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Penelope17 Mar 22nd, 2019 10:12 PM

Where to stay in Malta?
Hi! We are 2, 40+ women traveling to Malta for 3.5 days (4 nights). We are more daytime adventurers, love being near a beach, restaurants, more of a village feel or old town. Any suggestions which area of Malta to base ourselves in. Is it worth it to stay overnight at all in Gozo or just day trip there?

Rubicund Mar 23rd, 2019 01:43 AM

If you want beaches, then have a look at St Paul's, Sliema or St Georges. They all have nice restaurants, a good choice of hotels and nice beaches, but are resorts with newer buildings. They do have older parts which lend a bit of atmosphere.

Gozo is OK, but with such a short stay I'm not sure I'd spend the time going there. If it's a must, then do a day trip.

LancasterLad Mar 23rd, 2019 03:58 AM

Malta isn't known for it's beaches. In season every square inch will be taken up.

Do you intend using public transport, ie. buses? They're plentyful, but inevitably packed out on the main routes. So it's best to base yourself close to a bus terminal, Valletta, Sliema Ferries, or Bugibba.

It'd just go to Gozo for the day. Easy to do, several buses ply several routes between Valletta and the Ferry Terminal in the north of Malta at Cirkewwa. Then just jump on a regular ferry, takes about half an hour, and cost €4.65 for a return ticket. Off the ferry and onto a public bus to Victoria to visit The Citadel......easy peasy.

A bus between Valletta and Cirkewwa takes about 90 minutes, even though it's only 10 miles or so as the crow flies. Lots of roadworks, and diversions. Lots of construction work, the skyline is littered with massive construction cranes.

Malta has a lot of history.....but there's a lot of greed, and IMO it's now like those in power are trying to fit a pint into a half-pint glass. Malta is 17 miles x 9 miles, almost 400,000 vehicles on the road.

It's not the quaint Island that it was. Visit with an open mind, and organise your time wisely.

The Lonely Planet guidebook to Malta & Gozo is a good starting point.

Penelope17 Mar 23rd, 2019 08:40 AM

Thank you!
This is helpful for sure! We’re deciding between an Airbnb apartment in Sliema or Valleta... decisions, decisions.... hard when you’ve never been! Thank you!

menachem Mar 23rd, 2019 09:39 AM

Originally Posted by Penelope17 (Post 16892199)
This is helpful for sure! We’re deciding between an Airbnb apartment in Sliema or Valleta... decisions, decisions.... hard when you’ve never been! Thank you!

If in Valletta, pick an apartment close to the ferry to Sliema. I think Valletta is nicer than Sliema, so being able to hop over easily would be a good thing to have.

MmePerdu Mar 23rd, 2019 12:27 PM

I concur with staying in Valletta, one of the most beautiful & walkable cities of the many I've spent time in. As it isn't huge I'd just pick the apartment you feel will suit you best. Toward the bus terminus could be ideal but, again, anywhere in Valletta is a good location and easy to negotiate on foot. Hilly, but as you're considerably younger than I and I found it delightful to walk, I imagine you will too.

Another suggestion, I spent several days in Marsaxlokk, a relaxed & friendly fishing village not far south of Valletta, the airport being about half-way between the 2. It's reachable by bus from the Valletta Terminus, good seafood restaurants line the pretty port and there's a fun market on the weekend, Sunday, I believe. You might consider an overnight there, possibly before heading to the airport for your departure as it's no farther than from Valletta, maybe even closer.

LancasterLad Mar 24th, 2019 02:12 AM

Valletta is a very nice place to stay, and is untouched by modern construction. It's easy to wander around, being mainly free of traffic. During the day Valletta can be very busy.....when Cruise Ships are alongside the centre, and all the attractions will be saturated.

Sliema isn't as attractive as it used to be......modern construction has seen an end to that. The waterfront is very attractive, a long promenade runs all the way to St Julians.

You get uninterrupted views of the impressive Valletta skyline from Sliema promenade, but in reverse the view isn't sky as impressive due to modern buildings being plonked on top of the old historical ones.

The main public bus hub is just outside Valletta City Gates. But Sliema Ferries is also a terminal for most of the useful routes. It's important to select your accommodation carefully if you plan on using public transport.

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