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Stephanie Oct 20th, 2000 10:48 PM

Which train zones should I buy a Carte orange for?
Hello all. I'm preparing to buy a carte Orange for my 10 days in Paris but i'd like to know which Zones to buy. Basically, we plan to visit most turist sites; le Marais, Sacre Coeur, tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, etc.. I am planning a day trip to Versailles but other than that it's mostly Paris. Any help you can offer? also, where do I buy these babies?

elvira Oct 20th, 2000 11:09 PM

Zones one and two are all you will need. Buy them at any metro station (have a passport-sized photo with you, or there are little booths where you can have one taken for a few francs - I'd recommend you bring one, though, because I saw a lot of booths 'out of order'). For your trip to Versailles, buy a round trip ticket for the RER line C at the station; no need to buy ahead, buy it before you board the train. There's either a flip board or video screen on the platform announcing the next train; be sure to get on the one for "chateau versailles" (I think it's the train is called Vichy, but it will say 'chateau versailles' on the board/screen).

Patrick Oct 21st, 2000 07:01 AM

We spent a week in Paris, staying in the 6th. We bought a carnet for 10 metro trips. Over the week used them all and bought two more individual tickets. We had a Eurrail pass which covered our trip to Versailles. We visited all the sites you mentioned and a whole lot more. Maybe we walk more than most people, but other than going clear out to Defense and going up to Montmarte, we seldom used the Metro. Of course if you are not so centrally located, the carte Orange may be necessary.

Randall Smith Oct 21st, 2000 07:20 AM

Stephanie, <BR> <BR>I agree the Carte Orange is the best way to go and you should only need zones 1 & 2. The photo machines in the metro stop were a little funky and I ended up with two sets of 4 pictures. Luckily they weren't bad. The passes as you probably are aware go from Monday to Sunday. Do not run your ticket thru the machine on the bus it will distroy your ticket!! Just show your ticket to the bus driver.Use it in the metro just as you would a regular metro ticket. They are much more convenient than the carnet because you don't have to continue finding the multiple pile of tickets and then you don't have to decide what to do with the cancelled ticket. <BR> <BR>Bon Voyage, <BR> <BR>Randall Smith

Alice Oct 21st, 2000 10:33 AM

May I add that when you buy your tickets (RER-C5) for Versailles, you be sure to be on the line for the stop at "Versailles R.G." (Rive Gauche). Upon leaving the train station, turn right and walk about 1 block, then turn left and walk down the blvd. to the Chateau (you can see it the moment you turned to go left). There are other "Versailles" stops but this is the close one.

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