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Eva Jan 3rd, 1999 11:14 AM

Where is your "magic place"?
I`d like to ask if you have a favourite magic place in Europe or elsewhere. I think about little streets, squares etc., where you could sit, meditate... Place, which has "something","a spirit". Perhaps such place is not far, perhaps it is in your town? I have a magic place on left bank of Tag, where is picturesque view of Toledo in Spain. Another ones are Karnak in Egypt by night and Warsaw Old Town. My husband`s such place are the monumental stairs by the Great Arch in Paris in the quiet summer evening. Where is your magic place? (my English isn`t good, sorry)

Maira Jan 3rd, 1999 01:32 PM

Hello Eva! Three places come to mind: <BR> <BR>- The Basilique of St. Clare in Assisi <BR>- Charles Bridge in Prague <BR>- Yosemite National Park in California <BR>There was such a special and different feeling at these places...

turbot Jan 3rd, 1999 01:50 PM

Eva, your English is wonderful and so is your question. I also have three "magic" places that while I've been there, all the world gets forgotten...they are: <BR> <BR>1)Amorgos, Greece the Moni Hossoviotissas...a thousand feet up...the single most lovely view that I have ever experienced. <BR> <BR>2)Sagres, Portugal at the end of the cape...the sunset is SPECTACULAR! <BR> <BR>3)Quebec City, Canada the boardwalk behind the Chateau Frontenac. A strollers dream <BR> <BR>Thanks!

Linda Jan 3rd, 1999 08:28 PM

Several places come to mind for different reasons: <BR> Hill Country in Texas <BR> Charles Bridge at night in Prague <BR> Jungfrau near Interlaken, Switzerland <BR> <BR>

Denise Jan 3rd, 1999 10:45 PM

1. <BR>Assos (Bermakale) Turkey. Down at the harbour and up at the temple on the top of the hill overlooking Lesbos. <BR>2. <BR>Cape Tribulation Far North Queensland. <BR> <BR>Denise

Al Jan 4th, 1999 05:32 AM

1. Over McKinnon Pass on the Milford Track in Fjordland, S. Island, New Zealand. 2. Through the Grand Canyon in a rubber boat. 3. Dusk at Oxford University on a June evening. 4. Sunrise on Arsuk Fjord, Greenland. 5. Dawn approaching Oran, Algeria, from the sea. 6. The Bay of Naples at twilight.

dan Jan 4th, 1999 05:34 AM

Several come to mind: <BR> <BR>hiking in the Bernese Oberland with nothing around but ringing cow bells and majestic mountain peaks <BR> <BR>the ruins at Uxmal in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula - particularly inside the Nunnery Quadrangle, surrounded by soaring swallows <BR> <BR>looking across the Vltava at Prague Castle, especially at night <BR> <BR>any backstreet, untouristed part of Paris (eg., early morning on Ile-St-Louis) <BR> <BR>hiking in and photographing the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina during the autumn, especially the waterfalls

Anna Jan 4th, 1999 06:32 AM

In no particular order: <BR>1. Jungfrau region in Switzerland <BR>2. The first glimpse of Vernazza when you hike between villages on the Cinque Terre in Italy. <BR>3. I'd like to second Yosemite National Park in California

Brian in Atlanta Jan 4th, 1999 06:34 AM

The Mayan ruins of Tulum about 1 1/2 hours south of Cancun. Right on the coast. Breathtaking. <BR>

CherylZ. Jan 4th, 1999 10:20 AM

<BR>For me, it's in Switzerland in any little village on a river or lake, with view of the Alps - waking up early, opening the windows, seeing the incredible majestic beauty of the mountains, listening to the rush of the water, birds chirping in the quiet dawn, just breathing in that brisk, fresh mountain air.

Nancy Jan 4th, 1999 04:15 PM

My magic place would have to be Itterswiller, France, Arnold Hotel. The view at night of the castle remains amidst the vineyards and hills is something right out of Camelot!

Kat Jan 5th, 1999 09:46 AM

The garden terraces at Powis Castle near Welshpool in Wales in late summer. Glorious, magical, perfection . . . take me there now!

