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Why do people as they get on the plane dump there carry on's in the overheads ..

Why do people as they get on the plane dump there carry on's in the overheads ..

Sep 10th, 2001, 08:02 AM
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Yes, let's ban carry-ons altogether. Babies don't need diapers, bottles, stuffed animals; diabetics don't need insulin; no one needs their laptop. Oh oh wait you say, those carryons should be allowed...and we're back to square one. So the solution seems to be: limit the number (one), the size (max out at 22" rollon), and weight (13 kilos seems fair)...AND EVERY AIRLINE HAVE THE SAME STANDARDS AND ENFORCE THEM!

I pack light in a 22" rollaboard; I can easily lift the bag over my head and control it. I used to carry a tote, but now I put my paperback and kleenex in the outside pocket of the rollaboard and carry a small purse. It infuriates me, too, when people drag on huge, heavy baggage - not only is it dangerous as they whack everybody with it, but it takes up so much room that those passengers who abide by the rules can't find space for their small bag.

For those of us who've experienced missing bags, the thought of checking in everything and being at the mercy of the airlines is too frightening (in the world of no carryons, even the bag for essentials would be banned, and you'd have only the clothes on your back to carry you through until the airline finds your bag). And don't trust the airline will "give you money" to buy essentials. When American Airlines lost bags for FOUR DAYS, we got no upfront money, and they sure as hell didn't reimburse us for the stuff we had to buy.

and Linda, you need to stand up for yourself. No way would a loud-mouthed piece of garbage embarrass me or make me slink off. He picked on you like a bully, and bullies only go after the weakest. He got exactly what he intended - you to bow to his will. Creep. Just be glad you're not married to him...
Sep 10th, 2001, 08:24 AM
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Elvira, You can just bet I'm glad that I'm not married to him! What a sorry excuse he is for a man, but I did let him cow me. It is interesting that when you recall an incident in your life that the feelings of that momment come flooding back..not what you later felt, ie disdain and anger. I believe it was the public forum and the element of surprise which gave him such an edge. Thanks for the encouragement. Enjoy hearing from you.

Sep 10th, 2001, 09:37 AM
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This is an odd discussion - in a forum where I thought there were numbers of people that recommended NOT checking bags.

And....those against carry-ons are so angry. Very strange.
Sep 10th, 2001, 09:46 AM
Osama Bin Laden
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Most people don't know this but my name actually means "Overflowing Bin Storage."

Allah Akbar!

Osama Bin Laden
Sep 10th, 2001, 11:11 AM
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BTilke -- You sound like a considerate person. Most people don't care how heavy their bags are. They insist on dragging them up the aisle and trying to store them overhead when they can't lift them. How about the people who have to spend 5 minutes trying to stuff there oversize bags in the overhead bin, all the while they have there midsection in your face if you're in the aisle seat??? Or the ones that stand on your seat trying to adust their bin crap??? I like the ones with their souvenirs in paper shopping bags that want to make sure their purchases don't get smashed overhead and try to take up the entire bin.

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