Where to go in End of march 2006?

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Where to go in End of march 2006?

I am interested in taking a 7 day trip to europe March 25-April 1. My last trip was a brief 3 week tour of England, Ireland, Scotloand, Wales, and France. This trip, I was thinking Ireland again, but not sure what the weather would be like. How about Italy? My other thought was Fly to Amsterdam, and take a train to Paris or Frankfurt. My travel partner and I are in our late twenties, so I want a place with a decent nightlife, but good sights to see during the day. Please help. Weather is the determining factor. Thanks!!
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I'd go to Rome -- if you have a week, you'd have time for at least one day trip, the nightlife is outstanding, and it's relatively warm.

Happy travels.

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Rome? What should I be looking at pricewise for lodging expenses and food? Are there any good inexpensive hostels worth checking into? We don't need much. Just a place to lay our heads and shower! Thanks! you can e-mail me at [email protected] also.
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THE place to stay in Rome for budget travelers is the (don't laugh) Hotel Fawlty Towers! At least it was 10 years ago when I stayed there. Do an internet search on them..."Fawlty Towers Rome" I think it's just what you're looking for.
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Also, check these out:

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For a nice climate, night life, and places to see you might want to look into the Andalucia region of Spain. End of March is a nice time to be there and there is so much to do -- plus reasonably priced places to stay. If you're interested there's tons of information in these Fodors threads.
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I agree with Spain. You'd love Seville and the weather is really nice. We were there in the beginning of March and ate outside every night in nothing more than a sweater or light jacket. Outside of Granada we went hiking in the groves where they were picking oranges. See if you can find a trip report under my name from a couple years ago. it was called something like winter in Andalucia.
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Barcelona, since you are in your late twenties. Lots of interesting sights + vg nightlife. The weather will be warm enough to sit outside in shirtsleeves during the daytime but you'll need a light jacket at night.
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VERY seriously: please DEFINE "decent nightlife"...given what you've said so far I'd be inclined to agree with the Barcelona recommendation but if your idea of "decent nightlife" is hanging around a pub and drinking the night away....
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hey . . . i am 26 and will be traveling for 10 days in the middle of march. i lived in amsterdam, and will be returning there, and will most likely be travelling to croatia. everyone feel free to respond to my croatia posts

anyway, i highly recommend barcelona. great food, fun stuff to do, and i had some of the best partying of my life there. . . paris is also a good option b/c catching the thalys trains from a'dam are super easy, i was in paris for 3 days, and i cried when i left, b/c i felt like i only did one-ninth of the stuff i wanted to do.
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