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Which one of these Paris apartments would you choose?

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Hi all!

Thank you for assisting me in my selection of my 2012 apartments, all done, all set.
We are in the Layon apt by Paris Perfect for 2 weeks followed by the Hyacinth apt by Guest Apartment Services for the 3rd week.

Sooo... believe it or not, I am planning for 2013!

And the reason I am starting this early is this will be a most special trip as DH and I are treating our 16 yr old niece to her first trip to Paris!

She is a lovely, quiet girl and already has a list a mile long that I gave her as "homework" ( it's all fun) to help her prep herself for the trip including 5 things SHE wants to do. Anyway, we are making it a journey and most fun!

This will be for the third week in June 2013.

Even as a 16 yrd old, Addy loves nice things and nice surroundings. She is a delightful "little princess", all in a good way. She's like DH and I in that we like a comfy apartment too. So no fold out couch and sharing a bathroom with us. I'm only interested in a proper 2 bedroom/ 2 bath.

Now, if you recall from my last post, the one area DH and I have not stayed as of yet to our many trips to Paris is the Marais, which we love, and in 2012 we will not be staying there as well. We were suposed to and then Paris Perfect who I am renting from in the first part of the trip, the second part was going to be in the Marais in one of their apartments that is likely to be sold by then . PP let us know way in advance of June 2012 and I decided to go with Guest Apartment Services for the second half of 2012 trip on St Louis.


A few choices for this 2013 apartment are in the Marais which I think is a fine for Addy and would be an opp for DH and I to finally stay there. But I also have 1 choice on St Louis and 1 choice in St Germain ( which we have stayed in many , many times).

So here are my choices and you let me know your thoughts. I will list out my pros and cons of each myself and your keen eyes are what I am relying on if I missed something .

Choice 1: Marais

Cecile Apartments:

What I like:
Good size: almost 800 sq ft
Most beautiful bedrooms, that master bed looks yummy
Beautiful bathrooms and a toilet in each bathroom so 1 complete bathroom for Addy which I love
Love, love, love the St Paul area of the Marais.
Love the courtyard entrance, always very French in my mind
Her terms seem reasonable, the price is fine


There is only 1 couch and no visible other seating the living room. Not necessarily a deal breaker as there are dining chairs available, but I was hoping for another living room chair.

The kitchen while it looks lovely, looks small. Not a deal breaker as I do cook in Paris, but this visit will be only for 1 week, so mostly eating out.

The entire living area looks bunched up, but at almost 800 sq ft, maybe I'm wrong

Read pretty much great reviews about Cecile and her apts, except one that disturbs me a bit: You all prob saw the post on TA ( I don't know if the OP posted here). She rented the Luxembourg apt of Cecile's and while it appears that the apt was lovely, there was major scoffolding on the apt and it was really dusty and dirty.

I know anything can happen in Paris but the since Cecile only owns 7 apts and prob knew this was happening the OP said she was not told. When the OP complained to Cecile, seems that Cecile's compensation was so poor and pithy, that the OP was just beyond unhappy. Yes 2 sides to every story, but for anyone who might have read about this, let me know your thoughts. Here is the link

Seems that Cecile does not meet you at the apt and there are instructions for key pick up according to her website. I'd rather have someone show us apt, I like that as Guest Apartment Services and PP does. Not a total deal breaker as we know Paris well, I just like someone to show us in. Seems though she is pretty available. If anyone has first hand experience of this, let me know!

Choice 2: Marais

A VRBO apt: Normally I'm not keen on vrbo, but this was a reco by a wonderful Fodors poster, Judy. I had considered them for the 2012 trip, but then I hesitated and lost the apt. This is an apt owned by Pam and Cheryl of California and they are extremely responsive. I know the apt is well received.

However, they have 2 apts located n the same building ( coincidentally its the same exact bldg of the PP apt that that we had to give up for our 2012 apt) and I really like the Tournelles 2 apt better than the Tournelles 1 apt , and its Tournelles 1 that is available ( yes, would you believe that as far as 2013 is that Tournelles 2 is already rented). So let's look at the pros and cons

Things I like:
Like the owners very much, had 2 dealings with them, couldn't be more helpful

Love Rue des Tournelles and the bdlg is at the end of the street before it turns so it feels very exclusive, I like that.

The apt looks lovely, full 2 bathrooms, looks like at least 1 toilet is in the bathroom, don't see where the other toilet is in the larger bathroom, but that's not a deal breaker if it is in a separate closet. At least there is one full bathroom for Addy

Price is fine, terms are good

Has air conditioning

There is someone to meet us and explain all

good size: 700 sq ft


There also appears that its just a couch with a formal looking chair in the living area. Not a deal breaker as I mentioned above for the Cecile apt, but more chairs would be nice

Kitchen looks small, again, not a real deal breaker, but it looks kinda cute, has more character than the Cecile one.

Bedrooms look nice, but I don't think as bright or nice as the Cecile one above.

Choices 3&4 : Marais. both by Paris Deluxe.

I contacted Paris Deluxe when looking at 2012. Very nice people, prompt in getting back to me. Didn't end up using them, but have re-looked at them.

There are two I am considering

1st Paris Deluxe;

I'm giving you the vrbo link, but this is run by Paris Deluxe:

Things I like:

Love the living space. Comfy looking couch, extra chairs

Pretty cheerful decor

Great kitchen.

