Where to travel to heal a broken heart?

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I agree that you should avoid Paris. It seems the touristy thing to do is kiss near all the major monuments.

I would recommend some quiet time in the Italian lakes area. Lake Lugano is very peaceful, and not too isolated.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal.

I would recommend flying straight to Nice, preferably on a non-stop flight from New York ( Delta/Air France).

About an hour after arrival, you could be eating amazing thin-crusted pizza on the Place Messena, or swimming in the Mediterranean. That's part of Nice's great appeal. It combines the best of many worlds in one French city, all with a dash of Italian flair.

There are wonderful museums ( Chagall, Matisse, to name just two), an old city that's home to a flower market, shopping,and cafes, and of course, the promenade along the beach, which often offers live entertainment during summer evenings.

The people-watching is fantastic, and it's easy to day trip by train or bus to: Antibes, Cannes, St. Paul de Vence, St. Jean, Eze, and Monaco.

Then, of course, there's the infamous gelato and sun. WHo knows which one is more restorative??

Anyway, best of luck!
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I am sorry...

I second Amsterdam, and while you are their check out the anne frank house and you will leave feeling lucky just to be alive, broken heart or not
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The most comforting place to travel in my opinion is Ireland. The people are warm and friendly and the scenery beautiful.
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I am sorry for your loss.

If you're interested in being alone and crying, I suggest a small town someplace where you don't speak the language. Croatia maybe

If you want to forget about the relationship, thing big city. Maybe London or Amsterdam.

Someplace scenic (lakes, mountains, flowers starting to bloom) if you need a sense the world will renew itself. Wonderful suggestions from other posters.

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Well, in order to get over my broken heart, I've bought a new sports car

AND...I'm booked on a singles cruise in the Mediterranean for June. Flying into Barcelona and have ports of call in both France and Italy. I was looking for a trip by myself, but I think it will be nice to be around other singles while I explore Europe for the first time - I highly recommend it for a broken heart!

Take care!
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Hmmm...very weird....a min ago this thread was here, then it was seemingly deleted, and now it's back. Very strange.
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I would second avoiding Paris - far too romantic a destination IMO.

With a broken heart I would head for Scotland to the Isle of Skye and Iona, follwed by some time in the Highlands. I would also book a couple of organised tours to meet a few folk as well - just to break up the time alone.

All the best.
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Forget Europe - too many weepy places that can only bring more tears. Go for something completely different to open your soul to a new rhythm of life.

Go to Africa. Go on safari. It's one of the few places a person can do solo and yet never feel or be alone. It's a place that will heal anything or anyone.
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Anna - what sports car did you get? I'm thinking that downshifting through curves on some Italian country road in a shiny red Ferarri sounds like a good way to mend your heart. Trish
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I don?t think we/you can recommend places only based on your current circumstances? Do you prefer urban or countryside, generally speaking? I am single and travel alone often. I have had wonderful fantastically fun times in Amsterdam, Paris, Venice. I did not find Paris to be a particularly romantic city or not in a way that was upsetting, just a huge, gorgeous and interesting one.

As a solo traveler, personally I would find nothing more depressing than going to a mountain lake or countryside setting ? lonely and boring! I thrive on being around other people, even if my interactions are limited, merely being in a restaurant, or walking in a park, or sitting in a sidewalk café with all kinds of folks sets the world right by me! Good luck sweetie.
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The best place is Amsterdam. Next is Paris. There are so many "new spirits flowing" in these cities that you will get over her in only a year or two. Trust me on this. BTDT, a couple of times.

Madrid is also good, not to mention planty of other cities around Europe for an American bachelor.

BTW, 10 days only? When do you plan to die?
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Thank you all for your kind answers- I truly appreciate them all.
Since yes i only have about 10 days to get away FOR NOW- i think Italy and Rome sounds like a place i can find a lot of different things. I have been to Paris and dont think that is the place for me right now- A friend suggested Prague for me? I do would like to visit a nice spa, can i get a bit of everything????
Thank you again~
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If you are a woman, forget Europe. Go to Alaska. When my husband and I stopped for dinner, I was nearly always the only woman in the restaurant. The women there were treasured. Does wonders for your confidence!

If, on the other hand, you are determined to go to Europe, I'd vote for Paris. I know it's billed as a romantic city and it is. However, there are a lot of singles of all ages and there is so much to do and you feel safe no matter where you go. Since there are other singles around, you don't feel like the odd man out and that's good if you're a bit depressed.

You could take a day trip to Giverny or even take a couple days and head to the Norman or Breton coast to relax and rejuvenate.

Advice from an older woman . . . don't regret that lost love. There will be someone much better and you'll be so glad you're available.
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Just remmeber life gose on. Go on a ten day trip to Italy ending in Venice and catch a train to Nice France Via Milan and be sure to rent a car once you arrive in Nice and drive the beautiful route to Monaco. It can all be done in ten days, we just did that.Have fun.
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When I was getting over a broken heart many years ago, I took a skiing trip to Canada (I lived in Florida) - and that was the best therapy ever! I had an absolutely terrific time in my solo state. I was fairly young, and left my three kids at home with my mother. If you wait 'til winter, go to some lovely European ski resort (not too big). If you are too old for the skiing thing and don't want to wait until winter, go to Paris!
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It's an epidemic!

Today, at my weekly Thursday Travel Lunsh, I mean lunch and cocktails with the girls...one of my "Posse" was talkin' this same tale.

She had been forewarned about "guy" but?
Anyway, Paris was our hands down suggestion followed by Switzerland but, not with me...I can't take all that while I travel.

So, Paris or your nearest French restaurant with loads of wine and a limo to take you home!

Hope you get better.
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Titiyo, It's hard to tell if your male or female.

I just spent a week alone in Rome and while I can't put my finger on why, I didn't find it to be a good "solo" city. I've enjoyed traveling many places by myself but Rome wasn't one of them; London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dubrovnik, Switzerland... were all great.
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Hi tityo,

>A friend suggested Prague for me? I do would like to visit a nice spa, can i get a bit of everything????<

I don't think Prague would be the place to cure a broken heart. You will have too many young studs hitting on you.

For a spa, consider Ischia (off Capri), unless you are planning on going in the Winter.
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I second Scotland and Switzerland for some time to recover yourself. (But I am that kind of person that would prefer to be alone in such situations).

Personally, I had a very confusing time of my own in terms of relationship and I got my heart and mind settled in Cambodia (Angkor Temple, in particular).

Good luck.
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