Winter Driving conditions in Germany

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Winter Driving conditions in Germany

I am planning a trip to Europe for the Christmas holdiays this year which will include some time in germany. I am hoping to rent a car for my travels along the Romantic Road and through bavaria. Does anyone have any experience in winter road conditions - are they particuarly hazardous? I am from Texas, although my husband is from Conneticut so at least he is used to driving in snow, but I am slightly concerned.

Also, does anyone know if the ROmatic Road bus runs during the winter months? From what I have read, it looks as if it does not, so a car is really my best bet. Thanks.
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Annalynn, I lived in Germany near Stuttgart for one year and I encountered some nasty fog and occasionly "black ice" which you can't see.
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Annalynn: John is correct, "Black Ice" is a a real problem, as is fog and particularly on the autobahn.

I lived in Frankfurt and we generally didn't get much snow, but when we did, they didn't plow in town. They plowed the autobahn quite frequently and kept it pretty clear. I usually drove to work at about 110mph and I didn't have an accident, so it's pretty safe all around.

In the higher elevations, you may need to use tire chains which should be in the car, but you'll want to check. It's the law to have warning triangles and a first aid kit, but chains are probably different. The rental car company can tell you.

The higher elevations will probably have plenty of snow, but in the towns, it make be easy going. A front wheel drive car may be better for your trip at this time of year.

Good luck!
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I went to Germany last December/January and had the same concern, being from New Orleans. In the higher elevations, near the Austrian border in the Alps, I experienced a patch of black ice or two, but for the most part the roads were in excellent condition throughout Bavaria and up to Frankfurt. I always erred on the side of caution and didn't have any problems. It helps, though, to be comfortable with a standard transmission. In the end, a car is the way to go.
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We were on a trip to Munich, last April, and went on the trip you are planning. No matter how bad the roads are, do not miss this trip. We got into snow and some slick roads even in early April, so be sure your rental car has chains. We were turned back on one road because we did not have chains. This is a great trip, so do not miss it.

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