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FHankins Mar 16th, 1997 03:33 PM

Women Travelling Alone in Paris
I will be in Paris in late May. Being a longtime jazz fan, I plan to visit some of the jazz bars and night clubs. So far, everything I have read and heard says that, as a single woman, I should not have a problem doing this. Does anyone have any advice on how, when and where to safely do the night life scene?

Jennifer Mar 22nd, 1997 05:28 AM

I went to Paris alone twice and have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience. I rarely felt unsafe (there were a few uncomfortable moments in Les Halles at night) and was treated kindly and respectfully by everyone I encountered.

On the second trip I stayed in a hotel on Rue St. Benoit in the 6th called Latitudes St. Germain, where there was a jazz club in the basement. There were several other jazz clubs right on that street, which was always lively well past midnight. I highly recommend that area and will stay there on all subsequent trips to Paris.

sarah May 23rd, 1997 06:50 PM

I'm also traveling alone in Europe,I'm starting out in Franfurt and want to make some stops using my Eurorail pass. I will be in Paris alone for 4-5 days,do you have any suggestions or advice? I don't speak French or German,will a pharse book be all I need? Thank you for any helpful hints.

Jim Blaul Jun 3rd, 1997 05:45 PM

I am impressed by how brave you are! I do not
mean to have this sound sexist because I was
traveling alone in the British Isles and there
was a moment I was concerned about my safety but
everything worked out OK. ... I was out at night
in Belfast after the bars closed and when I was
walking home to my B & B, there were two guys
looking for trouble but I managed to get home
safely. ... I strongly suggest that at night
you take taxis to where ever you are staying.
I seen a lot of ladies do this and they were
obviously a lot smarter and safer than I was!
... Also, I have never been to Paris but I
heard that with a phrase book and using sign
language/pictures, you can get your point across.

Paula Adams Jun 7th, 1997 10:43 PM

I will be traveling to Paris on July 7, spending 6 days there. Eventhough I have been to Paris before on several occasions, I feel safer there than on any city street in the U.S. I will be staying at Latitudes St. Germain, and am looking forward to a wonderful time. I have stayed at other hotels on previous trips, from the very expensive Inter-Continentals and Meurice to the more moderate Royal St. Honore. Use the same common sense traveling overseas that you would at home. Be especially cautious in, or avoid areas where you are likely to be victimized. These include crowded subways, train stations, elevators, tourist sites, market places, festivals and marginal areas of the city. Be cautious, not naive. Be aware that pickpockets in crowds can be men, women and even children operating in groups or alone. They may use ANY ploy to divert your attention to pick your pockets, purse or carrying bag. Avoid exposing any amount of cash in public, and be discreet in counting money for ANY transaction. Usually, when you look like you know what you are doing and where you are going, with a purpose, people will not bother you.

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