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Bitter Jan 27th, 2009 06:38 AM

akumal transportation and other tips, please
We (2 adults, 2 kids under 10) are staying in a PDC condo in April. We'd like to go to Akumal to snorkel/hang out. Questions:

I think we can get to Akumal by bus, but what do we do for transportation in Akumal. Are taxis readily available? It looks like a long hike to the bay and/or Yal-ku from the highway.

Can you recommend a beach club/bar/restaurant near a snorkeling area (perhaps half moon bay)? One of us might want to plant ourselves with a book, a drink and the kids, while the other does a little more snorkeling.

Any tips or pluses/minuses about Yal-ku versus half moon bay?


JuliePA Jan 27th, 2009 08:57 AM

You shouldn't have a problem getting a taxi at the bus stop in Akumal.

As for Yal Ku vs Half Moon Bay - I love Yal Ku - it is more like snorkeling in a pool than the ocean as it is fairly calm and there are several places you can rest/stand up without worrying about standing on the coral. To avoid the crowds try to see Yal Ku either in the early morning or late afternoon after the tours have left. Half Moon is a great place to snorkel too -we were there in March and the sea was a bit rough, I would make sure the kids have snorkel vests if you are taking them out here. However maybe it is calmer in April. A good restaurant to park yourself for the day is La Buena Vida. Also, don't forget Akumal Bay for snorkeling especially if you want to see turtles. A good restaurant to park yourself at there would be Lol Ha.

It is possible to walk between all three - but it is a bit of a hike to Yal Ku.

parrmt Jan 27th, 2009 10:00 AM

Take a collectivo (much cheaper than a taxi from PDC)to Akumal, then it's a short walk to the Ocean and Akumal Bay. There are lots of taxi's at the Arch entrance in Akumal, they can take you to Yal-Ku. It can be a long haul w/2 little ones to YalKu. But do be sure and snorkel also in Ak bay, the kids will love it. Our 6 yr old G-son has become quite the snorkeler there over the years! Enjoy

Bitter Jan 28th, 2009 05:30 AM

Thanks for your input! The distance does look a little daunting consider our children. I think we may start at Yal-ku and then maybe move to a restaurant/beach club on either half moon or akumal bay. I'm still not clear as whether Half moon or Akumal is better for snorkeling.

JuliePA Jan 29th, 2009 03:43 AM

If you want to see a greater array of fish then Half Moon bay is better because there is more reef - Akumal bay has some reef but also has a lot of sea grass which is where you will find the turtles.

When we were in Akumal we snorkelled Half Moon bay every day - saw tons of fish and other sea life but it could get tiring fighting the currents/waves where as Akumal and Yal Ku are calm.

Bitter Apr 20th, 2009 07:37 AM

Just to report: We ended up taking a taxi both ways. Approx. $30-35 each way. I'm sure we could have done it cheaper, but small kids, etc.

Went only to Akumal Bay. Snorkeled from the beach. For the uninitiated (as I was) Lol-Ha is near (and just south of) the main entrance area. Just south of Lol-ha there is a dive shop, where I rented flippers. Just south/adjacent was a place to rent lounge chairs (palms only, no umbrellas).

Snorkeling off the beach requires a bit of a swim. In retrospect I probably should have had a snorkeling vest just in case. I found some coral out in kind of the northeast part of the bay. Lots of grass straight out from Lol ha/dive shop. Found two big turtles in that grassy area.

Not many fish, but the waters were very choppy while I was there, which decreased visibility.

Had decent snacks at Lol-Ha. Next time maybe we'll try Yal-ku. Thanks for everyone's help.

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