A few Cabo Trip Tips! What we did


Oct 6th, 2001, 10:10 AM
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A few Cabo Trip Tips! What we did

Here are a few details I wished I would have known before I went to Cabo.. I'll let you in on the know.

There is no way you can go to Cabo and not have an ivitation to go to a time share.. They will catch you walking down the road and say "honeymooners?" or "activities" or whatever they can to get your attention. And if you really want to avoid the timeshares claim to be under 24 if you can pull it off. 24 years old and married, some require that you be 28 years old. But you actually can use the dumb old timeshare presentation to your advantage. You can just go.. It will only take like 45 minutes. YOu will get free snorkeling and 50 percent off of activities and all sorts of things you can bargain in for just going to the presentation. Otherwise the activities are too expensive to do.. For example- 35 dollars for snorkling trip (4 hours)is a regular price. you can get it half price if you do a dumb timeshare presentation. And hey - you get a meal out of it.

Snorkel on the Oceanus... It will take you to Chileno Bay. And then stop at teh arch for pictures taking opportunities. Music on this boat is cool.. And some people might dance.
Snorkel on the Pez Gato , it will take you to Santa Maria Bay and then stop at the arch and let you swmin and cliff dive for about 15 min. They have better snorkel gear then Oceanus does.
But the best snorkeliung we foudn was at Peilcan rock just north of lovers beach. Do this - rent your own gear along the marina at a stand. It is 10 dollars a day. Then take a water taxi (they are all glass bottom boats about 7 dollars round trip unless you get it free with a time share presentation) to pelican rock.. They will come back to pick you up in 2-3 hours or however long you want to stay. Here is a secret - Peilcan rock beach is nicer than Lovers beach (which I found to be a bit rough being at the end of the penensula). YOu can swim and ther are tons of fish.. If you want a real thrill- buy a loaf of bread and take it with you on the taxi and use some to feed the fish! They will swarm you to the point that you are freakin' out! Well I was freaked out... Bring 1 dollar bills with you - you need them constatly.. When you get off the boat at pelican rock a mexican will help you off and wade throught the water helping you carry your things and he iwll need a tip when he helps you back on the boat when you leave.. The boat driver will need a tip.. Everyone will need a tip.. NOw that I am home - I am tipped out.. whew
Anyway - I had fun .. And I got sooo tan .. I am still tan three weeks after..
We stayed at Finesterra- I wouldn't stay anywhere else. From there - you can walk/hike to Lovers beach.
Bring mosquito repellant for the first few days. Bring chapstick. Bring a ton of sunblock two types. Otherwise you ahve to buy more.. It is like 10-15 dollars for sunblock and 4 for chapstick.
You have to go to a Die Trying store.. That brand is all the rage in Cabo.
Better bargains for shopping at fea markets, the furthur from downtown you are - the better deals.. I was quoted 35 for a sundial downtown and ended up paying 14 for it at a flea market on the marina by the oceanus ticket stand. Shop there. Beautiful onyx chess sets.. We got one for 28.. Maybe you can get a better deal! Everything is in American prices except menus. Learn very well how to say 'no gracious' becasue if you walk the distance of the marina - you probably say it 50 times. People want to sell you anything from braiding your hair to t-shirt and whistles and gum. But hey - this is Mexico and this is how these people make thier living.. And if you want to buy soemthing - great. If not - then just keep walking.
It was alot of fun.
This is just my impression of the things that I saw and did and the things that happened to me while I was there.
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Oct 6th, 2001, 02:25 PM
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Liked your trip report...wish more people would write them upon their vacation trip.
We can all make use of the details other travelers care to share with us; especially about costs.
A suggestion to all visitors to Mexico and all other highly touristed Central American countries where the American Dollar is very handy for tipping:
Take a LOT of them and be sure they are in GOOD CONDITION...no rips, tears, writing, bank stamps, etc.
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Oct 17th, 2001, 02:24 PM
John Stevens
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I am thinking about going down to Cabo from Nov 3-11th, basically 3 single guys going to get away and do some partying. I just wanted to find out if you had an other tips for us while we are there...where to stay (for 3 single guys) that are there to enjoy the sand, women and nightlife!

Also, do you know about the Marina Fiesta Resort? Any feedback on that?

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