Bedrooms look nice, but not my very first choice, still like the looks of Cecile's better.

Air conditioning

Full two bathrooms, 1 toilet is in a separate closet, not a big deal

Like the courtyard

good size; 70 sqm


Not really a con, but I prefer the areas of the Marais in Village St Paul or directly behind Place des Vosges such as Rue Tournelles, etc. I've haven't spent much time up on Rue Charlot and I'm sure its lovely as I googled it and have know there are some lovely shops around there.

I'm used to be closer to the Seine and was thinking Addy would like being closer too for her first visit. But honestly, she doesn't really know the difference and anything with a lux feel we know she would like. Please chime in your thoughts about the Rue Charlot area.

Like I said above, the bedrooms look nice, but not as nice as Cecile's appear.

Price is good, but I read somewhere in their website that the security deposit was to be given in cash. Not crazy about that, will have to verify, but if anyone knows off hand that would be great.

2nd Paris Deluxe Apt:

This one is also on Rue Des Tournelles which looks a bit down the road from the vrbo Tournelles 1. So we already know I like this street

Things I like:

Appears that the living area is cushy

Air conditioning

Bright and sunny

Bedrooms look inviting

good size 70sqm


Kitchen looks really small. Again, not a deal breaker, but looks the smallest of them so far

While there are two full bathrooms, I like the looks of them least as compared with the others above.

Again, not sure about their security deposit details. Price is fine.

Choice 5: Marais.

This is also a vrbo but run by Absolute Apartments ( or is it Apartments Absolute??)

Owned by Australians. This is another apt on Rue Charlot, so like I stated
above, I have not spent time on Rue Charlot, so opinions needed.

Things I like:

Love the bright airy decor. Looks the brightest of all the apts so far ( but pics can deceive)

Living area looks large and very cushy

Love, love the kitchen

good size: 77sqm

Bedrooms look beautiful

Bathrooms look beautiful


There is only 1 shower, one bathroom has a bath which none of us will use. So we all three have to use 1 shower. Not a deal breaker, but I'd like Addy to have all her own space if we can. But I love the shower itself, looks yummy!

Can't tell if there is only 1 toilet and if it is separate. Can anyone decipher?

Choice 6: St Germain. Paris Perfect

Ok, so this brings us back to St Germain, but this is one of my fav areas of St Germain and its with Paris Perfect who I am already dealing with for 2012. I met them this past summer when I was in Paris and so know them, been to their offices and know how they do business. Very comfortable with it all.

I decided against using PP 7eme for the trip with Addy( as you all know PP specializes in the 7th). The 7th is great for us, but for Addy I wanted something more central for her first time. So I selected the St Germain Marsanne apt:

Things I love;

I do really love the area that this apt is in St Germain

Beautiful apt and the largest of all the apts thus far

Two bathrooms

Great kitchen


There is only 1 toilet, not crazy about that, but its not necessarily a deal breaker.

It's not the Marais and we thought since we know we are going, we could finally stay in the Marais, but it's not like we will never be back. Just thought since this is a done deal, we can go for the Marais. But certainly this is no hardship to stay in St Germain and this apt!

Choice 7: St Louis. Guest Apartment Services: Lys

What can I say about GAS? I love these guys and we had a most splendid apt this past summer ( Snowdrop) and are renting Hyacinth for our 3 weeks in Paris 2012 after we stay in a PP for 2 weeks. So I know these guys, love doing business with them. Very very French ( if you know what I mean!!)

Now this apt has an entirely diff decor than the others. It's formal. And here are my thoughts on this: I really do love the old world look even though I am usually a contemporary gal. In giving Addy a complete French experience, this apt looks more authentically French to me than the others (you know what I mean, i.e: oil paintings instead of framed contemporary pics like in the Cecile apt)

Things I love:

The living area is the cushiest of all the apts above. More seating even though there are only 3 of us, but it looks most inviting.

I love the library area for computer use

Both bedrooms have a most elegant feel with the fireplaces

Addy could experience the Seine from the window and feel like she is indeed in Paris. Not that any of the apts would not give her the feeling, but you all know there's nothng like the Seine.

I love the entrance way to this apt, so residential

I love St Louis, but will have stayed there already and I'd like to get to other areas. But do love the convenience on being in the middle of both banks.

Very large, same as the Marsanne from Paris Perfect

Price and terms are all fine. This is the upper limit of my budget at 2730E. All the other apts range from 2200E to 2650E.


Like I said, its not the Marais

I read a lovely review of this apt on TA and while they loved everything about it, they said the 2nd bathroom is tiny and the separate WC is a bit cramped. The 2nd bathroom has its own toilet. Addy is a tiny girl and would prob not mind, but I want to make sure she likes it.

The kitchen is not my fav compared ot the other apts. Again for a 1 week, we won't cook too much, but we will go market shopping as part of Addy's education and so we will cook at least 1 night.

Whew. So there you have it. I am open to suggestions of other apts as well, but I think this gives you a good idea of my thoughts.

I'd like to get this settled at least in my mind for now and yes, I am always astounded how fast apts go in advance. But I know there are repeat visitors year after year to one apt, so while I am astounded, it is also not unusual.

All thoughts are welcome!!!

Thanks a mil........

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