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joan95448 Jan 14th, 2007 12:22 PM

Akumel for 17 yr old??
Trying to determine if this is a good pick for graduation present. We are experienced travelers. My son doesn't mind being with parents as long as he can smorkel, kayak and go out for dinner every night. Am thinking of staying at Club Akumel Caribe? So many of the places there advertise for young kids. Wouldn't want the place overrun by little kids. Any thoughts?
thank you,

hopefulist Jan 15th, 2007 07:01 AM

How about something more adventurous like Belize or Honduras? (My independent adventure travel bias is showing...)

pepper131 Jan 15th, 2007 07:12 AM

He can certainly snorkle everyday and go out to dinner. If that's the criteria, then Akumal will be perfect for you.

There are young kids everywhere; I don't think you'll be able to escape them unless you go into something much more remote. But then you may not have the perfect snorkle spot.

justretired Jan 15th, 2007 07:16 AM

Hi Joan,

My family (parents and 2 adult daughters, age 28 and 31) are going to the Akumal Caribe in February. I have a close friend who has been several times. From her desription, it is a very laid back and simple place- the exact opposte environment to one of the AI's. The hotel is clean and well run, but not fancy at all. The people running it are supposed to be delightful. The village is small and very un-touristy, with a few restaurants and stores. There is a eco- science center in the town, which has evening lectures and the Mayan residents frequently mix with the guests. Playa del Carmen, about 20 minutes north, is lively with lots of restaurants and other stores that tourists would like.

Our children frequently go to third world counties and preferred to stay in a place that is not filled with lots of American tourists. We have been to many Club Meds and other large hotels troughout the Caribbean and Mexico, and love them. For this trip, we wanted somthing restful. The hotel is on the famous snorkeling and scuba bay and it is possible to just swim in and snorkle. Kayaking is avilable as well. We are renting a car to see some of the sites not previously seen on other trips and to keep those of us more actively inclined happy. Our friends do not rent a car, and love the restful pace fo the hotel. You can rent a car by the day in the village and there are buses that go to Playa, Tulum, Cosumel, etc.

I do not know about young children. I would imagine there would be some, but our friends did not mention this as a problem and they have older kids as well.

When we return, I 'll let you know more.

Hope this was helpful.


justretired Jan 15th, 2007 07:18 AM

Incidentally, we have been to Belize with the kids- another glorious trip. If you'd like to know about that, let me know,


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