Where to buy a last-minute money belt?

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I wore my moneybelt in the small of the back, too... but now we use a 'leg safe' or 'leg stash', well-hidden but easier to access. Gotta have long pants though.
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On flight out today passed three stores in airport (without doing any exploring) with moneybelts: one drugstore, one luggage store, Brookstone. I think you'll be fine.
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Travelnut: In regard to the leg safe--several years ago, on the Paris Metro, we were accosted by a pair of thieves. They jumped in the door just as they began to shut. They used the ploy of tossing a few cards between my husband's legs. One pushed in to him from the back, trying to get in his pockets; the second came in front, knelt on the floor as if to pick up the card. The first thing he did was begin feeling under my husband's slacks along his legs. Fortunately, I was carrying an umbrella, began beating the guy on the shoulders, and they both jumped out at the next stop. Not one person in the car made a move to help. Anyway, Marty wondered why the guy was patting his leg--I told him I thought it was because he hope he was wearing a "leg safe."

We lost nothing and were lucky. The first time I ever heard of this scam was about five years ago on this BB. I imagine other people have had similar experiences.
Ciao! mhm
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Mercy, that would be very weird and frightening. What time/day of the week and what metro station was this at? Good for you to have the presence of mind to use your umbrella.
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Anybody 'feels' my leg, they get a swift kick in the head. But thanks for the warning...
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Rick Steves sells silk money belts on his website. I have one and it is much lighter and thinner than the nylon.
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RE: Paris Metro: It was mid-morning and I've no idea which one--we had been on several that AM. One never knows when a travel umbrella will save the day.

RE: The "leg safe checker." A kick-- that would have been my husband's choice but he was busy keeping his hands in his pockets and using his elbows to jab at his "friend." A kick would probably have upset him.

The interesting thing about this "activity" was that it was the 2nd time on this particular trip that a scam was tried on us--and we don't look particularly weak or rich. Going down steps into a Metro station in Barcelona, a guy ran past, and, we discovered, sprayed both of us with a chocolate substance. Then he waited at the bottom, thinking, I guess, that we would not notice that it was the same guy--he put on a cap--and offered to help us clean up. We were fortunate that as we were "declining" his help, several more people entered the area and off he went, up the stairs.

Again, I had read about this little trick on this BB months before. And others have posted about it. Both of us wear $$ belts, so little is in our pockets to make it worth while for ambitious thieves.
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what's BB?
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BB = bulletin board (like "forum")
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ah, thanks!
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