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eixxel Jan 17th, 2011 11:44 AM

Where to stay in Hamburg, Germany
Hi everyone,

I'll be travelling with my boyfriend to Hamburg from 02.08-09.08.11.
We are looking for somewhere to stay, and areas to avoid!
We would like a Ferienwohnung or an appartment as we would like to do some cooking ourselves, and we are travelling by public transport as we have found that hiring a car is really expensive.
We would like to be near a bus / train / U/S-Bahn route. We have come to the conclusion that we'll be best off out of the city (due to price, really) and we are a bit dubious about some of the reviews we have read about dodgy areas of the city!
We are planning on lots of sightseeing, but we're not really night owls so do not need somewhere that has good nightlife (just good connections to the city).
If anyone can suggest an area that is not too expensive (we are looking at about 600 Euros for the week for the pair of us). We could save some more if a place looks good, but our price range should aim to be around the 600 Euro mark.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

321sister Jan 17th, 2011 01:05 PM

Hi, check out their are apts available. good luck enjoy your trip. jayvee

hsv Jan 17th, 2011 01:51 PM

I think with your budget it should be possible to find something in the city.

Best areas for staying would be in my opinion:
- Eppendorf (middle-class to slightly upscale residential inner-city neighbourhood with lots of restaurants and local shopping opportunities)
- Winterhude (slightly less desirable than Eppendorf, but still very good, a bit more diverse)
- Hoheluft (adjacent to Eppendorf, a bit less expensive.
- Rotherbaum (some really upscale parts, some a bit less, around the university campus)
- Harvestehude (really upscale on the Western shore of the Alster Lake).

I somewhere read a positive review of the apartments below, but have no first-hand or even second hand experience. The website looks appealing, though. Location-wise these are not in any of the above-mentioned neighbourhoods, but they are mid-way between City Hall and the port. It is a very central location and could be worth a shot. The general area is a bit quiet in the evenings (Hamburg's downtown area suffers a bit from too many offices, whereas its citizens live in other districts), but it's only a 5-min walk into the Portuguese quarter near the port with lots of Portuguese cheap and cheerful restaurants and it has good access to public transportation. It looks as though in your budget, too (EUR 80 per apartment per night if occupied with 2 people). The website is in German only apparently, but it may be worth getting in touch with the landlords.

Should you have any questions with regards to locations of other apartments, do post here.

hsv Jan 17th, 2011 02:23 PM

Just had a look at the website recommended above and the apartments offered there.

In my opinion you should avoid the following due to location:

- Elb Residence in Rothenburgsort (horrible location).
- New Living Residenzhotel (just too out of the way and an extremely busy thoroughfare in front of it)
- Gaestehaus Picklapp (ridiculously out of the way in a bland neighbourhood)
- Albertus Paris Stadt Appartment (average location, but very blue collar and despite reasonably central not very exciting)
- Sleep Lounge (close to the aiport, but not an exciting neighbourhood)
- City Aparthotel Novum (in the undesirable part of St. Georg, the neighbourhood just East of Central Station, in general everything NorthWest of Lange Reihe towards the Alster Lake is good, this is bad - drug issues, cheap red-light district on Steindamm etc.).

The von Deska properties look quite appealing. As do Alsterappartments (which seem to go for EUR 100 per small apartment per night)

Both Clipper properties are nice and upscale as far as I can tell. The Elb Lodge has a fabulous portside location, next to Stilwerk, a stylish interior design shopping centre in an old red brick warehouse, but is a bit of a walk to the next station (but there is a ferry berth close by, the ferry being included in local transport passes). The other Hanse Clipper is only 5 min. from the Fleetwohnung mentioned above and may be more expensive than the Fleetwohnung.

ggreen Jan 17th, 2011 02:31 PM

For staying just outside the city center, you might want to look at options in Altona. (Sorry I don't have any rental suggestions; we stayed with a friend!) It was right on the train line - we only had a few blocks walk to/from apartment - and quite straightforward to catch trains into Hamburg center as well as elsewhere (Bremen, Lubeck, Berlin, etc.). There are good restaurants and great bars in Altona, and overall the area felt nicely laid-back...

hsv Jan 17th, 2011 02:34 PM

Altona is good, too. At least parts of it - other parts may be too remote for my taste again (Altona is fairly large - and there are districts that aren't Altona proper, but that will be advertised as such as that is a more recognisable label). Agree about restaurant and entertainment options in Altona and its general vibe.

eixxel Jan 19th, 2011 09:29 AM

Thanks so much for all the suggestions! Really big help.

We think we may have found somewhere in Neustadt at the Adina Hotel - what's the area like?

hsv Jan 19th, 2011 10:27 AM

Reasonably central and quiet around the Adina Hamburg.
It's on the backside of a big office block housing the Deutscher Ring insurance group. It's just steps across a street (very busy, but on the other side of the office block) to St. Michael's church, one of Hamburg's landmarks and Krameramtsgasse behind St. Michael's (a historic little street, just a few houses really, that has remained intact since the 17th century) .
It's also just a few steps from Grossneumarkt, a square on and around which there are a quite a few pubs and bars. You can also walk over to the redlight and entertainment district along Reeperbahn (it's a lot more than just redlight - a bit seedy, but also perfectly civilised fun). And the port is walking distance down the hill, too.
Overall not a bad location, although it would be more fashionable to stay in one of the districts outlined earlier (Eppendorf, Hoheluft, parts of Eimsbuettel, Altona, Harvestehude, Winterhude) - but no objections against this location.

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