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rcgdenver Mar 18th, 2008 09:12 PM

Airport Transportation in Cabo
Can anyone recommend a particular shuttle service to get from the airport in Cabo to the city itself? I wanted to set this up ahead of time if possible.

Bill_H Mar 19th, 2008 07:39 AM

Having been there many times and tried many different ways to get around I feel it's best NOT to set it up ahead of time as it's more expensive and you sometimes have to wait for your ride to arrive.

Just pay at the taxi desk after you gather your luggage and you're on your way ... usually cheaper, almost always faster.


rcgdenver Mar 19th, 2008 02:27 PM

Thanks very much for the advice! So, then a taxi is the best way to go or will the taxi desk set you up with a shuttle as well? I just remember being bombarded by people trying to sell us rides into town when we were there last. If we just ignore all that and head for the taxi desk (is that easy to find?) we should be good?

Bill_H Mar 19th, 2008 04:37 PM

<b>I just remember being bombarded by people trying to sell us rides into town when we were there last</b>

These are mostly time-share touts who will offer you &quot;free&quot; taxi tranfer in exchange for 90 minutes of your time listening to a sales pitch on the wonders of shared-ownership. You should avoid these guys at all costs, you can get a lot more than a taxi ride if you really want to watch a time-share presentation later.

<b>then a taxi is the best way to go or will the taxi desk (is that easy to find?) set you up with a shuttle as well?</b>

In past years it's always been easy to find, near the exit after you get your luggage. This is the 'official' site and they can book either a shuttle or a private taxi. The cost varies depending on how far (which 'zone'), they'll give you the price, take your money, give you a voucher and you walk out the door and jump in. A cab will leave right away, a shuttle will wait until it's full.

Been awhile since I took either (we have been just renting cars instead) but maybe 10 years ago it was $12 per person for the shuttle or about $45 for a taxi (for up to 4 people) ... I'm sure rates have increased but the cost ratio of shuttle-to-taxi is probably similar.

Shuttle is OK if you are going to San Jose or somewhere near but if going to the far end of Cabo you will probably be the last one off and it can take an hour or more if they stop 2 or 3 times before reaching your hotel. Taxi of course will drive straight to your hotel and after one trip in a shuttle that stopped in San Jose, then the corridor and then Playa Medano before dropping us off at Finisterra 90 minutes later we gave up on the shuttle. Life is too short. (But probably a good deal for the guy who got out first) :)

Here are a couple of sites that give you an idea of what to expect for private shuttle services ...

As I mentioned before, sometimes people say they have to wait for these to arrive. We used one once for an East Cape lodge and it was fine going over, but on the way back they never showed so the lodge had to scramble and send us in a private vehicle driven by a cook. That's why I like a taxi, you don't pay until he gets you there.


rcgdenver Mar 19th, 2008 04:54 PM

I so appreciate your help and advice with this. Thanks for taking the time to explain it all. We will follow your advice and probably take a taxi. You have been a big help! Thanks again!

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