Aerolineas Luggage allowance & BA Transportatgion

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Aerolineas Luggage allowance & BA Transportatgion

Can someone clarify Aerolineas domestic luggage allowance policy: travel agent says two checked bags for maximum weight of 55 pounds, first call to airline said two bags for total 44 pounds, and second call (just made) to airline said one checked bag not to exceed 33 pounds and carry-on not to exceed 12 pounds? Although we usually travel with what we consider to be minimum requirements, a visit to Iguazu Falls in mid January, followed by an Antarctic trip dictates different/additional clothing.

What should one wear in the dining room at the Sheraton, Iguazu Falls?
Except for the dining room, it's my intention to wear neat shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. Anyone suggest otherwise?

Are taxi stands available outside the baggage collection area at EZE?

And next (but probably not last), how much time should one allow for a taxi ride from Argenta Towers to the domestic air terminal for a 10:00 AM mid week departure?
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Thats funny because I just wrote to Aerolineas as well asking this same question. On their site it says max. allowance was 15kg I beleive but I wanted to get confirmation. If you get definite info. I would like to know as well. Thanks!
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info about the luggage carried on an AA plane. the limit is given only by the storage place available. there is a quantity of 15 kg.+ 5 kg hand luggage allowed for each paxwithout cost.Any extra kg will be charged 1 u$s in domestic flights. No problem i guess in your case if it is only clothes which are not that heavy and cant take up so much room

I ve been to the Sheraton people dress casually and i have seen many tourists too casually dressed. It is not the same as if you stayed at the Alvear Palace Hotel here in Buenos Aires where people are always very elegantly dressed.

Taxis are available but i recommend you head for the stands in the same airport.
price is more or less the same but they are safer. The Comp Madero Norte and
Manuel Tienda Leon provide a good service.

This is Argentina, nothing can be calculated to perfection. there are stimes demostrations and they make you waste time. Traffic is slow and there is nothing you can do about it. It is a weekday, i think there will not be problems and cars move fast. If you have to be at the airport and you dont want to panic, leave the Argenta Tower at 8:00 am you will probably arrive in 20 time for a another breakfast and then the check in 1 hr. before the departure. I am terribly punctual and always try to be early

regards, nice hotel the argenta

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Caliguy, I wrote to the airline and also have not had a reply. But, Milla's response is consistent with the information last received in a phone conversation with the airline agent. So, though I wish it were higher, I'll just proceed with that limitation in mind.
I've thanked Milla by email.
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A clarification about taxis at EZE

There are taxi stands inside and outside of the airport. The stands inside the airport are in at least two locations, and the prices are very different.

Manuel Leon is pricey and is located in a row of booths just as you exit customs. If you go outside of the customs area you will see another taxi booth standing by itself. Prices are lower at this booth (43 pesos on my last trip in Nov.).

If you go outside of the terminal you will see another taxi booth to your left. This taxi booth charges about the same as the free standing booth inside the terminal. Both are 10-20 pesos less than a remis (private car) or taxi from other services.

I had to chuckle at Milla's comment about time.....remember you are in Argentina and values re: time, etc are not the same.......

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Good luck with the luggage restrictions. I have just returned from Argentina and was instructed by my boyfriend to STAY UNDER THE 44LB LIMIT!! as that is the restriction he found. On our last trip, we paid I believe $100 US for being over the limit. (which can be expensive when you are hopping around the country!) This trip, though I know by the end we must have been way above the 44lbs (since I left New Orleans at 47lbs!), we were not charged on any airlines. Go figure!? We had somewhat of the same issues as we cruised Santiago to Ushuaia and then went to Iguazu. Though it was much warmer even in Ushuaia than we expected and did not experience the wind it is known for. We carried wool coats for 2 weeks and only used them for a few hours on 2 days.
We stayed at the Sheraton in Iguazu, but I did not eat dinner in the dining room there. The dress in the bar area during the evenings was very casual as others have mentioned so I assume the dining room is as well. I expected to see what I was used to in BA (slacks, skirts, etc) but it was much more of a relaxed beach-type dress code - sundresses & capris for women, shorts & linen pants for men. We were there for the NYE celebration and though I did not listen, the receptionist said I was fine in shorts and a tank top for the party. Good thing I did not listen as there was everything from linen pants for men to tuxes and sundresses to formals for women.
Shorts & tennis shoes are appropriate for days. Just remember it is hot & it seems everyone dresses accordingly.
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Just received a message from Aerolineas informing us that the luggage allowance, IF CONNECTING DIRECTLY FROM AN INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT, is the same as the international carrier, but if (as in our case) it's not a continuation, or is otherwise a domestic one, it's 15KG. So, considering the temperature differences we'll encounter between Iguazu and Antarctica, we'll just be prepared to pay the piper and view it as a cost of travel; may not like it, but it won't spoil the pleasure of the adventure.

neworleanslady........thanks for the feedback on appropriate dress at the Sheraton. We'll be casual (hopefully cool), but not sloppy.

milla, thanks again for your useful suggestions, and I hope your trip away from the city is pleasant and productive.

drdawggy........your advice has been especially helpful, both direct responses to my inquiries and comments in response to querries from others. This writer appreciates the time you take, and efforts you make, to share your considerable knowledge of Buenos Aires with others.
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I had the same ? for AA. I called & a very nice luggage explained that since I was not continuing on their airline, the luggage allowance was 5 kilos-any over would be charged 4 pesos & put in the hold. 15 kilos if it was a continuation. I have the same situation going from the heat to the cold.
Did I understand her correctly??
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We just returned from out trip using Aerolineas and I don't know if we were just lucky, but we were not charged for our overweight baggage. One ticket agent said we were overweight and we be charged on our return flight, but we were not. We were willing to pay if asked. Someone told me that if you have more than one destination, they relax the rules. We flew from BA to Iguazu to El Calafate and back to BA.
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