Where to travel to heal a broken heart?

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Hi Tityo

I joined this forum this year, after popping in for a couple of years for the unbeatable travel advice and info.

Unfortunately, I am suffering from a serious case of big old broken heart, too. So, coming from a similar situation (I'm not assuming I know your story, just relating to the pain part), here's what I'm planning -- NEXT year's trip. This forum has been a great help (and pretty darn amusing at times, too.)

Planning ahead gives me something exciting to look forward to and is distracting in both a fun and practical way. I'm organizing a trip, with friends (singles/couples/kids/whoever can get it together to come), people who love me and love to travel. We plan to spend a week in Umbria or Tuscany (researching farmhouses now, NOT planning on staying in old favorites) cooking, hiking, eating, drinking, touring, hanging out, etc. Before/after this week, people can plan what they please...this is the only part I'm "organizing" for the gang.

For me, the rest of the trip will include a few days in London visiting old friends, re-visiting Rome with a friend who lived there, and seeing new places for me: Amalfi, Pompeii and Paestum with a couple of great pals. It would be hard to be in Italy and not visit Venice, which I love, so gotta go there, too, romantic or not. And in the midst of this, I want some time just for me...and I'm getting great ideas from all of you.

So, keep your chin up, Tityo, it sucks but it will hurt less and you will get through it.

Let us know what you decide and good luck to you.
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I posted above with European favorite cities, which will work to get your juices flowing and if you want the stimulation. Don't know where you're based but if escape is your goal, I'd consider a kicked-back beach vacation like the Mediterranean, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Indonesia. For me that would be more naturally soul reparing than tramping around Europe.
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"very weird....a min ago this thread was here, then it was seemingly deleted, and now it's back. Very strange."

Sort of like my girlfriends during my dating years.

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let me tell you that studs hitting on you IS the best remedy to heel broken heart
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Being "alone" myself, and having been to Paris three times, the spirit of the "town" that's been so policical and destroyed and rebuilt and all that... seemed "in line, in spirit". I can go to Paris and not have "romantical" feelings. For some reason, I feel comforted and nurtured, but that's just me. (For me, sunshine and beaches would be, difficult. There's something about that...)
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how about the coast around Slovenia and Croatia - kinda tucked away and off the radar screen but in a geat location. Thermal spas along the coast of Slovenia ( to treat the body) - the Julian Alps ( for poignancy and inspiration)- Adriatic towns and villages ( to wander around) There's a strong Italian influence in the area which is always good for the soul.
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"Message: Help! There are so many beautiful places in europe- so where to go? Where to go when you have just lost the love of your life?"

Wherever they have the cheapest alcohol.

"I need to go somewhere to get some new spirits flowing in my body...."

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OK, I'll come right out and say it; we want the gritty details. Man, woman, young, old, jilted, jiltee? How can we begin to give the best travel diagnosis and prescription without knowing the symptoms? And we're just darn curious, bet 75% of us have traveled to cast off the old ball and chain of a lost love. Do tell.
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Roaming ROME, the sites, the people, the history, the food and gelato should do a great job making you feel a lot better

CAPRI in May /June , the gorgeous view , the great food and spa should be healing !

PRAGUE - going there in May, can not wait...the city is drop dead gorgeous (include Cesky Kremlov) in your plan.

CANCUN - love Cancun. It's our favorite destination, my husband and I every year in Jan/Feb. The beach is simply perfect only 3 1/2 hrs away from NYC.

SINGITA - African Safari in South Africa. An experience everyone should have in their lifetime !

It's a wonderful beautiful world indeed!!
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Go to a convent in Italy and take vows of silence, poverty and chasity. After a year or so of praying on those cold stone floors you will be more than ready for some wild and wicked love again.
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I have been through Amsterdam a couple of times recently, spent a summer there once. I have to say I just don't see it as a place to mend. It is very quiet, pretty, safe, orderly. Nourishing? I don't agree.

More details -- on what you like, not on your loss, would be helpful. I think access to friends (perhaps casual friends, not the ones who know all the history) is the most important thing. Do you know anyone in Europe?
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OK Platzer. You made me laugh!!!! Pretty good response. Sorry Titiyo, I am sorry for what you are going through, but you do have to chuckle over Platzer's response. Go anywhere, experience and live life. We have all been there at some time or another. Good luck!
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Go to one of the livelier Greek islands like Ios, Santorini or Mykonos. If you can't revive your spirits there you can drown yourself.
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Thank you all AGAIN for all your answers- some have been quite amusing- Platzer> If i wanted the cheapest alchohol i could go to the deli next door. I am thinking Paris or Italy... I have to do some major thinking these next couple of days- because i do intend to travel AS SOON AS I DECIDE WHERE TO GO!!
Since everyone seems to be soooo curious i'll let you all know, yes i am a female-32 years old.

I am torn between the two, renting a car and drive in Italy or just go to Paris and spoil myself.

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Tuscany....get lost looking at art, enjoying the food and exploring the beauty.....
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Well then little Sistah!!! I'd say Paris, there are people here who know soooooo much! Set a budget, and there are great safe hotels. Plenty of ladies go to Paris alone, its user friendly, and hardly a dull moment.
Get a real Parisian Haircut...go to the stores and buy their styled hosiery, the kind that stays up with garters...
and let the Gentleman, Paris, seduce you with its(his) grace, humor, art, beauty, wine, food, style! It'll remind you that you are a beautiful woman, and maybe, someone's loss.
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Go to the mountains!
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Tuscany or to one of the smaller, less frequented Greek Isles.
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A singles cruise around the mediterranean.
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Titiyo--Daddy Rufus can help you forget! (Just don't tell Mrs. Fly, OK?)
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