Zurich to Lucerne train with Luggage

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Here is the link to the map showing where the half fare card is valid:

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By the way, here is a site with a good explanation of the features of the one-month, half-fare card:
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You can take a look at what the Migros stores offer here:
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JN - Thanks for the links and the help, I'll check it out. I hope we've found a cool place to stay. It's really rustic but, that's okay the views will more than make up for it.

suze - your "point to point" comment is about what we've decided. Do you know when they have the local markets. I've seen some on weekends and some are on like Tues and/or Thurs. Both the tues/thurs ones really won't be of much help since we'll be there from Sat. to Sat. But, I still may pick up a quick snack at one. Where do they hold them in Lucerne? Do you know?

Luggage upstairs may be a problem ).

victoria_reynolds - thanks for the link. I'll check it out too.

Thank you all for your great help. I will check this site one last time for the response to my questions in this post. Then I probably won't be back to this site for a while. I'm not only trying to plan this trip but . . we are taking a weekend trip next weekend, we're trying to sell our house and build a house. So I need to spend some time doing some work around here. I've been on the internet for about 2 weeks trying to plan this trip. Now that I have my accomodations figured out and I have found a flight, the rest can wait a bit.

Thanks again for your help - whitneykt
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jn - just checked out the sights you mentioned and printed them out. I'll go over them tomorrow but, they look like they are going to help me. Thank you so much!!

victoria_reynolds - WOW!!! Migros sells everything!!! Thanks - my hubby will be eternally grateful to you for being able to see what kind of meat he can cook. gt; Plus it shows him that he's going to have to bring his own bourbon and I'm going to have to bring my own cigerettes (that's one thing I haven't even gotten into) gt;

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A couple of things:
1. Luzern has a farmers market along the Reuss just across the bridge from the train station on Saturdays and Tuesdays from 7am to 1pm

2. Don't let the train pass thing get you frazzled. You've got a lot on your plate, aren't leaving until september and could work all that time feverishly and not be sure which pass is best. One of the reasons we've gone with the half-fare card is that it's so much easier and, in the end, will probably be within $50 of any other option, but with a lot less hassle.

3. You'll love Luzern. Do spend time there. Take in the Loewendenkmal (lion monument), Bourbaki panorama, a lunch on the Reuss at the Des Alpes restaurant (or Rotes Galler for a splurge), a walk across the covered bridges and around the medieval ramparts, Pilatus and the Transport Museum.

4. Good luck on the home sale/building. what a year, hey??!!
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jn - that was 4 things. gt;

You've been so sweet and helpful with your responses - thank you so much. As have all the others.

Thanks for the info on the Farmers Market. We'll try to catch it on Sunday.

We can buy the half fare card there - correct? We don't have to purchase it before we leave the states?

Oh don't worry - we'll be spending time in Lucerne. Hubby has several co-workers that have been there and they say it's just beautiful. We are so exited!!

Selling and building a house is just a peek at what we have going this year. We have a weekend trip this weekend, he gets three weeks vacation (not including the Swiss trip), another company trip, my 30 yr. high school reunion, garage sales, moving (probably twice if we sell before new one is ready) and who knows what else. So my plate is really full!!

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Yes, you can buy the half-fare card at any "manned" train station. Should be 99chf.

You mentioned catching the farmers market on Sunday--you meant Saturday, right?

Good luck on all your upcoming adventures. Sounds like busy in a (mostly) good way.
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Opps! I didn't look at the message before posting - I thought you said Sun & Tues. We may not make the Sat. one. Depends how much time we decide to spend in Zurich when we first arrive. Our flight will get in about 8:00 and I'm hopeing to walk around a little before taking the train to Lucerne. How big are the lockers at the train station? Are they big enough to put in at least a 22" suitcase? If not, we'll be heading straight to Lucerne then maybe take a day and go back to Zurich 'cause our flight will leave to early to do anything when we leave.
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Would you recommend the Sheep Farm in Merlischachen, Switzerland?

In general, how did your trip go? Did you get to the Ballenberg Museum?
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we are looking to go to lucerne this May and would be grateful if you could recommend any chalets or self catering accomodation. i note you mentioned a sheep farm in Merlischachen and enquire how you found it and if you could share the details, assuming they provide accomodation. Our party is of 2 adults, and one 4yr old and another 7 mnth old. Would the sheep farm be ok for children. thanks. Stephen


We have no end of trouble trying to find chalets/self catering /cottage accomodation, so any assistance on web sites would be grateful. The location has to be in the area between Lucerne, Zurich and Aargua as we are attending a christening in the area.
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takerchance, You might want to start a fresh new posting of your own. This one is almost 1 year old and people might not read down far enough to see your last questions.
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