Wrinkled-Am I the only one?

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Hi D,

My Lady Wife does the same thing that BettyK does:

>Decide what you want to wear the next day and put them on a hanger. Take a small spray bottle and spritz them with a little water while taking your hand and smoothing out the wrinkles. Let hang overnight and they'll be fine the next morning".

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I always take a travel iron & usually iron on the bed. If it's something a bit more difficult, for instance a dress shirt for my husband, we'll use the hotel's full size iron & ironing board - some hotels (the posher ones) will send them to your room, others might have a room where you can use them. But for everyday t shirts etc I find it simplest to use my travel iron.

I've never had a problem with any of this, although I have noticed in the last couple of years that some Italian hotels claim it's illegal to iron in the room. I don't know whether or not that is true, but what they don't know won't hurt them - as long as you are careful.

On longer trips I get some laundry done by the hotel which is a bit expensive, but means they do the ironing.
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Consider this a gift to help you simplify your life. I never iron, at home or away. It's against my religion.
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I share Julie's religion.
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I, too, thought you were referring to another kind of wrinkles. I was going to suggest you do as I - schedule botox injections 2 weeks prior to departure.

Now that I've read the other posts, I see we're talking about clothes. I have had for many years (thus the reason I need the botox!), a small, portable, plastic dual-voltage steamer. It works great - something like that might meet your needs.

Happy travels!
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I've traveled all over Europe with a small, dual-voltage travel iron. It isn't really heavy, it's small and it does a great job of steaming as well as ironing.

As careful as I try to be, when packing, I just find things become crumpled. Everything wrinkles, even clothes that presumably aren't supposed to. And I don't like the way that looks.

When I'm ironing, I often lay a towel down on a surface such as the desk that you always find in the hotel room. It ain't perfect, but it gets out some of the worst creases.

I'm also really careful with the iron, like any electrical appliance, because I know it can be a hazard if not handled properly.

BTW, in Vienna once the hotel suggested I iron in their laundry room. But their heavy commercial iron, even on a low setting, scorched a big hole in a silk skirt. So you have to be careful.

I do like the Wrinkle-free spray product others have mentioned but a small can doesn't go very far.
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I carry a can of Faultless Wrinkle Remover. Google the name and it will show where you can buy it. I buy it off the internet on Age Long Catalog.
No smell, it works like a silicone spray and immediately makes wrinkles fall out. All you do is spray and smooth out.
I use it at home also for closet wrinkles on my work clothes.
Back in the 90's I used to carry a travel iron but not since I found this item.
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First off, look thru your clothes and do pick the ones that will travel best. Fold and stack is a fine packing method imo (that's what I always do).

If you decide to buy an iron upon arrival you can certainly put a bath towel on the floor and make do.

Or just have a few things at a time pressed by your hotel or a nearby local cleaners.
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To cut down on the wrinkles, I take pants to the dry cleaner and have them pressed using extra starch. At home I iron my tops (usually knit) with extra starch and they are usually okay for the trip. I also carefully pack all the items to avoid wrinkles.
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I travel all the time for work and my trick is to hang all my clothes in the bathroom and let the shower run super hot to allow the bathroom to steam up for about 10 min. Then I let them hang in the steamy bathroom for another 30 minutes....voila, wrinkles will be gone and I hang them in the closet.
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I am a bit of an OCD packer - but hey this is how I get my kicks...

I iron everything at home and then individually fold it in tissue paper. When I get to the hotel, it is still beautiful with no wrinkles.

I even iron my PJs because I have found ironed clothes fit a lot better in my suitcase...

My kids think I'm nuts but they enjoy the crisp PJs...

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Wow, Thanks everyone.... I HATE to iron....

Gotta figure out how to pack correctly. Whats with the tissue paper? Do I fold a blouse and then wrap it in tissue paper?
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Unfortunately, I don't have the patience to use tissue paper when I pack. I just use the spritz of water and hang stuff up and that works for me. NO fuss, no muss!
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I, too, use tissue paper as well as plastic dry cleaning bags. Here's how I pack a blouse, for example.

Lay the blouse facing down, flat, with arms outstretched. Lay a single piece of tissue paper across the back portion. Fold arms in, as well as a third of the sides. Fold over in half about where the waist lies. Put tissue-folded blouse in a dry cleaner bag. Lay in suitcase.

I do this with each item, with nary a wrinkle. The tissue & plastic dry cleaning bag eliminates most wrinkles. Hope this helps...

Happy travels!
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djkbooks said: "I bring a dual voltage steamer. Does a terrific job, weighs almost nothing, and tucks nicely into a corner of the suitcase."

I agree completely, and have done this for years. Also a nice quick source of boiling water for coffee or tea.
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They have travel steam irons that might be better than risking a mishap with a regular kind of iron. I prefer to do the hang-it-up-while-I-shower method!
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I'm a tissue paper packer, too, and I never have to iron (if there are any wrinkles, they steam out enough in the bathroom).

Another tip: after folding with tissue paper, I pack firmly in clear plastic sweater organizers. These are great if you have the bad luck to have your bag searched by security. You can just lift them out & pop them back into your suitcase.

Since I'm a "bit" OCD, I have a different plastic organizer for each city so I only have to unpack one little bag at each hotel. It takes a while to pack, but no time at all while I'm on my trip.
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