Arizona on a whirlwind


Jan 14th, 2017, 05:20 PM
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Arizona on a whirlwind

I need help to make the right choices in days to spend at the sites & the order I should take them in. This is what I have planned so far. Please advise!
1. Leaving Peoria, Arizona traveling to Sedona for 2 nights. I figured I could incorporate Flagstaff things from here.
A. What are the must to do in these areas?
B. Pink jeep tours?
C. Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend & Glen Canyon?
2. Next, leaving Sedona to travel to the Grand Canyon. Have a reservation at the Red Feather Lodge for 1 night. What rim is this?
A. Can I see all the rims in this period of time? We are not hikers just sight seeing!
B. Anything else we should do here?
3. Leaving the Grand Canyon to go to Zion Canyon. Spending 1 night. We are not hikers for long distance.
A. What are the things we should see or do here?
4. Leaving Zion Canyon to travel to Bryce Canyon. Spending 1 night. We are not hikers for long distance.
A. What are the things we should do or see here?
Leaving Bryce Canyon to travel back to Peoria. We will need to stop overnight I am sure!
A. What is the best way to travel back? Go towards Las Vegas Hoover Dam or anything different?
B. What should we see along the way?
C. We could take 2 days coming back. We love the scenery & historical things of value.
Is there anything else we should consider seeing on our visit? We have 9 days to play with. It is very difficult to determine all this as we don't know the distances, timing, roads, and what all to see!!!!
We would appreciate anything you have to offer!
Thank you
Pat Rossi
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Jan 14th, 2017, 09:46 PM
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