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Sid Nov 16th, 2002 12:29 PM

Where in Europe would you go in January ?
I need idea as to where to go, I'm not a skier, so that's out. But somewhere a little warmer than NYC January weather. Any suggestions?

Sandra Nov 16th, 2002 04:18 PM

Most places in Europe are cold in January, just like New York. If you look on a map of the world, you'll see that the most southerly point in Europe is on the same latitude as North Carolina, which is not exactly the tropics. If what you want is to escape winter, then you need to hop over to the Caribbean or Latin America board!

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Nov 16th, 2002 05:20 PM

Try Malta !

TT Nov 16th, 2002 06:39 PM

Spain! Seville, Cordoba and the rest of Andalucia. We spent all of January there this year and the weather was spectacular! Not quite hot enough for the beach, but otherwise perfect.

NYGirl Nov 16th, 2002 06:42 PM

I just read about Menton, France today in the NY Times Sophisticated Traveler and I would go there in January. Seems that they never get really too hot or too cold. Sounds good to me!

NYTraveler Nov 16th, 2002 08:08 PM

Andalucia, Spain; if not possible, try the Naples area and/or Amalfi coast, Italy.

sophie Nov 17th, 2002 12:30 PM

Another posible option -<BR><BR>Pantelleria, a small Italian island 50 miles from the Tunisian coast, is probably one of the warmest places in Europe in the winter. It's not an urban environment by any means, but does have nice scenery, several sites of historical/archaeological interest, great food and drink (in the Sicilian style), beaches, sailing, watersports, and a nice climate year-round. There are often good deals from Rome by air, so you could spend a few day in Rome and then a week or so on the island (or vice versa). Alternatively, you can take the ferry or hydrofoil from Trapani. <BR><BR>Have a look at if you're intereted.

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