Wrinkled-Am I the only one?

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Wrinkled-Am I the only one?

Leaving next week for first time visit to Italy.. I am going on a tour 12 days. I had heard that there are no irons in the hotel rooms. I e-mailed the hotels and they said they don't have any, goverment law says-fire hazard.
So if I bring a travel iron, I will be breaking the law?
Not going out and buying all new clothes that won't wrinkle.
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I'm not sure that an iron is more of a fire hazzard than a hair dryer or curling iron or any other electrical applicance.

When I went to Slovenia and Croatia none of the hotels had irons because they wanted you to use their laundry service.

I usually travel with cotton knit tops and find that the wrinkles fall out overnight.

For my croatia trip I had 2 pairs linen pants and they really wrinkled. I wet them thoroughly in the shower and then pulled them taught and let them hang overnight. There were no wrinkles in the morning!

I used to pack an iron but found I never used it so now I leave it home and don't worry about a few wrinkles. Once you wear a garment you'll get wrinkles anyway.

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They make a spray called "wrinkle free" that is basically watered down starch. You spray it on, pull fabric taught, and the wrinkles disappear.

Or I splash water on it and kind of hold it taught.

But I also doubt bringing a travel iron would land you in the clink. I never iron on trips. Too much hassle! I iron before I leave and hope it holds up. I always say I won't be running into Queen Elizabeth or the Pope, but I guess you might be running into the Pope.
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Someone reported a while ago about ironing in Paris, and inadvertently scorching the carpet, and being charged 500 Euros (I think). So if you do iron, be positive you don't cause any damage.
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In many older hotels in europe the power is insufficient to heat an iron. Even if you have the correct converter you culd still end up blowing the wiring.

Separaterly, carrying a iron around is just siily.

Either take clothing that doesn;t wrinkle, steam out the wrinkles in the bathroom or just learn to live with them.

(Frankly, I don;t get it - but then I haven;t used an iron in about 10 years. Anything that needs ironing - not much but the beau's shirts - goes to the cleaners/laundry).
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I haven't used a travel iron in 10 or 15 years. Sold my last one at a garage sale. Things just don't wrinkle that much if you choose the right fabrics and pack carefully.

Light weight fabrics that might wrinkle a little will easily smooth out in the steam of the shower.
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It shows my age and obsession but I thought from your title that you were talking about facial wrinkles... and you're not the only one.
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I've used Janis's packing method for years now and don't have a problem with wrinkles on a trip. But at home I use Downy Wrinkle Releaser if I'm in a hurry and don't have time to press out wrinkles. It comes in a spray bottle and works great.
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A travel iron is just too heavy to carry. Use sprays or steam to take care of wrinkles, if you must.
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Donna: You won't break any law. I agree with the majority of posters that the easiest thing to do is travel with clothes that don't wrinkle much or endure a few wrinkles. However, my wife cannot abide traveling without an iron. She bought a very lightweight one in a hardware store in Pavia (our first stop some years ago in Italy). No messing with converters and no issue with overloading circuits. I haven't seen any quite so lightweight in the states, and it wasn't particularly expensive (14 euros, although in those days euros were quite a bit cheaper too). It is also the case that some hotels will provide an iron and ironing board, but that's pretty rare in Italy. Enjoy your trip!
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I bring a dual voltage steamer. Does a terrific job, weighs almost nothing, and tucks nicely into a corner of the suitcase.

Bathroom steam has never worked for me.

Before you empty a can/bottle of wrinkle release spray on a garment, make sure you'll be able to tolerate the fragrance, especially when you get warm and the clothing emits "fumes of fragrance".
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I travel with the spray can of Wrinkle Free sold in luggage stores. I've been doing so for years and never detected a fragrance. And I'm very sensitive to any perfumed scents.

We iron before we pack, and use tissue paper on folds. We also use packing envelopes. Then, a little shower steam or Wrinkle Free is all we need.
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There are various packing techniques to reduce clothes wrinkling. I use the 'fold then roll' method, works pretty good.

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No need for a travel iron, even if your packing skills aren't perfect.

Decide what you want to wear the next day and put them on a hanger. Take a small spray bottle and spritz them with a little water while taking your hand and smoothing out the wrinkles. Let hang overnight and they'll be fine the next morning.
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That's also my secret about spraying water and "hand ironing" Years ago I found a small plastic spray bottle with some hair spray in it at Sally's. I spilled the hair spray out and kept the bottle. It really works.
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Ignore all the non-ironers!
When you get to Europe, go to a hypermarket and buy a cheap 240v iron. Use it happily during your trip. When you pack for homeward travel, leave the iron somewhere for someone else to use. You'll be content, and so will the recipient.
On your next trip to Europe, repeat the process!
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Er but if there is no iron in the hotel, there won't be an ironing board either, and I'm not sure the hotel will appreciate you ironing on any table in the room. What would you use to protect the table from the heat of the iron?
If your clothes are that prone to wrinkling then the wrinkles when they come out of the case will be nothing compared to the wrinkles after sitting in a bus/train for a couple of hours.
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Ask the reception desk if you can use their iron and ironing board. They might bring one up to you or you might have to go to their laundry room to use it.
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Thanks everyone.
I wouldnt even consider brining an iron (I HATE ironing)if we were staying put at 1 location but we'll be living out of the suitcase and moving around alot. Three nights in Florence, Rome & Sorrento.

I'm one of those "just in case" packers, so I'm having a really hard time deciding how much to bring. Maybe if I bring less the clothes won't get so wrinkled!!! LOL
I just fold and stack everything on top of each other, have to try a better way with packing...
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Two years ago when I went on my honeymoon. We found the same rule about the no irons in the rooms.

In Vienna, we had to call for an iron and ironing board. They brought it up to us and then took it away.

In Venice, we would have had to utilize the laundry service but we decided hanging the clothes in the bathroom that we planned to wear (needed minor ironing) worked fine due to the steam from the showers.

In Rome, the hotel had a seperate ironing room that allowed us the use of the iron and an ironing board at any time.

I would check with the hotels you are staying in and see what they have available for your use before purchasing an iron. Of course just my opinion.
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