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lowell Oct 2nd, 2003 08:27 AM

Anyone used Priceline, or Hotwire, for airfare to South America?
We are interested in going to Buenos Aires and are trying to save money. Has anyone used Priceline or Hotwire from the USA to Buenos Aires, or other cities in South America? If so, what airline did they put you on and what were your layover times?

We are interested in saving money, but not at the expense of multiple long layovers. Thanks!

Fognozzle Oct 2nd, 2003 10:11 AM

In June, I was researching fares for a trip to Santiago, Chile. Delta had the best price and routing, but the next day when I decided to book the flight, the price increased by $300.00 on their web site. I went to Hotwire and got the same Delta flight and routing for the original price. I'm not sure if I'll get miles or not, though. The routing was from Minneapolis to Atlanta to Santiago with a three hour layover.
Because of the distance and time zones of SA, it appears that most flights there leave the US at 9 or 10 pm. Depending on where you live, the domestic flights could have long layovers.

I've used Priceline for motels in the US, but have never had any luck on air fares.

me Oct 2nd, 2003 10:16 AM

We did , got the BEST fares ever ! Wash DC-BA ,NONSTOP(both ways) , roundtrip ,ALL taxes+fee : $387 -United airlines ,great flights , both over-night ,pretty on time ,fed us well...
We used Hotwire .We're thinking of going again. Good luck .

OneWanderingJew Oct 4th, 2003 12:24 AM

You might want to check out before buying tickets. People post their winning and losing bids on that site and often tell you how they were routed...I've never used it for plane tickets but have booked hotel rooms and rental cars on hotwire and priceline and at times have gotten really great prices compared to other websites. I've found I've done best w/last minute bookings on both sites---It seems to me that they're more willing to lower their margins and dump excess inventory the closer it is to your date of travel...

mrwunrfl Oct 4th, 2003 03:56 AM

In the past week or so, United dropped there lowest fares to B.A., Sao Paulo, and Rio (I saw in my travelocity farewatcher). The fares are the e-fares, for travel departing Mon-Thu next week and returning Mon-Thu the following week. Last year, they had these every week from October thru January.

Last November they had $358 fares from IAD to GIG. On Sunday the 17th, even though the e-fare for the week was no longer offered, I was still able to book a trip leaving the 21st and returning the 28. Rio was great as was the total ticket price of $421.50 earning frequent flyer miles and a 1000 mile online booking offer.

On December 17, I got a United e-fare to Sao Paulo leaving 12/25 and returning 12/31. That total ticket price was $412 roundtrip (nonstop on return only) Departed at 11:55 PM, so saw fireworks all over the city and with 5 min left in the year the flight qualified me for MP Premier status.

I checked a couple of the winning bids as OneWanderingJew suggested, but those prices seem relatively high. The e-fares to B.A. at that time (last Nov to Jan), from IAD, was about $500, so only $100+- more than the great deal that me got at $387. I am not knocking the deal that me got, it was fantastic, just that I'm willing to pay a bit more for the FF miles (I am assuming that FF miles are not earned for the hotwire/ priceline tix).

So, the e-fare offers so far were not as great as last year and don't know if they will get better. I expect that they will get better since UA didn't reduce their nonstop service to B.A. or S.P. (was 1 last year, still 1) and it doesn't <i>seem&lt;/&gt; like they reduced their connecting schedule.</i>

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