Where to live near Gatwick? Help please.

Feb 16th, 2005, 01:25 PM
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Where to live near Gatwick? Help please.

This summer my family is due to move to England and as my husband will be working at Gatwick, I have already been looking around that area at housing.
However, I noticed there are many places around there and have no idea which would be best for a family with small children.
If anyone if familiar with the area surrounding the airport, would you please suggest a town no more than an hour away (hopefully much closer) that you think would be a good place for kids?
Thanks for any help you can give.
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Feb 16th, 2005, 01:42 PM
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I would assume that you've engaged the help of a realtor that is most familiar with your situation and the options you have?
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Feb 16th, 2005, 02:15 PM
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alright, so an agent from what town do you suggest?
I have looked at many and had already thought Crawley was best being so close, then I heard from others on another board that it is not so great.
I'm not so sure I get what you mean about options as I was really only wanting to know towns people like, or know there is less crime, over all good for kids, lots of stores around.
Would it help if I say I don't want to be in the boon docks?
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Feb 16th, 2005, 02:24 PM
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I see your point, but I don't think "not in the boondocks" would work in England; Americans and Brits don't really speak the same language, and "boondocks" is, I suspect, American.

However, here is a Web site that was recommended to another poster who is moving to Europe (Germany, in her case) by a poster who has been living in Europe for quite a few years:


Maybe someone there will be helpful...
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Feb 16th, 2005, 03:08 PM
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Micia....Nobody been particularly helpful so far, so here's my opimion. I live about 20 minutes from Gatwick, which is in a fairly "rural" location.
Being in an attractive commuter belt location, property is fairly expensive.
Nearest large town is Crawley, which is what was once described as a "New Town" Not particularly attractive town centre but good for local shopping. You could be near the M25 ring road which would give you access to a segment of the southern outskirts of London, or between Gatwick and the coast....nice countryside, but pretty expensive.
Suggest you go to Google.co.uk and look for East Sussex, (this is an example of a newspaper website which will give you local colour and property. http://www.thisiskentandeastsussex.co.uk/index.jsp )
Another one is http://www.sussexlife.co.uk/ there are many more.
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Feb 16th, 2005, 04:23 PM
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nevcharlie, thanks so much for the sites.
I have already done tons of searching on yahoo/ google and thats what made me come here, the regulars have never let me down before. Will check out these other sites as well.
Been an expat for most of my life.
As for the Americans and English not speaking the same lingo, it is true, but we don't usually have trouble understanding one another, maybe you prefer rural only.
Just as ciao is Italian, I am sure you know what it means.
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Feb 16th, 2005, 05:15 PM
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Off the top of my head, and speaking as one who was once quite familiar with the area around Gatwick I'd say 1. Royal Tunbridge Wells-nice town, but expensive, 2. Crowborough-friends of mine have lived here a few generations-horsey set, fox hunting area., Both of these towns located in East Sussex-which is where I'd base myself if I were you. It's a great place for a family-it is of course the home of Ashdowne Forest-the setting for the Winnie the Pooh books-it's a lovely area to go walking in, a great open heath-have spent many pleasant hours in this area-these towns are all about 20 miles or so from Gatwick.
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Feb 17th, 2005, 05:37 AM
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Spygirl, thanks, that is nice to hear.
I was checking out Tunbridge Wells yesterday. Looks nice. Will do some looking at Crowborough now as well.
I really appreciate the opinion.
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Feb 17th, 2005, 06:48 AM
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You have been given good advice so far. As I think you have sussed, you are going to be living in a pretty expensive part of the country. I personally wouldn't look north of Gatwick (nearer to London). Also be wary that distances that don't look that far on a map can take a long while to drive at peak times in this area. East or West Sussex would be my choice certainly, and Tunbridge Wells high on my list if I could afford it. Then at the weekends you could enjoy all the pleasures of Brighton, the South Downs, all the many museums and National Trust houses, gardens and castles in this part of the country.
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Feb 17th, 2005, 06:50 AM
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Hi micia,

Several years ago we stayed at a B&B in Horley, near Gatwick.

It seemed to be a pleasant town with a decent central shopping district.
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Feb 17th, 2005, 06:54 AM
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You might find this website useful


It gives all sorts of information about neighbourhoods, property prices, school standards, crime levels etc. etc.
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Feb 17th, 2005, 07:40 AM
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We stayed overnight in Leigh/Reigate area and it looked very pleasant--nice slower pace of living. It seemed to be about 10 mi from Gatwick.
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Feb 17th, 2005, 02:52 PM
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oh WOW, you all are great!
You all gave me so much stuff to check out and can't wait to get to the upmystreet site and find out about the schools and crime.
I should have asked that at first as well.
If I find a particularly known school to be better than most, I will most likely stay around there.
I am curious about one thing, however, I have noticed many houses or apartments outside the different towns (rural) and wondered if crime is a problem there.
As where I currently am, a villa is very risky.
There are many robberies at night here in villas and the reason I left a beautiful place and moved to the center of a city, high up.
Anyone care to comment on this?
I will say, that I assume if the visiters that I just mentioned are here in this country, they are also there, I just hope you can tell me otherwise.
Thanks again for all the great help, it is really appreciated.
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Feb 18th, 2005, 05:37 PM
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Again, check Upmystreet for crime statistics. While there is some crime, it's not really a problem. Most crime is opportunistic, so take reasonable precautions to secure your house, maybe fit an alarm. Your local Crime Prevention Officer from the local Police will be pleased to advise. Risk may be slightly higher if your house is isolated, out of sight of other houses.
The current fashionable crime is to break in in search of car keys, as modern cars ar so thief-proof now that thieves can no longer just break in and hot-wire them !!
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