Costa Rica shuddered into activity at 4am this morning issuing eight successive rivers of lava that flowed down its steep slopes, National Volcanology and Seismology Observatory expert Elicer Duarte said.

He said nobody was at risk from the eruptions but authorities as a precaution evacuated the Arenal National Park, 80km north-east of San Jose.

The Arenal Volcano is one of Costa Rica's major tourist attractions and the park has scores of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping centres.

No estimates were given of how many people were inside the park when the eruption began.

Arenal's last major eruption in July 1968 killed 89 people. Smaller eruptions have occurred at least six times over the past 35 years.

volcanogirl May 24th, 2010 07:14 PM

Wow, that's exciting - I hope everyone stays safe. Curious how this will change the direction of the lava flow...

petite43 May 24th, 2010 07:14 PM

I was just there on Friday & when I asked the guide if they had any type of warning system or evacuation plan he just laughed & said "JUST RUN, RUN REAL FAST". lol

I'm glad no one was injured, no damage & that this didn't happen when I was hiking the Sendero Trail!

Hang20 May 25th, 2010 05:02 AM

Did they evacuate the hotels in the area too or just the park?

RAC May 25th, 2010 05:44 AM

Fun fact: Vehicles at the national park are always parked facing the exit so you can drive out right away without having to back out.

Percy May 25th, 2010 07:05 AM

yep ,reading it in the front section of our paper.

Hi Ladies.. :)

volcanogirl May 25th, 2010 08:11 AM

Hi, P! :)

Percy May 25th, 2010 04:07 PM

Hi volcanogirl ! and you too hipvirgochick !

I have been reading all your comments and posting and enjoying them but because I am such a nice guy O:)

I keep a low profile.

(Hi shillmac, I am still alive...I know , I know , I can hear you say " darn it " :) )

hipvirgochick May 25th, 2010 05:10 PM

Geez, Percy. You are a true lurker! Glad to see you. :-) Hope all is well.

volcanogirl May 25th, 2010 06:00 PM

How's the hand, P? Looks like you can type again!

Are there any pics about of Arenal? Would love to see the eruptions.

Percy May 25th, 2010 07:11 PM

Hi hipvirgochick,.... yep that's me, just call me "The Stalker",
I am always lurking about. !!!


Thanks for asking , the hand has healed from the surgery for Dupuytren's Contracture.......

but I now have chronic tendinitis and also Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from all those exercises I had to go through.

I am trying to avoid surgery for Carpal Tunnel.

When the Carpal Tunnel gets real bad, I say,"that's it, I am go to have the surgery"...then it improves ( less numbness and tingling) and I say, " I think I will just wait a while."

But ,how is this for good news ( !!!???) I have Dupuytren's Contracture on the other hand.

I am going to stall surgery for as long as I can , as it takes almost a year out of your life.!!

I almost did not go on My African Safari last year because of the pain and numbness, Thanks goodness I went because I had no time to dwell on my hand.

When I saw how poor other people were there in Kenya and Tanzania and Zanzibar...... all of a sudden my hand trouble was not as acute !

But I am back home now so...Boo Hoo,poor me. :)

Good Night Ladies , Thanks for remembering me .!!

Now get to bed. I-)

Jschuh82 May 25th, 2010 08:10 PM

I'm supposed to arrive in Arenal for the first leg of my honeymoon. Should I book an alternate destination within the country now?? Would be a bummer to go and not be able to get in the park for the activities.

Percy May 25th, 2010 08:39 PM

When are you going ?

Perhaps Jeff in Costa Rica can help you !

shillmac May 25th, 2010 09:01 PM

Hi Percy! Been missing you! Sorry to hear of more hand problems. I do NOT wish you harm! :)

Wow--what a story. Would love to hear an eyewitness account!

volcanogirl May 25th, 2010 09:33 PM

J, it wouldn't stop me - unless I were staying in a hotel that was evacuated. There's so much to do there, most of which isn't inside the park.

volcanogirl May 25th, 2010 09:34 PM

Percy, sorry to hear about your other hand - argh, it's always something. hip and I will send some Imperials over for you.

Percy May 26th, 2010 06:53 AM

Thanks for the Imperial offer .... I accept :)

Hi shillmac, I think about you often. When there is a bad Tornado or storm in your area, I just wonder how you are doing.

I will send you some pictures of the people and towns in Kenya and Tanzania you will see how poor it is.........then I will send you a few pictrues of Nairobi and you will see how beautful the City is ...

so check your e-mail ! :)

shillmac May 27th, 2010 04:26 AM

Okay. . .as you know, I checked everything backwards.

One thing about those tornadoes. . .the warning systems are not quite advanced. . .we can run for our hidey holes!

I'm trading that for earthquakes in CR? ;)

Percy May 27th, 2010 02:50 PM

You know Costa Rica seems to be free from Tornados and Earthquakes ( until you move there :) )

If volcanogirl or hipvirgochick wants to see those pictures I sent you, then please forward them along.

Thank you and I hope that oil spill does not reach your place via estuaries..

Boy what a mess.

hipvirgochick May 27th, 2010 07:39 PM

Sorry to hear about the ongoing woes of your hand/wrist Percy. No fun at all. Hopefully, once you do decide it's time for the surgery, you will have a positive outcome. :-). I would LOVE to see your pics...send 'em on over shillmac!

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