Where to travel to heal a broken heart?

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I would agree with everyone who is recommending something with physical exercise involved...hiking, biking, skiing, sailing...anything to get you focussed on the external, not the internal, and get those natural endorphins flowing !
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Why did anyone bother reviving this 4 1/2-month-old thread. I certainly hope she's over the trauma by now!
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Howard....I was about to say the same thing, by now she's probably on her second relationship already...or I should say maybe on her second or third rebound...haha
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I live in Europe.
For me, the answer depends on how you wish that place to be - quiet, scenic or what ? Some quiet and scenic places are too lonely for the already brokenhearted.
Rome has historic, gigantic structures, but its too busy one cant find rest.
Prague is beautiful, quaint, and cheap, but dont travel when its winter or rainy unless you like to see dirty, muddy streets and entrances to buildings.
Paris has everything for everybody - beautiful, scenic, historical, cultural, etc. but is quite expensive. You might just end up being frustrated if your budget is tight and end up feeling bad about the trip.
Lucerne in Switzerland is beautiful but expensive.
Nice in France has a beautiful seaside view, but a bit expensive. All of the south of France is good for resting though and for viewing the rich and famous, including popular celebrities. Not too noisy either.
Relatively inexpensive is Spain. Go to the south of France - magical Sevilla, beautiful Granada, Cordoba, etc.
A quaint and beautiful place is Dublin in Ireland.
If you wish to get busy and forget life for awhile, go and visit the castles of Germany or go to Scotland. Germany is not that expensive.
Good luck !
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I forgot - my most treasured place in the whole world is Venice - with the river, boats, docks, and incomparable Byzantine architecture inside tiny buildings, palaces, etc. And oh, the birds ! the birds ! the birds ! I want to live and retire in Venice. Oh yes, you can heal a brokenheart there too, when you want a new perspective in life, good food, and warm Italians.
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If your BUDGET IS TIGHT, go to beautiful baroque architectural gem, Dresden in Germany. There are train trips to castles nearby with Renaissance and medieval architecture. All the famous painters of Italy are also in art museums in Dresden. You will love the beauty of Dresden ! 2 horus away from Berlin !
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Interesting: I just clicked on Titiyo's screen name to see if she reported back after her trip, and I see only two threads on Fodor's she's contributed to,so maybe she is a troll.

Nevertheless, this thread amused me because it reminded me of the disastrous "recovery" trip I took to the Oregon coast the first of March in 1986. I'd always wanted to see the Oregon coast and thought it would be wonderfully healing after the breakup of my marriage.

Wrong! In Depoe Bay, the fog rolled in, the fog rolled out, and it was just me, the seagulls, and a handful of other tourists, mostly elderly at that time of year, adding to my sense that I was old as the hills and would surely never find love again.

Clutching a bag of souvenirs, my second day in town, I stumbled into the "Sea Hag" bar, and was "welcomed" by two commercial fishermen who pounced on this unattached female with gusto, competing for my attentions. I left alone, considerably cheered up, but the next morning, I suddenly threw all my belongings into my suitcase and peeled out on I-5 for Seattle and the comfort of time with my two college-age sons.

I've laughed about this trip ever since. Life has turned out so well for me, and I am so grateful now that I'm not still with that person and that I've had so many adventures that would never have been possible had I stayed in that relationship.

So, my advice to anyone planning a trip to recover from a broken heart is to go where the people are, especially go someplace where you are likely to be reminded that you are still attractive and desirable.

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A troll!!! far from!
Well, i must say i appreciate alot everyones interest in my broken heart! To answer the rebound question... maybe it was not even a question, but nope, havent had my first rebound yet.. any suggestions??

As far as the trip, well a trip report you wont get, but i went to italy. Rome, venice, florens etc... and i really enjoyed myself!!!!!

Thank you all for your help,

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Thanks for the update Titiyo
Here's hoping you stay on that road to recovery!
Best of luck and very best wishes,
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MADRID--- the nightlife, with all the gorgeous men and women will totally make you realize that there are so many (and so delicious!) fish in the sea!! Best of luck!! The best is yet to come.
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EVERYONE sometimes survives and gives a broken heart... its part of the human condition.

So you went to Italy, huh? VEEEEEEERRRY NIIIIICE...!
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