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Judy May 18th, 2001 11:37 AM

Which area/city/country would you like to retire to??
T.G.It is Friday!!! <BR> <BR>After a long,hard week, have you ever thought of early-retirement? <BR> <BR>On other travel site, some Europeans talked about retiring to some tropical islands in Pacific Ocean, how about you? All you experienced travelers,where would you like to retire to? and why? <BR> <BR>Let's hear it!

Art May 18th, 2001 11:45 AM

A hours up on a high cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in southern Maine. <BR>

Art May 18th, 2001 11:47 AM

I meant a house (don't get excited folks). The reason is that it is so beautiful looking out over the ocean, hearing the waves hit the cliff at night and close to Boston airport to be easily able to jump on a plane to Europe.

Judy May 18th, 2001 11:53 AM

<BR>Art: For one second, I was really worried! :-))

BOB THE NAVIGATOR May 18th, 2001 11:53 AM

Hello Judy, Well, I have and I did--nine years ago. Now I just plan trips to Europe and walk the beach on my small piece of paradise, Amelia Island FL. I sometimes forget what it was I used to do for IBM. May you be so lucky!

DC May 18th, 2001 12:02 PM

Let me get this straight. You worked for many years at job you didn't like just to retire to the beach. I don't call that lucky. If you actually *want* to retire from your work, I call it really sad.

stacey May 18th, 2001 12:30 PM

I'm only 32, can I retire twice? Heidelberg for the next 15 years, then to Key West

kk May 18th, 2001 12:43 PM

Judy, I gave this very question considerable thought when I was in Europe last month. Even though I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of making it happen, here is what I would do. I would retire to and live in either Germany or England. I'm picture here a sweet little village in either country with good train lines into a nearby large city. From that large city I would travel at least once every few months to other places I enjoy in Europe, such as Italy, Austria, France, and Russia. All that is my idea of sheer bliss. Thanks for asking. You are right. Ater all, it is Friday!~

Judi May 18th, 2001 12:58 PM

My husband and I retired early but not because we didn't like our jobs, mine as a teacher and his as a systems analyst. We had enough money and realized that life is short and there are no guarantees. We would retire to beautiful Nerja and travel other parts of Europe. However there are three little people in our lives called grandchildren whom we could not leave on the other side of the pond.So we are happy to go to Europe two or three times a year for two or three weeks at a time. If you are still working, save as much money as you can because retirement is wonderful if one has enough money to do as one pleases.

Judy May 18th, 2001 01:10 PM

<BR>KK,Bob,Art: I like your ideas of retirement, what to do?

Joe May 18th, 2001 01:15 PM

DC: You attribute attitudes to Bob the Navigator that simply were not stated. All he alluded to was his enjoyment of retirement traveling and at his beach home in Florida. As a retiree who is thoroghly enjoying himself, I also enjoyed very much the 34 years I worked for a large multi-national company. The challenges, the opportunity to compete, the associates and friends I made, the rewards of success can never be truly forgotten. But, I really do enjoy retirement. I think you owe Bob an apology.

Elsa May 18th, 2001 01:21 PM

My husband also took early retirement from a job he loved. I can't think of ONE particular place we would like to "retire" to, but we sure do enjoy the ability to finally go anyplace at anytime we want.

BOB THE NAVIGATOR May 18th, 2001 01:40 PM

Thanks Joe--you are right on ! I loved my years with IBM and the only reason I forget what I did for them is because my new life is so full. Life is in stages and the fullfillment of those stages is all about making good decisions. May you be so lucky !

M&J May 18th, 2001 02:45 PM

Ahhh, we have discussed this. Recently I mentioned to our daughter about my sweet wife possibly taking a position with her company in Europe pending an early retirement for me. She called mother the next day "what about the grandchildren, you will never see them?" <BR>So, Judi, we know what you mean. <BR>So, we will retirement near the kids and travel as much as we can. Solo and with the kids. <BR>Life is good.

Kathy May 18th, 2001 04:01 PM

A nice little cottage in the Irish countryside....making tea, riding my bike & watching the mist rise over the land at sunrise....I really enjoy my job, though and plan to work it for a minimum of a couple of more decades. <BR>Kathy

anon May 18th, 2001 04:16 PM

Reading some of these posts , makes me glad that every day ,in every way, we chose not to have children. As a good friend told her children, who she chose to have, " we provided a stable home, a good grounding, college educations and orthodontia, the rest is up to you"! <BR>Posting this Anon. as I don't need aggravation!

sally May 18th, 2001 04:39 PM

WE would love to retire now, but alas we <BR>have a 13 yr old still at home!! We dream of retiring in Italy, anywhere in Italy, but would settle for the mtns of North Carolina or the coast of South Carolina!!

Kathy May 18th, 2001 04:54 PM

The thread I see in many of these responses is having the money to do what you travel when you want, yet be near those you love...

Capo May 18th, 2001 05:00 PM

In my <I>dreams</I>, I could see spending fall in New England, winter in Mexico, spring in Provence, and summer here in the Pacific Northwest.

Dave May 18th, 2001 05:20 PM

I hate to be a pill, but even though I love to travel, I would like to retire and live in LA, where I live now. I love Europe, but I like the diversity of everyday LA. Even in my favorite countries, Italy and Spain, where the food is to die for, after a while I get an urge for a burrito or pad thai.

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