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Lynn Jan 19th, 2002 04:45 PM

Accommodations around Alajuela
My family of four will be arriving in San Jose in the beginning of March. Our plan was to stay in San Jose for the first two nights, but now it has changed to staying around Alajuela, then Zarcero, on our way to La Fortuna. Could anyone recommend a moderate priced place to stay (approx. $40 per night), with private bathroom in the area around Alajuela?<BR>Also, would you know if I had to reserve space at Don Beto?<BR>Many thanks,<BR>Lynn

robert s Jan 20th, 2002 06:15 PM

Dear Lynn.<BR><BR>Hotel Buena Vista in Alajuela was where we stayed. I don't remember the room rates ; but the rooms and the grounds were beautiful. the lights of theCentral Valley at night looked like stars shining. The staff was helpful and friendly. Mr. Andrey Gomez spoke English.<BR><BR>goog luck<BR><BR>

ALF Jan 20th, 2002 11:33 PM

The Hotel Buena Vista is indeed a fine place to stay in the hills above Alajuela, and it where our family stays whenever coming into or going out of the airport. You will find though, that it will cost at least US $80 per night to stay there for a family of four. It cost us that much a couple of weeks ago.

Wayne Jan 22nd, 2002 07:41 PM

My wife and I stayed at the Orquideas Inn in Alajuela. We were there during the first two weeks of January.<BR><BR>It was clean friendly and secure. It cost us about $80 per night for the two of us.<BR><BR>On the way home, Fred the owner, let me use his kitchen to cook up some Mahimahi that I caught earlier that day. With his help even I cook some great fish.<BR><BR>This place has 30 plus rooms. Don't let the personal service lead you to believe that this small time.<BR><BR>If you decide to stay, tell Fred that the people from Idaho recommended him.<BR><BR>Have a great trip.

Ally Jan 23rd, 2002 06:27 AM

I agree that the Orquideas Inn is a great place to stay, and I believe they have some rooms around $40, but they will be facing the street and may be a tad bit noisy...but, depending on the age of your kids, you may not be able to stay there. I've never seen kids staying there, as I THINK they may have some kind of age limit? It's worth a look though. Here's a web site with email so you can find out:<BR> Good luck and have a great trip!

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