zurich to venice o/n train

Dec 9th, 2006, 08:44 PM
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zurich to venice o/n train

hi again!
The sbb people still havent emailed back an all i really want is a price quote on this train.
A couchette would do me, but i would even do it zurich to milan to venice in the day if its cheaper.
does anyone have a price for this?
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Dec 9th, 2006, 11:33 PM
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I don't know when you sent your inquiry but maybe that's due to weekend. You will possibly get answer on Mon/Tue.

Day train would be cheaper. Don't know about the specific route ZRH - VCE but for Geneva - VCE, I paid, last April approximately CHF180 in 4 bed couchette (bottle of meneral water, breakfast, face towel included) and CHF120 on day train VCE - GVA.
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Dec 9th, 2006, 11:54 PM
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I have the January issue of the Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable, which says that the basic one way second class ticket from Zurich to Venice is 48 euros, so Zurich to Venice will be very near that. Now you add 3 euros supplement for EuroCity or InterCity trains, to total 51 euros. If you move up to a first class seat you add fifty percent to your basic fare, and reach 72 euros basic, or 75 for EC or IC, but so long as you book in Zurich your seats out of Munich you have no need to go first class. From today there are no couchettes or sleepers between Zurich and Venice (you change in Verona). Connections are
Zurich 0709, restaurant car, Milan 1045 to 1105, Venice Santa Lucia 1409
Zurich 0742, restaurant car, Milan 1138 to 1155, restaurant car, Venice Santa Lucia 1453
Zurich 0809, Arth-Goldau 0852 to 1235, buffet car, Milan 1235 to 1255, restaurant car, Venice Santa Lucia 1538
Zurich 0909, restaurant car Milan 1335 to 1400, Venice Santa Lucia 1709
Zurich 1009, Arth-Goldau 1048 to 1052, Venice Santa Lucia 1809
Zurich 1109, restaurant car, Milan 1535 to 1605, buffet car, Venice Santa Lucia 1909
Zurich 1309, no change, restaurant car, Venice Mestre 1926 to 1929, Santa Lucia 2009
Zurich 1409, Arth-Goldau 1448 to 1452, buffet car, Milan 1835 to 1855, restaurant car, Venice Santa Lucia 2138
Zurich 1509, restaurant car, Milan 1935 to 2005, buffet car, not Saturdays, Venice Santa Lucia 2309
Zurich 1609, Arth-Goldau 2648 to 1652, buffet car, Milan 2035 to 2105, buffet car, Venice Santa Lucia 2357 to 0006, Santa Lucia 0016

You can make it an awkward night journey, via Innsbruck, thus, Zurich 1740, restaurant car, Innsbruck 2121 to 0139, couchettes and sleepers, Venice Santa Lucia 0736. The fare would stand, roughly, but you would add 20 euros for a couchette or 45 for a sleeper.

Ben Haines, London
[email protected]
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Dec 10th, 2006, 06:16 AM
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Sorry. In this, for Munich read Milan.

Ben Haines
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Dec 10th, 2006, 02:35 PM
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kappa: I sent it last monday so its been a week

thanks ben but it totally confused me. lol
So Zurich to Venice is 50euros for a daytime trip? thats sounds fine. I was imagining like $150 or something
I will have the half fare card so im assuming you can use it for part of the trip? Im also a youth.
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Dec 10th, 2006, 10:46 PM
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Neither the Swiss nor the Italian railway sites post the crossborder prices for these long-distance trains. (There is hope - the Swiss say they will, soon, and already they post fares for trains to Paris...).

But you get a pretty good idea if you piece together the two legs - the fares go by km travelled, at different rates in the two countries.

The trip from Zürich to the Italian border, Chiasso, costs 63 Francs on a regular train, one way in 2nd class. That's 40 Euros.

From Chiasso to Venice it costs 26.72 Euros in 2nd class one way.

So that gives you a ballpark idea. Add some (guessed) 25 Euros or so for couchettes in a compartment for six, or about 35 Euros in a compartment for four.

You can also fly from Geneva to Venice for about 80 Euros, with baboo. Or from Basel to Rome - real cheap.
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Dec 11th, 2006, 12:07 AM
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Dear Vinylcrocrodile,

The basics are
1. You will pay nowhere near 150 euros
2. The booking office will give you prices
3. Trains leave at 9 minutes past each hour, but none at 1209.

The Cisalpino site asks you to be sure to book, and I agree. You should do that on your first day on the continent. If you do not find these low offers you can wait till you are anywhere in Switzerland, and book in the nearest station.

Your confusion is far from total. I did, indeed, say that the daytime fare is shown in Cooks as 50 euros. At the same time, the two national fares added together are 40 plus 26.72 euros, or 66.72 euros. Also your half fare card will reduce the cost on all or part of the trip: it will do what it says (but I have not seen it, so cannot be precise). You cannot add some (guessed) 25 Euros or so for couchettes in a compartment for six, or about 35 Euros in a compartment for four for two reasons: the only night service is the weird one via Innsbruck, and four-berth couchettes are first class, and cannot be bought with a second class ticket or pass.

When I asked Google for Cisalpino, I had the home pages at http://www.cisalpino.com/reiseinfo/a...php?sprache=en and clicked on timetable/prices I found these second class fares
Adult 68, youth 52, half-fare card 78. Which looks weird, but I think they mean full fare 68, your fare with no card 52, and your fare if you have a half-fare card 78 divided by 2 which is 39. I am afraid 39 is bottom offer. You cannot start with your youth fare of 52, halve it, and pay just 26: that would be absurd. 39 is itself low: congratulations.

Now that I see my message in the form in which it reached you I do agree that I showed the times in too much detail. Briefly, you can leave Zurich at 0709 and at 9 minutes past each hour except 1209 until 1609. The train at 1309 has no change: you run straight to Venice, and have a restaurant car. That train has the successful Pendolino rolling stock, which lets it tilt on corners and so go faster than usual. The views and speed make a great journey, the more o if you can afford lunch in the restaurant car: for that they ask you to book when you book your seat. Their web site includes a link to the menu, with a main dish at 16 euros and a large complete meal at 27 euros. The site gives different train times, but I think these are left over from the old timetable. You will know when you book.

Oh dear, have I confused you this time? Please tell me if so.

Ben Haines

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Dec 11th, 2006, 11:57 PM
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thanks. I got a price from sbb for $88 and I was actually going to take the 1pm train.
Am I right to assume that there is no longer a night train that dep. at 11pm and arrives at 7am? Damn
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Dec 12th, 2006, 03:05 AM
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>Am I right to assume that there is no longer a night train that dep. at 11pm and arrives at 7am?

Why don't you look up yourself at www.sbb.ch instead of making assumptions?
(It's Zuerich to Venezia S. L.)
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