Advice on solo trip to Sao Paulo/Rio


Jan 23rd, 2003, 10:01 PM
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Advice on solo trip to Sao Paulo/Rio

Hello y'all

I'll be leaving for Sao Paulo this Monday and my companions flaked on me! Anyway I'm not discouraged, so does anyone have any useful tips on what I should do there and what area I should stay in, I'm thinking the city centre.

I am a 25 yr old british indian female...I could probably pass as a south american though, but I've been warned to be careful too many times! Also, if anyone is going to be there between Jan 28 - Feb 6th maybe we can meet up and explore the area together, I plan to make a trip to Rio (Ipanema) and Salvador while there.

Thanx alot any advice much appreciated!
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Jan 24th, 2003, 05:26 AM
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I stayed at the Hilton Sao Paulo in Centro at the end December. It is near Plaza Republica. Rate was $75 versus the $125 at the Hiltion Morumbi (to the west, by the river). The neighborhood of the Hilton is not one where you would be walking out at night for restaraunts and shopping. At night, you would be going out the door and straight into a taxi.
I recommend that you not stay in a budget hotel in Centro.
I suppose that you will be arriving at the Guarulhos airport (GRU) on an international flight and that you are arriving in the morning. If so, then you can take The Airport Bus into town and then taxi or walk to your hotel. If you are arriving at night, then take a taxi from the airport. You wouldn't want to be walking around Plaza Republica at night and the taxis are inexpensive.
I can recommend Coral Tours on the Plaza Republica if your travel plans are not complete when you arrive in SP.

The bus cost 16 reals + change (under $5 US). Airport taxi might have cost 60 reals ($18US) or 30 or 40, I forget.
(Praca de Republica, the bus just says "Republica).

Not much to see in SP, it is a place to eat. My guidebook recommended visiting the monument to Latin America. It was not at all worth a visit.
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Jan 24th, 2003, 03:19 PM
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wow is SP that disinteresting??, I'll definitely make most of my trip in Rio and Salvador.
Thanks alot for the info. Bill
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