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Your last night in Paris...what did you do?

Your last night in Paris...what did you do?

Aug 16th, 2010, 06:14 AM
Join Date: Jan 2010
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We have, happily, had a lot of "last nights " in Paris. We eat someplace delicious (Last two trips, Ze Kitchen Gallerie and Fish), take a walk along the Seine and talk about our next trip to Paris!
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Aug 16th, 2010, 10:15 AM
Join Date: Mar 2003
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We bought sandwiches from a boulangerie across from our hotel and macarons from Gerard Mulot and picnicked in the Luxembourg Gardens, then capped off the evening with a walk
along the Seine.
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Aug 16th, 2010, 11:37 AM
Join Date: May 2005
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Had my first and last mojito.
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Aug 16th, 2010, 11:58 AM
Join Date: Jul 2010
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Do you know...I can't remember! I THINK it was just wandering all over seeing the sights.

Clearly it is time to go back! I'm headed there in September! = D
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Aug 16th, 2010, 12:00 PM
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 175
My wife and I went to a Classical Concert at St Germain Des Pres. Several Churches have these. Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle also have them. There will be a variety of music between them. We have never had a better last day whether in Paris or anywhere else. The acoustics are incredible.
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Aug 16th, 2010, 12:44 PM
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Note: I'd take the RER to CDG to avoid any possible traffic snarls.

Last night..for dinner went to a small restaurant in the 7th that was one my 'to-do' list. Had a very nice meal, and afterwards walked to Seine and headed West. Took pictures of sparkling Eiffel tower and siad my goodbyes.

My last nights all seem to involve being at the Seine. One memorable one was a summer night, standing on a bridge between Ile de la Cite and the Right Bank. A sligjt warm breeze, on my left I see the Conciergerie, lit up for the evening, in the distance, the top of the Eiffel tower, on the right, the lone local cafe with its neon sign a beacon on the busy street, above me.. a full moon adding to the atmosphere, below...the tour boats with their spotlights moving about, occasionally catching people kissing by the banks of the Seine, the sound of the multi-lingual commentary, people waving to us on the bridge....around me 'flaneurs' just wandering over the bridge, lovers...all enjoying a nice summer night. This image is burned into my memory.
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Aug 16th, 2010, 12:53 PM
Join Date: Nov 2005
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I agree with Michel. Take the RER or the Roissy Bus from rue Scribe. I will never depend on a shuttle again. Boots
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Aug 16th, 2010, 01:33 PM
Join Date: Oct 2007
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Our last night always is another great dinner, followed by a walk along the Seine with a stop on the bridge from the left bank to Ile St. Louis.

For several years we were serenaded by Tim the sax player from London. We'd dance a bit and wander to our apt. with "I Wish You Love" wafting over the water. In Sept. "09 he wasn't there and we have been wondering what happened to him.
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Aug 16th, 2010, 01:53 PM
Original Poster
Join Date: Apr 2010
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Lots of great comments. Thanks.

Michel_Paris: "This image is burned into my memory." That is a great statement. I suspect and hope that I will have this experience too.

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Aug 16th, 2010, 02:02 PM
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 52,309
i agree with michel and others above. use the RER line B, but allow loads of time to check in at CDG. we did, and we were still held up, first of all at check-in [one very bored check-in clerk] then at passport [insufficient staff] and then at security [very zealous new job's worth making us strip to underwear and checking every single little bit of luggage] [ok, only a very slight exaggeration, it wasn't every little bit of luggage].

"best" last night? kir, oysters, moules frites, crepes, cafe, armagnac, walk, bed. preferably in that order.
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Aug 16th, 2010, 02:08 PM
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 198
Last time (our second trip to Paris) we had dinner at Le Caveau de l'Ile (on Ile St. Louis) and took the Seine river cruise (the one you pick up at Pont Neuf) which we had never done before, then walked along the Seine and headed back to our apt. on Blvd. St. Germain. Nice and relaxing way to end the trip, particularly if you've been running around on your last day.
MNsnowflake is offline  
Aug 17th, 2010, 09:21 AM
Join Date: Jan 2003
Posts: 1,377
We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower L'Homme? and while having our pre dinner drink a guy came over and tried to pick up one of my friends, inviting us all to dinner at Buddah Bar. As I had put alot of planning into that dinner and it was our last night together before two friends went home and I went to Avignon, I was upset that my friends didn't care about this dinner and were ready to go. I told them to go but they stayed; the guy gave my friend his number and told her to call after dinner and he'd pick us up and take us to Buddah Bar. Which she actually did. There were 3 of us so I wasn't all that concerned; he picked us up in a brand new Mercedes, tore through paris (but I knew where we were - by the Four Seasons)then he gets us to the Buddah Bar, got us a table downstairs, and leaves to have dinner with friends he had promised at their Chinese restaurant! The Buddah Bar was cool so we were happy, but drinks were $25. We didn't really think he would come back so were prepared to pay for them ourselves; i had one champagne cocktail; they had two. But he did return and chatted with the friend; and he paid for the drinks. Then we tore through Paris again to this hotel, took the elevator to the top, one of those bars with floor to ceiling windows, just in time to see the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the distance. Then he drove us back to the hotel since my friends had to get up very early for their flight. A rather crazy but fun evening.
Vicky is offline  
Aug 17th, 2010, 09:34 AM
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 52,309
Vicky- there was a thread recently posted by a mum who was worrying herself silly because her adult kids hadn't contacted her from europe for at least 24 hours!

that's just the sort of story that would have had had hair turning white!

next stop - white slave trading?
annhig is offline  
Aug 17th, 2010, 04:44 PM
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 20,228
We packed.
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Aug 17th, 2010, 10:10 PM
Join Date: Feb 2005
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Most recent last night in Paris after returning from the Loire was spent in a hotel on the rue des Canettes in the 6th. After a pleasant dinner we walked across the pont des Arts to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Our camera came to a complete stop as we took that last shot, #1078 for the trip. When we put the SD card in the computer the beautiful sunset shot was there.
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Aug 18th, 2010, 05:51 AM
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 28
Our first evening in Paris, my daughter and I took the Vedettes boat tour; I had not been there in 22 years, and it was her first trip. We enjoyed it, appreciated the orientation, and it was a great way to begin--but my daughter wanted to see the Eiffel Tower lighted up, so on our last night in Paris, we took the Batobus (another boat, not guided) from St Michel up to the tower and back. It was, like the first night, an atmospheric, relaxed way to look at the city; this time, we had been to many of the monuments, and it sealed the memory for us. It was especially nice since it had rained for three days, and the last night was just overcast.
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Aug 18th, 2010, 07:24 AM
Join Date: Aug 2009
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On the Paris Breakfasts blog (highly recommended if you love the city,) there was an interesting idea yesterday : On your first day in Paris, act as if it were your last day.
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Aug 18th, 2010, 07:46 AM
Join Date: Feb 2003
Posts: 7,525
nice blog, joined.
And yes, first day is similar to last. There must a patisserie visit, a Seine walk and a nice french dinner.
Michel_Paris is offline  
Aug 18th, 2010, 07:53 AM
Join Date: Sep 2003
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planned my next trip to Paris
seafox is offline  
Aug 19th, 2010, 11:55 PM
Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 1,261
I've been there before seafox, began calculating a budget and savings plan for a return trip on the tray table on the plane ride home.
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