Your Advice on a Greece Itinerary

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Your Advice on a Greece Itinerary

Would you be kind enough to comment on this itinerary during the third week of April? It's our first time to Greece and we have 8 days and 8 nights.

Day 1 Athens flight arrives at 18:00

Day 2 Athens

Day 3 Athens

Day 4 Delphi day trip

Day 5 Naxos flight arrives at 06:30

Day 6 Santorini ferry arrives at 14:00

Day 7 Santorini

Day 8 Santorini

Day 9 Santorini flight to Athens/Istanbul departs at 17:15

A few questions:

-Is a day trip to Delphi worthwhile or should we spend that day in Athens or on an island?

-Is 1.5 days in Naxos and 3.5 days in Santorini the right amount of time?

-Days 9 is the day before Greek Orthodox Easter and I read traveling is a madhouse at that time. Will we be ok flying Santorini-Athens-Istanbul that night?

-Instead of Santorini and Naxos, would it be better to go to Crete? I know they are all good destinations but given that we might not return to Greece for a long time, where would you go?

Many thanks.
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I don't think it's worth it to go to Naxos for 1.5 days - why not fly straight to Santorini? The day trip to Delphi is long - do you have a particular interest in Delphi? Otherwise, I would suggest a 3 day trip on Day 3 or 4 to Nafplio to see the Corinth Canal, Mycenae and Epidaurus and spend some time in the lovely town of Nafplio.
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Lily Makes sense! ... check CHAT or KEY tours for a TWO-day Argolid tour (they go on M or T or Wd) ... you see corinth Canal, then go to Mycenae (Iliad-era fortress) then to Nafplio by early afternoon, you'll have all aft & evening and next AM to explore the lovely town, then at Noon, they take you to Epidaurus (stunning! ancient theatre) and then back to your Athens Hotel by about 7 pm For a first-timer, it gives you a terrific into to ancient sites without that loooong bus ride to/from Delphi ... also Nafplio has a beautiful esplanade of cafes to view a sunset. It's Romantic! (it's been called the "proposal capital" of Greece). NOTE: they offer 1st class AND tourist hotels, pick the latter, because it's right in the town, and the other is outside, requiring a taxi to/from.

... also here is a slideshow (by Fodorite Stanbr) of Nafplio and the nearby ancient sites:
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Hi Bigbalut,
It's always hard to choose and there's the temptation to try to pack in too much travel time. With just over a week, I think you should try to limit yourself to three locations. Think about A)Athens, Delphi (or Naufplion) and one island OR B)Athens, Delphi and Naufplion OR C)Athens and two islands.
If it is A, read up before you choose between Delphi or Naufplion. Both are worthwhile trips. You need only one night in Delphi to relax and visit the ruins in the morning. However, if you go to Naufplion, one night is hardly enough. The area is varied with lots of historic sites. The tour Travelerjan describes covers the basics, but is pretty quick. Choice B gives you a wonderful time to see more of the mainland and April will be great for that.
Choose C if you are looking forward to an island experience. Head out after you spend at least two days paying homage to amazing Athens. Many people are in a hurry to get out of Athens, but there is so much to do and see. Make sure you go see the new Acropolis Museum after you visit the Acropolis. The Plaka is wonderful for walking around and the National Museum is excellent. Lycabettus Hill is a good trip - ride the gondola up and walk down. Split your time between Santorini and Naxos (or Paros) and you'll have a nice taste of the variety the islands offer. I go in June and July so other travelers will need to weigh in on the island weather in April - it might be a bit cool for swimming. Also, others can tell you about the traveling during the holiday. Lastly, save Crete for a separate or longer trip. I hope this helps - enjoy!
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Parosblue makes an understatement, "April - it might be a bit cool for swimming." !!! I'm from the Northeast US, and I'm here to tell you, it can be like MAINE. I like "brisk", but the earliest I've been able to stay in the water, in anyplace but the shallowest Greek beach, is about May 12. Tried it once about May 6 & almost got hypothermia.
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Thanks for all of your help. We'll take your advice and spend a couple of days in Nafplio.

Since we'll have 3 or 4 more days, would you suggest spending them in Santorini or Crete? Will we be missing out if we skip Santorini since I've heard so much about it and it's our first trip to Greece? I read that Crete doesn't have the wow factor of Santorini.

On the other hand I've heard Santorini in late April is still pre-season, could be chilly or rainy, and places might not be open. Versus Crete which has more of a year-round population with possibly better weather.
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Crete is beautiful but it's huge. It takes a minimum of a week with a rental car just to scratch the surface.
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BigBalut, what are the actual days/dates of travel? How you arrange your final itinerary choices/travel will matter because of Greek Easter. Many of the Greeks are on the move the week before, going back to their home towns/villages/islands to spend it with family.
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Brotherleelove has a point about Crete - save it for another trip when you have more time. Opt for Santorini, even off-season, as the geography is so remarkable. I love Crete, but you have so much ground to cover there, you'd only get a small taste and spend a lot of your time on-the-move.
Also, definitely listen to yiassas about your travel dates and the holiday.
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I've been to Santorini twice in mid-April and both times were blessed with good weather...........warm, sunny days and cool nights.
We stayed at Delfini Villas both times and loved it.
We also spent three nights in Napflio and really enjoyed our stay there as well.
We got lots of good advice from Brotherleelove, Travelerjan, and Stanbr
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I'm chiming in at this late stage to say that I was advised by the lovely Fodorites to spend our nine days in Nafplion and Santorini (October in our case) and the advice was Very Good. Nafplion was lovely and very well located for many antiquities, and I'd say Santorini is worth seeing even if the weather isn't ideal. We had a little bit of sun, a fair bit of rain, and a lot of fog, but it was a memorable visit.
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If you do go to the islands,I would take time away from Santorini and add it to Naxos. Our Greek friends advised us to only stay two nights on Santorini, we didn't listen to them and booked four nights. They were right.
On the other hand, Napflio and surrounding area was a big favorite of ours and we will return there.
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Beach GIrl, I know it's convenient for YOU to "bookmark" all these sites without adding a message (that's to enable you to bring them up by just clicking on your own name)., But the effect it has is, all the regular contributors open these threads& scroll down, just to find that there's nothing new.

Have you considered using the "bookmark" or "favorites" function on your browser, and just adding these threads to a folder that you label "Greece" or "Europe Travel"? Just a thought.
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