your favorite daytrip from paris

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your favorite daytrip from paris

going to paris end of june 1st week july and looking to take a trip out of the city whether in france or perhaps belgium for a full day or perhaps overnight and returning to paris the following morning. (we already plan on versailles for a day) please advise.
have a great day.
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Can't tell you whether it was a good idea yet, but we are planning on a day trip to Chantilly and Senlis in April.
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If you are from the US or for that matter, from any country affected by WW2, we thoght the Cityrama tour to Normandy was superb. Judy
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since you already have scheduled Versailles, which is an absolute must, another idea is Chiverney, and Monet's Gardens. Reachable via car or train. If you drive, you could continue on to seaside towns of Deauville and/or Honfleur, one of the prettiest little seaside villages in all of Europe, IMHO, rivalling Portofino. You could return from there, or launch yourself from there into Normandy and the whole beach thing. Just a thought. There must be hundreds of possibilities.
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Bob Brown
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I think the trip to Monet's home at Giverny, near the town of Vernon, is a good outing in the spring and summer when flowers are in bloom.
If you take the train to Vernon, you want the one bound for Rouen that leaves from Gare St. Lazare, but the schedule is rather strange, unless it has changed. (Gare St. Lazare looks very much like it did when Monet pained it with steam engines. It is just not as grimy.)
We got to Vernon about noon and had 5 hours before taking the train back to Paris.

I have great memories of my visit to Vaux le Vicomte. In fact, it is #1 on the list for my next visit to Paris, after I sign in at the hotel and get some euros. (That is always the first move.)
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Try Reims. It is about 1 hour forty minutes by train from Paris.

Tour 2-3 Champagne Caves, Food is great
Plenty of Hotels, all price ranges.

Great Cathederal, enough to do for one full day. You can spend the nite or take the train back arounf 6:00 pm to Paris.
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I would agree that if you are an American, a trip to Normandy is a moving experience. If you have the ability to go overnight, you could visit the gardens at Giverney, as well.

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Hi - If you are interested in a tour, Paris Vision offers a day trip to Mont-St.-Michel which is wonderful. There is also Chartres which is an amazing trip.

If you consider Belgium, I'd look into Brugges. (Also available by Paris Vision tours.)

Good luck.
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Kristina, I would recommend a trip to Chartre. You can take a train<it takes about an hour> and yoou will find yourself in a lovely small village with a beautiful cathedral. You can walk along the river and see the town...there are several very nice places for lunch. A great day trip.
The ld" city of Brugges is special too.......the new part is nothing exciting.Mont ST.Michel is exceptional too......
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All three of those suggestions are wonderful! Chartres is the closest and the easiest and my favorite day-trip from Paris, but Brugges and the Mount are marvelous. Are you sure you can't do all three? On second thought, I'd say St.-Michel only if you can spend the night to enjoy it in peace. It's a circus during the day. Brugges would offer the greatest contrast to Paris. I have not helped you narrow this down at all. J.
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I haven't been to Giverny, (will in July), though i ahve been to all others mentioned. I'd choose Chartres, but I love seeing cathedrals. It is easy access. It is the most stunning cathedral! The way it emerges from the town's rooftops is incredible and its stained glass is unrivaled in Europe. Brugge would be a great contrast, but I's spend the night.
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Uncle Sam
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Try taking an early TGV to Lyon. The Parisians do it just for lunch. the food is incredible, the city is wonderful, particularly the old medieval part and you can get back to Paris late in the evening.
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Paris Vision also does great day trips to London which are quite affordable.

I also agree that a day trip to Versailles is a must. It's very easy and inexpensive to get there by train from Paris.


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