Any input on ACTIVE South America?


Feb 14th, 2007, 08:11 PM
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Any input on ACTIVE South America?

Has anyone been on a Peru tour with ACTIVE South America or on any of their other South American tours? Any feedback on the tour with this particular group? Thanks.
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Aug 21st, 2007, 04:24 PM
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We just returned from this company's "Jaguar" tour of Peru. Based on our experience, I would not recommend Active South America. Much of their transportation and tour guides seem to be subcontracted to other companies, particularly SAS Travel. You could do this yourself and save the middleman fee. We found the accommodations they arranged to be sub-part - for instance, the hostel at Aguas Calientes was nothing less than disgusting. All the rooms had internal openings to the hall, and people yelled to each otherlate into the night (from room to room) during the night. You could also hear people vomiting, and the toilet or sink in our room leaked, such that if you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night you got your feet wet. At the hotel in Cusco, there was a 1-foot square black mold on the wall which we didn't discover until the last day when we moved a chair. Plus, most adventure travel companies - at least the ones I've been on trips with (and I've been on 6 such trips) have 2 guides who actually do things and know a lot of information. There was only a single tour guide and she didn't seem to know much or do much that we couldn't have done ourselves. Compared to a trip we did in Costa Rica, where we had unbelievable guides (and it was not a luxury tour company but rather a local one), this was pretty lame. In addition, the communication between Active and our group left a great deal to be desired. For at least 6 months, we communicated with the head of the company about having a custom trip. Several DAYS before our departure, we learned that 5 strangers were being added to our group. They turned out to be very nice; however, THE NIGHT BEFORE the Machu Picchu portion of the trip, SEVEN MORE people were added (making a total of 19) - which produced a distinct livestock-herding feel. This was not what we had signed up for, and despite an apologybefore our departure for the additional five people, no one bothered to mention that we would have the additional SEVEN in the middle of the trip - they were from SAS. Peru is a beautiful country and Peruvians are wonderful, so we tried (pretty successfully) to enjoy the views and experiences. However, I really would not have done the trip with this company if I had known about the miscommunications, the poor accommodations, and the fact that we probably could have set up our own tours with local guides more cheaply - and our own, better accommodations.
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