Trip to Grand Canyon in Jan


Dec 3rd, 2017, 02:18 PM
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Trip to Grand Canyon in Jan

Hello All,
This is my first trip to Grand Canyon. I have a honda civic coupe which I plan to take there. My trip details given below. Start date Jan 18, 2018.
Thursday: Drive from my home (San Francisco) to Las Vegas. Then stay there for the night take rest.
Friday : Early morning start for grand canyon. Check out Lake Mead and Hoovers dam on the way. Then stay at Grand Canyon for two nights.
Sunday : Travel back to Las Vegas stay there for the night.
Monday : Drive back to san francisco.

Now please suggest:
1) Is it a viable plan?
2) Since we are going in Jan, there will be snow so will my honda civic (mint condition) suffice the snow?
3) Do I need to carry any car equipment with me?

Please suggest, your suggestions will be of great help to me. Moreover please suggest if I can add any places during the day trips at Gran Canyon.
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Dec 3rd, 2017, 02:52 PM
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You're asking questions that no one can answer because it all depends on the weather and how much. Better for us to ask you, do you have time to hole up for a day or 2 if the worst happens? if not, go in late spring/summer/early fall.
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Dec 4th, 2017, 06:01 AM
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You should post this on the United States board. Use the Change Forum option.
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