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bushwackers Mar 22nd, 2003 10:17 AM

Where to stay in Rome??
We are a group of four planning to arrive in Milan on Wed (3/26/03) and then travel by train, working our way down to Cinqueterre, Florence, and then Rome. My question is this, Where is the best place to stay in Rome? Are there any areas within Rome that we should avoid? I understand it is very easy to get around the city and I was thinking of the Campo de'fiori area. It is centally located and seems to have a lot to do and see there. What do you think?

elaine Mar 22nd, 2003 10:28 AM

Hi<BR>for the most comprehensive info that will answer your question, you might want to start with a search here for Rome hotel. You will find a wealth of info. Also look at the Hotel Rants and Raves comments elsewhere at<BR><BR>The Campo de'Fiori-Piazza Navona-Pantheon area is very often recommended here. I have stayed at the hotel <BR>Santa Chiara, near the Pantheon, about a 10 minute walk to C. Fiori.<BR>I love the hotel--great location, all services, wonderful breakfast, pleasant rooms. Rooms in the back are quieter.<BR>Also literally facing the Pantheon is the hotel Del Senato. I haven't stayed there yet but am likely to next time--I've never read a bad thing about it.<BR><BR>I have files on Rome and on Florence.<BR>If you'd like to see them, email me at<BR>[email protected]

bookchick Mar 22nd, 2003 11:47 AM

Personally, I think the Piazza Navonna-Pantheon area and the Spanish Steps area are better-located. Elaine always gives good advice, and knows Rome well.<BR><BR>BC

bushwackers Mar 23rd, 2003 09:02 PM

Thank you for your suggestions. I will be emailing you for your Rome files.

MFNYC Mar 24th, 2003 06:33 AM

I also like the Campo de'Fiori-Piazza Navona-Pantheon area. Those general areas are all very near one-another. I prefer them ovver the Spanish Steps area. The Spanish steps is also near much and not too far from the other area, but it more of a shopping area with many designer stores.

rex Mar 24th, 2003 06:39 AM

Search the term &quot;Centro Storico&quot; here.<BR><BR>And there is scarcely any better resource for orienting you to accommodations in Rome than the mnap at the bottom of the webpage<BR><BR>The Centro Storico corresponds to most of the area marked as Pantheon, and a good bit of the areas Navona and Trevi.<BR><BR>Best wishes,<BR><BR>Rex<BR>[email protected]<BR>

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