Which is Europe's BEST air terminal?

Apr 3rd, 1999, 03:38 PM
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Which is Europe's BEST air terminal?

Let's try to be positive and tell each other which in your opinion is Europe's nicest place to while away a time between flights. Although some complain about Amsterdam's size and expansion construction, I have always admired its friendly and helpful people, its shops, and its efficiency. IMHO, that is.
Apr 3rd, 1999, 06:55 PM
Bob Brown
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Great idea. Postive is better than negative. I found Schiphol in Amsterdam to be a good place to shop while waiting for flights. One good thing, we bought a few gifts with our surplus "soon to be foreign" money. I am sure we did not get the best exchange rate, but where can you get a good rate on various small bills anyhow? Zurich - Kloten, once you get the hang of its two towers and multiple levels, is convenient with the train station right under it. There is a ticket window, branch bank and a food shop close to the train platforms. Gatwick seems ok, large of course.
Be interesting to read opinions on Berlin and Frankfurt from others.
Apr 3rd, 1999, 07:07 PM
sandra engley
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My last three trips to Europe selected KLM because of Schipol Airport. It has so many shops, and a casino to make the wait enjoyable. Also being able to stock up on last minute items like Dutch Chocolates and Cheese is anextra bonus. Another advantage, it makes the trip back to Boston a little shorter.

Good question , thanks Al
Apr 3rd, 1999, 10:44 PM
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Hi Al,
I know it's not Europe, but from Australia it becomes part of your European trip. And I know it's not my BEST positive opinion. It is the worst airport I've ever been in - the new Hong Kong. Too large, too cold, too unfriendly, too much disorganisation, too few helpful staff, too many complaints from travellers and all this 9 months after it opened and when supposedly 95% of the bugs had been sorted out.
Apr 3rd, 1999, 10:47 PM
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Hi Al (again),
Sorry, I hadn't scrolled down far enought to see the WORST airport post. Wish I could rub out my above post, and just "post " it down there.
Apr 4th, 1999, 07:33 AM
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Because I have never been accused of having a shortage of opinions, let me nominate Frankfurt -- the O'Hare of Europe -- as one of the cleanest airports. After flying over from America, I ducked into a men's room to shave, can of foam and all. Seeing no towels, I was about to wipe my face with a paper towel. "Nein, nein," said an attendant, and presented me with a real towel! Talk about Germanic efficiency...and care.
Apr 4th, 1999, 11:42 AM
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I am a fan of the airport in Brussels. It was clean, had nice shops and restaurants, and best of all, gave time estimations for how long it would take to walk to your gate. I wasn't too impressed with Frankfurt though.
Apr 5th, 1999, 05:46 PM
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I'm particularly fond of Heathrow (lots of shops, places to eat, very clean) eventhough getting from one terminal to another takes as long as the flight across the Atlantic. Due to the AA pilots' sickout, we had to fly to Zurich to get to Milan...and for one hour spent time in one of the nicest airports. That Swiss efficiency... similar situation flying back from Greece and changing in Munich. Efficient, clean, and...food and beer near the gates. All three airports seem to have very good 'help'...whether it's a reservation clerk, washroom attendant or waiter, each person seems to be really good at what they do and extremely helpful.
Apr 10th, 1999, 12:30 PM
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I also vote for Munich. It was clean, comfortable and above all, no crowds. And little congestion on the runways, so our flights to/from where on time. Also, arriving is great when there are few people lined up at the passport control.
Sep 11th, 2000, 08:41 AM
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I'll also agree with Munich (though I'll be travelling through Schipol for the first time in a couple of weeks) - very efficient at getting you your luggage back from the carousels. It's usually there before you! Last time I was through quickly, went to the toilet, and came out to find my bag was the only one left and the staff were wondering what to do with it - and this is within 15 minutes of landing! Compare with Manchester - ages to get to the carousels, and still there's a 15 minute wwait on top for bags to even appear on the belt...
Sep 11th, 2000, 08:53 AM
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I should also add that I was only in the toilet a couple of minutes...
Sep 11th, 2000, 01:14 PM
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I also vote for Munich.

It is clean, modern and loaded with German efficiencies. If you have a long layover, they have a great shopping mall with tons of stores and even a supermarket to by great German foods.
Sep 11th, 2000, 02:09 PM
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Agree with the posts regarding Munich. Very good, clean and efficient. However it does not even come close to the best I have ever seen: Singapore.
Sep 12th, 2000, 07:48 AM
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Best : Schiphol
(also Eoligarry, Barra...plane lands on the beach, airport is a big shed with a coffee bar...not really an airport I suppose)
Sep 12th, 2000, 08:51 AM
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Best for our purpose is Frankfurt. We tour Europe on our bikes and FRA with it's rail connection is ideal for us.
Sep 12th, 2000, 11:48 AM
Flew To These
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Well, lets see:
Munich - agreed that it is nice, easy to get in and out of
Heathrow - also good for selection of shops, pubs, and cafes, but can be a bit big and busy
Zurich - easy to use, clean, and OK
Paris (CDG) - big, can be hectic, but overall OK
Brussels - very good airport
Frankfurt - one of the best for everything, food, drinks, connections, and even an Adult Book Store
Berlin - so so
Rome - again so so, not good selection of food places
Milan Malpensa - used to be nice small airport easy to use haven't been there since it was enlarged.
Madrid - good airport, easy to use, good access to city, clean
Strasbourg -nice small airport, close to city, easy to use
Gatwick - excellent facilities, very easy commute to center London, easy parking and access

Toss up among a lot of them but probably would have to choose Frankfurt overall.
Sep 18th, 2000, 06:51 PM
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I'll vote for Brussels mainly because there is a Lyonnaides chocolate shop -- the best in Europe.

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