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Lori Oct 16th, 1997 05:45 PM

Where should I spend weeks in Italy?
My husband and I are planning to spend 3 weeks in Italy in August '98. We were thinking of spending 2 weeks in Tuscany in an apartment - arranged through a group called Untours. Then a week maybe in Rome. Any suggestions if you could design your dream trip to Italy? Is two weeks in Tuscany too long? Thanks!

seigfried Oct 16th, 1997 07:56 PM

any time in Italy is too long

joelle Oct 17th, 1997 02:36 AM

Maybe two weeks in Tuscany are a bit too long, although this is a very nice area. If you have never been to Italy before, I would suggest you spend one of the weeks in Venice, then one around Florence and the last one in Rome. Italy offers varied landscapes and atmospheres. So it well deserves many trips, although they sometimes tend to exploit their beloved tourists a bit too much...

Tom Oct 17th, 1997 09:11 AM

Lori, It seems like the two above responders don't have overly fond memories of Italy! Anyway, I've been to Italy once (Venice, Florence) and am planning a return trip in Spring, '98 also. I would recommend staying in the Tuscany area for a week or
so - that would give you enough time to see Florence, Sienna, San Gimignano, Pisa, Orvietto,
Spoletto, etc. (You may have already ruled-out Assissi, as I've done due to the quakes.) I'd also see Venice and nearby Verona by allowing 3-4 days total. While up there, you may want to visit the
lake district for the beatutiful scenery as a break from the medieval sights for a few days. Lastly, I'm planning to see Rome also. Based on may readings, I'd suggest 2-3 days there. Then, head south past Naples to see Pompeii (and related sights) as well as the Amalfi Coast (& possibly Capri) during the remaining part of that third week.

Lisa Oct 17th, 1997 11:45 AM

Lori, I really agree with all Tom's suggestions. Italy is a wonderful place to visit. Think about what you like in a trip. Tuscany is great for picturesque small cities, Renaissance art, culture, fashion. If antiquities appeal, by all means Rome and Pompeii, and possibly Ravenna (near Venice) for Byzantine mosaics. It will be very hot in August, so you may want some beach time. I loved the Cinque Terri, near Pisa and Genoa. You will love the food, wine, and friendly people wherever you go.

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Oct 18th, 1997 03:23 PM

Lori, Just got back from a week in Tuscany and
3 weeks in Italy----my 5th such trip---and I have
planned 30 other trips for people like you.
If you want some detail, please contact me
directly and perhaps I can help.
The Lakes and the coast are a must. My best
advice is to not think in terms of cities---think
regions. Let's talk !!

Robin Koretsky Oct 22nd, 1997 08:52 AM

Just returned from 2 week visit to Rome (10/2 thru 10/16). LOVED IT! I did have the advantage of staying with a friend who recently moved there. The food is divine; the city is a wild chaotic adventure; the people (especially the men) can be VERY helpful. Don't short change yourself - must give at least 4 days in Roma. Additionally, we also spent 3 days in a charming town on the Amalfi coast, Positano. Much more laid back - a bit touristy, but can't beat the breathtaking view of the Mediteranean. In Positano, we stayed at Bed & Breakfast called "La Fenice" recommended in Karen Brown's book. HOWEVER, be forewarned - this region is perched on the cliffs of the sea & Positano, in particular involves alot of stairs & either walking up/down hills.
Finally, as you may have discovered, August is the hottest & busiest time to be in Rome. Actually the natives clear out of town as the weather can be oppressive. Many restaurants & sites are NOT air conditioned (the Vatican Museum, for instance). At that time of year, you may want to pass on the 320 step climb to the top of St. Peter's dome. But what a view of the city!

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