Where to travel to heal a broken heart?

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Where to travel to heal a broken heart?

Help! There are so many beautiful places in europe- so where to go? Where to go when you have just lost the love of your life? I need to go somewhere to get some new spirits flowing in my body....I will be travelling alone and i have about 10 days to spare! Any suggestions????

thank you
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Surely Paris. Your heart will be renewed...and that spirit of which you speak, will soar...the city itself seduces!

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Amsterdam is a great place to go and detach from your worries.
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Hi Titiyo,

I've had a bad half-decade: between 1998 and 2004, I've lost three of my immediate family.

So I understand your need! For me, serenity and lake water are essential to heal & re-energize, and it's even better if that lake water is framed by majestic mountains. I vote for maybe the Italian lakes or Luzern or Montreux in Switzerland.

Personally, I'm going to heal by gazing at Lac Leman from Montreux next month, followed by some gentle walks in the mountains around Saanen. I think a city would just make me nuts . . .

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Sorry to know of your broken heart whatever the circumstances are it's always hard...

I think Paris would be lovely and also my favorite Rome. Lots of walking, history, art and cafe life might help fill your soul. Anywhere you go there you are, so try some place that makes you feel safe, comfortable in your skin, beautiful and has the things that interest you.

Best, Eileen
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I would avoid Paris, because it is so popularized as the city for lovers and I would want to avoid those kinds of associations.

My suggestions would be...
Rome with a trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum
London and countryside
Germany/Austria/Switzerland - a beer garden trip sounds perfect

Have a wonderful trip, wherever you go. Enjoy the time to think and recharge your batteries and clear your mind.
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Titiyo -

Rome would be good. Like ecat says, walking around enjoying the beauty of the art & architecture is renewing for the spirit. The people are friendly, and a few Ciao Bella's a day can't hurt either! Trish
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in a way i would probably avoid romantic cities like paris and rome. they might make you feel worse because of their association with romance. are you looking to meet someone special or take your mind off things? maybe try some outdoor activities like hiking or cycling.
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I second Pompeii and Herculaneum and I've heard that the Naples museum has great artifacts from those areas. The Greek islands are beautiful and relaxing and have a great social scene. I also recommend hiking Cinque Terre in Italy. In my experience, spending too much time alone left me feeling lonely and too focused on my own sadness. I found that staying in hostels gave me the opportunity to meet lots of fellow travelers from around the world, many of whom were traveling alone. I made some great friends that way.
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Hi tityo,

My condolences on your loss.

I think knowing your age would be helpful.
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Hi Titiyo: My heart goes out to you.

How about travel around Italy in general, and while you are there treat yourself to a few days at a beautiful terme spa hotel? That natural hot spring water will do your mind and your body the world of good. The people are so warm and naturally loving, the scenery is rich and gentle, the food is so nuturing, the earthy colors in Tuscany are so heartwarming. The amount of art in the cities will give you plenty to do. The fishing villages of the Cinque Terre are so safe and close.

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I am so sorry for your loss, Tityo.

I would avoid cities. I think that the crowds and bustle may make youi feel lonley and isolated.

Being surrounded by the beauty of nature always lifts my spirits. I would suggest the West of Ireland or the Italian Dolomites, two places that make my heart soar.

Best regards ... Ger
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The best places are o CT or the Amalfi Coast...

Lots of spaces, trails to walks, rocks to climb, the beautiful seas..The sceneries are just marvelous to look at..
Climb a rock, facing the sea..have a picnic and drink a good bottle of red wine..You will feel much better..

Say goodbye to your lost love and start enjoying your trip..

Who know, you may meet a new love..

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I took this trip! Kind of reminds me of an old Nat King Cole song... traveled around the world but still you were there.

I agree with Swandav. I went to Lac Leman and Locarno. Rode my bike in the Centovalli, walked on mountain trails, strolled by lakes. I felt sorry for the poor guy next to me on the train from Lausanne back to Paris sitting next to this sobbing woman!

My advice is keep it physical, wear yourself out, and get it all out of your system. Good luck!
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Do we have a counsellor on hand?

How depressing and tragic do we have to go? I recommend a course of Prozac, I'm sure that will get the "spirits flowing", or pour yourself a large Cognac, and have a cigar, although you sound female so you could discover a new side of yourself.

Do Italy, that can't fail!
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First, I'll assume that you're not just running away. If that is the case, no amount of travel will heal a broken heart as you'll have to return to the places you left and face the same issues. That being said, the lakes region of Italy is beautiful as is Rome. Southern Germany (BadenBaden) also comes to mind. Or, a cruise of the med could be relaxing, adventurous and you're guaranteed to be eating with people and still have time to retreat to your own cabin if the mood strikes.
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Ah, m_kingdom's own brand of "tough love." Charming!

Titiyo, I'd go to the English countryside and stay at B&Bs. The scenery is beautiful and soothing, you'll have no language problems, and the people are very kindly. Best of luck to you.
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Titiyo, Sorry for your loss. 10 days in Italy might rejuvenate your spirits.

Too bad m_kingdom began drinking very early today. Must have been fired from his temp job installing the new toilets at Brown's.
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Even without a broken heart, I can attest that beautiful, private places without someone else can be isolating. I was alone in Ravello, truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, and although I hiked and toured, I felt too much alone in such a solitary place, and I left a day early. I wase the only single woman in the piazza for an appertivo; the only single in a restaurant.

I much prefer to be alone in cities like London, Rome and Paris where you have hundreds of things to do without being in some isolated, overly romantic place where you are even more in the spotlight for being solo.
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I think it depends upon whether the broken heart was from:

1. Death of a loved one?

2. Breakup from a personal relationship? or

3. A troll?
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