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NaxosTravels Mar 9th, 2009 11:55 AM

Who's Been to the Island of Brac, Croatia?

Still fiddling with our itinerary (as ever) - we are thinking of day tripping to Brac from Split in the hopes of wandering around Supetar and perhaps to the little town of Lozisca which just looks like a gem in pictures. If our interests are peaked enough we could probably spend a night or two....what are you thoughts of Brac on the whole - worth an excursion, a stay-over? Does anyone have experience doing a daytrip there from Split? Has anyone heard about or been to Lozisca?



yorkshire Mar 9th, 2009 01:27 PM

I spent a couple nights in Bol. The best part was that our apartment was the very end of town, so had a lovely view of a hillside and the sky. Bol is nothing to write home about, but a pleasant enough place. I like how the resorts are built among the trees--the development could be a lot worse. Zlatni Rat beach is great for children/swimming compared to so many of the rocky beaches in Croatia which are less accessible. I would not visit Brac just for Bol. I rented a scooter and rode around, but as it was May all of the tiny towns we drove through were very quiet.
I wanted to make it to Milna, which I have heard wonderful things about, but did not have time (nor did I get to Lozisca). There are catamarans to Milna--consider making that your day trip.
I also wanted to tour the monastery, but it was too hard to get there without a car or a tour.
An excellent site with information about small towns of Brac is
Supetar did not appeal to me, I just passed through. You are correct, the small towns are the highlight of Brac. It could be a nice day trip of exploring one town or renting a car to see them all (or a scooter to see a few close together ones). I don't think you can rely on the bus for exploring--better for place to place.
Good Luck!

NaxosTravels Mar 9th, 2009 06:30 PM

Hey thanks yorkshire! Excellent feedback - some great info which gives us great food for thought.

I have to say sitting here looking out the window at -30 degree weather makes just about any sunny place by the beach look dreamy.

We are strictly using public transport on this trip so we'll have to take a really careful look.


lanejohann Mar 9th, 2009 11:36 PM

we were so hellbent getting to brac
zlatni rad just looked fabulous

so we made sure it was part of our excursions when we hired a yacht


it was pretty
but also pretty disappointing

see in the guide books zlatni rad looked so spectacular - this long finger of beach pointing out into the sea

not so

it is quite tiny
and i resent the trick photography


we rowed to shore from the yacht and felt terribly out of place
lots of nudie rudies ( none of them worthy of a perv) were spread out on the rad

one went to get up to greet us no doubt ( lol) but we walked with heads bent studying the sand

was it worth a visit?
of course it was

everything overseas is worth a visit to some extent - otherwise you always live off the opinion of others

i bought a shark tshirt in supertar
( we docked there for lunch on the way back to split - do split by the way - it is worth at least an afternoon but dont stay overnight - trogir is much nicer)

all the while noone could tell me whether or not there were sharks in the adriatic
then i found this shark attack tshirt and had to buy it

( some croatians didnt even know the word for shark)

supertar is ok but id not spend more than a lunch time there

go to zlatni rad
be aware that the toilets right near the beach are mere holes in the ground with some splashback area - kinda
gets tricky if youre not an accomplished squatter lol
( too much info? well maybe but i wish id know that when id gone!! woulda got some practice in before id gone)

lanejohann Mar 9th, 2009 11:37 PM

went to milna too
it was ok
we stayed at the marina but walked into town at night
was very very quiet
glad we only stayed the night

NaxosTravels Mar 10th, 2009 07:44 AM

thanks Lanejohann - its always good to hear feedback from people who have been first hand - just to have an idea what to expect. Consequently I was in Greece a few years back and got the same reply regarding sharks; sharks? Nahhhh - not in Greece. I had to laugh when I went to a little resort town where the town mascot was giant white shark - billboards with angry white shark teeth all over the place! I still remember that and smile - who thought this shark was the best possible representative of a beachside swimming resort? lol!



Notts_Guy Apr 1st, 2009 07:40 AM

Hiya Nexos,

I've already booked my trip to Brac (July), i'm staying in Mirca. I was in Cavtat (20 min from Dubrovnik)last year & loved it. It depends on what your looking for in a holiday, but i love how quiet it is & i spend my time exploring & snorkeling. I go on my own once a year to get away from it all & these quiet places fit the bill. I visited Dubrovnik's walled city, it was very crowded but worth a see. I've done a fair bit of "Google earthing" to find out about brac, & it does look very quiet...a moped is a must.

Hope you enjoy your trip & if your there between 11th - 18th July, who knows, maybe we'll pass each other in the street!!

Hope you enjopy your trip

LuvToRoam Apr 2nd, 2009 04:03 PM

Hi Naxos,

You might give Lokrum Island a try. We spent a day on Lokrum last September and really enjoyed it. It is a nature preserve and there is a lot to do if you like to poke around and do a little exploring. Mostly encountered encounted frendly locals. But if you're looking for a sandy beach Brac is not for you. More like large slabs of stones to sun on, but nice smooth small rocks in the water. Also, no overnight facilities on the island. Bottom line...great if you enjoy more off the beaten path places.

dalmatia001 Apr 4th, 2009 01:45 AM

Brac is fabulous but most people don't get past the Zlatni Rat beach and Bol. Blaca monastery is spectacular and worth an effort, Dragon's Cave - is just a gem, Skrip village with the museum, Povlja for world class olive oil... Much, much more to see and experience. If staying in Split, you can book a private tour that would take you to Skrip and Blaca with a stop at the panorama point at the highest peak of Vidova gora. Also, a lunch at beautiful village of Dol is a must!

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