Not taking new posts :(


Feb 5th, 2008, 01:01 PM
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Not taking new posts :(

Editors, I typed a new post in Words, copied to the US forum, no problem. Tried to do the same in the lounge, not taking Re-typed the same text to post.

I needed an identical post for a Get-Together.
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Feb 7th, 2008, 11:57 AM
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Did you try copying and pasting directly from your post on the US forum?

I apologize for being late responding to this inquiry!
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Feb 7th, 2008, 12:25 PM
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No... I was lazy to re-type the topic!
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Feb 22nd, 2008, 05:55 PM
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Sorry to hijack your post...

I can't seem to be able to start a new post in any forum. Each page lists a long error message on top of the page, and the entire menu, inlcuding the "new post" one is missing.

Other people don't seem to have this problem, so I'm not sure what the issue is.

If it helps, here is the error message: "t"> var _hbEC=0,_hbE=new Array;function _hbEvent(a,b){b=_hbE[_hbEC++]=new Object();b._N=a;b._C=0;return b;} var hbx=_hbEvent("pv");hbx.vpc="HBX0100u";""; //This version of the Websidestory code does not produce a page view, but does permit other tracking features //BEGIN EDITABLE SECTION //CONFIGURATION VARIABLES hbx.acct="DM5409094GEE57EN3";//ACCOUNT NUMBER(S) hbx.onlyMedia="y"; //PREVENTS PAGE VIEWS FOR THIS PAGE FROM BEING REGISTERED"PUT+PAGE+NAME+HERE";//PAGE NAME(S) hbx.mlc="CONTENT+CATEGORY";//MULTI-LEVEL CONTENT CATEGORY hbx.pndef="title";//DEFAULT PAGE NAME hbx.ctdef="full";//DEFAULT CONTENT CATEGORY //OPTIONAL PAGE VARIABLES //ACTION SETTINGS hbx.fv="";//FORM VALIDATION MINIMUM ELEMENTS OR SUBMIT FUNCTION NAME"auto";//LINK TRACKING hbx.dlf="n";//DOWNLOAD FILTER hbx.dft="n";//DOWNLOAD FILE NAMING hbx.elf="n";//EXIT LINK FILTER //SEGMENTS AND FUNNELS hbx.seg="";//VISITOR SEGMENTATION hbx.fnl="";//FUNNELS //CAMPAIGNS hbx.cmp="";//CAMPAIGN ID hbx.cmpn="";//CAMPAIGN ID IN QUERY hbx.dcmp="";//DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN ID hbx.dcmpn="";//DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN ID IN QUERY hbx.dcmpe="";//DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN EXPIRATION hbx.dcmpre="";//DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN RESPONSE EXPIRATION hbx.hra="";//RESPONSE ATTRIBUTE hbx.hqsr="";//RESPONSE ATTRIBUTE IN REFERRAL QUERY hbx.hqsp="";//RESPONSE ATTRIBUTE IN QUERY hbx.hlt="";//LEAD TRACKING hbx.hla="";//LEAD ATTRIBUTE"";//CAMPAIGN GOAL hbx.gpn="";//CAMPAIGN GOAL IN QUERY hbx.hcn="";//CONVERSION ATTRIBUTE hbx.hcv="";//CONVERSION VALUE hbx.cp="null";//LEGACY CAMPAIGN hbx.cpd="";//CAMPAIGN DOMAIN //CUSTOM VARIABLES"";//CUSTOMER ID hbx.hc1="";//CUSTOM 1 hbx.hc2="";//CUSTOM 2 hbx.hc3="";//CUSTOM 3 hbx.hc4="";//CUSTOM 4 hbx.hrf="";//CUSTOM REFERRER hbx.pec="";//ERROR CODES //INSERT CUSTOM EVENTS //END EDITABLE SECTION //REQUIRED SECTION. CHANGE "YOURSERVER" TO VALID LOCATION ON YOUR WEB SERVER (HTTPS IF FROM SECURE SERVER) "
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Feb 23rd, 2008, 09:55 AM
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No I am having the same problem I cant start a new topic.
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