Jeanie Jan 5th, 1999 12:34 PM

Eva, <BR>For me it would have to be in the Platz behind the Hofburg in Vienna. At night the fountain is all lit up and if it is quiet, the clicking of horses' hooves and the sounds of carriages make you feel like you are back in imperial Vienna. <BR>As second best I would say hiking the trail in the Cinque Terre. If you are lucky you can slip away from the tourists and find a nook to watch a sunset in - beautiful.

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Jan 5th, 1999 01:29 PM

Eva, Thank you for asking--I was just <BR>expressing the same thought to a friend <BR>last week. He asked about the magical places of Europe that caused me to be <BR>awe struck---here they are in no order. <BR>THE VILLAGE OF OIA ON SANTORINI <BR>POSITANO ON THE AMALFI COAST <BR>THE MEDIEVAL VILLAGE OF MARVAO PORTUGAL <BR>ZERMATT---ON A CLEAR DAY <BR>LAKE ORTA, ITALY <BR>PORTOVENERE AND THE CINQUE TERRE <BR> <BR>

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Jan 5th, 1999 01:29 PM

Eva, Thank you for asking--I was just <BR>expressing the same thought to a friend <BR>last week. He asked about the magical places of Europe that caused me to be <BR>awe struck---here they are in no order. <BR>THE VILLAGE OF OIA ON SANTORINI <BR>POSITANO ON THE AMALFI COAST <BR>THE MEDIEVAL VILLAGE OF MARVAO PORTUGAL <BR>ZERMATT---ON A CLEAR DAY <BR>LAKE ORTA, ITALY <BR>PORTOVENERE AND THE CINQUE TERRE <BR> <BR>

elaine Jan 5th, 1999 01:37 PM

Hello Eva: <BR> <BR>For me: <BR> <BR>1. Place des Vosges, Paris <BR>2. The monastery grounds at Paleokastritsa, on Corfu <BR>3. Piazza San Marco, Venice. I know, it's huge and crowded, but if I sit there with a cup of tea or a drink, the bustle dies away and I absorb the feeling of Venice. <BR>

Monica Jan 6th, 1999 02:22 PM

Though there are many specific places I could mention, I'd just like to mention two things that made/make my heart and soul happy: <BR> <BR>1. Sitting at a bus stop bench in Athens looking up at the Parthenon and almost pinching myself and saying, "I can't believe I'm actually here in Athens!" Though a lot was under scaffolding, it was still a spectacular sight. This was back in 1992 and I will never forget just sitting there taking it all in. <BR> <BR>2. See St. Chappelle in Paris! The Amalfi coast of Italy! Montserrat outside Barcelona, ..... All Breathtaking! <BR> <BR>3. Sitting at an outdoor cafe such as in Rome or Madrid, or Barcelona, or Paris, and watching the world go by; not thinking about work or bills or house chores; just sitting and taking in a world that I don't see or hear on a daily basis. Sitting and writing my postcards and my journal. <BR> <BR>Ahhh, I'm a different person when traveling. It's a world that I want to absorb and never leave! Even the sounds of the sparrows flying around church towers just seems so different than at home. <BR> <BR>Traveling is my love!

Maggie Jan 6th, 1999 08:17 PM

Eva, I just have to second Bob the Navigator's nomination for Village of Oia on Santorini. I was there in '88 and still the most breathtaking place I've seen. <BR> <BR>Bob, just today I was telling a coworker about this awesome view.

peggy Jan 7th, 1999 07:37 PM

Eva, <BR> <BR>Wonderfull question.... <BR> <BR>A small beach on Achill Island in Western Ireland watching the dolphins play. <BR> <BR> <BR>Kekuka Lake, one of the New York Finger lakes, before everyone is up...quiet and still. <BR> <BR>A winter morning or late evening sun on any landscape, giving it a beautiful golden glow. Again quiet and crisp

Brian Jan 8th, 1999 06:02 AM

I have a few magic places... in no special order: <BR> <BR>1) sitting on a bench on the Monterray coast of California watching the sea lions play in the surf. It is beautiful and relaxing. The sea lions are really fun to watch. <BR> <BR>2) Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies in the winter. Some of the most spectacular scenary I have ever seen in my life. Sitting/hiking there in total silence with the exception of hearing the wind and birds is an amazing experience. <BR> <BR>3) Venice Italy. I just love the city, walking or floating. <BR> <BR>4) Tulum on the Yucatan peninsula. Beautiful Mayan ruins on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The blue water is beautiful.

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