Where can I park a car in Florence

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Where can I park a car in Florence

I would like to visit Florence next month and will be in Siena. I have a rental car and would like to drive to Florence but understand driving in Florence would be a huge headache. Any suggestions on where I could park the car and still be close in? Or possibly park and catch a bus or transit?
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Joe, you might actually consider taking trains as parking is not going to be easy in Siena either. That said, there are parking garages in Florence. One that we have used is next door to the Lungarno Hotel on the other side of the Arno, near Ponte Vecchio, the area of borgo Sant' Jacopo. There is another one near Santa Maria Novella. They are probably terribly expensive. Why don't you contact your hotel and ask for their advice. There probably is parking near the train station as well, but it's not just the parking but the navigating as well that is difficult in Florence and Siena. Beware the vespas and try to arrive in mid day when traffic is not so terrible. Get a very detailed map of the city and if you become thoroughly confused, you can always hire a taxi to lead you to your hotel. We've been there a lot and still can get terrible lost and waste much time. Good luck.
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Thanks for the tips. We already have the car rented and will need it for other parts of the journey or we would take the train. I would love to find a parking garage on the outskirts of the city and catch a taxi in. Any ideas on this?
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Joe, Only a little bit of help. You don't give me a budget, but there is a beautiful town, Fiesole, about 5 miles from Florence with bus service back and forth and I imagine taxis too. In Fiesole is the Villa San Michele, a wonderful villa hotel with pool and great views, but quite pricey. They have parking available. Other hotels less expensive are Villa Aurora, Villa Fiesole and Villa Bonelli, all with parking. Fiesole is quiet and pretty on its own and you can sleep well and go down to Florence during the day. Another town outside Florence is Colli where all hotels have parking. Let me know if you want fax#'s. Hope this helps a bit. I don't know of any public car parks outside the city. There is parking at the airport and that's a reasonable taxi ride into the center.Good luck.
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Hi Joe. I don't see what the fuss is all about with regard to parking in Florence. We were there in May and parked our rental car in an underground lot located right next to the train station. From there we were able to walk everywhere (and we were travelling with our 3 1/2 year old too). I didn't find the driving particular difficult either, just get a good map. As for cost, I think we paid around $12 for the whole day, not bad by New York City standards. E-mail me directly if you need exact street directions.
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I recently took a car to Florence for the first time, and it was a disaster. It is very hard to find parking, and I'm from NYC. The best way is to train in, the Santa Maria Novella station is so convenient. I would suggest driving to a near by town, parking, and then training in. I vowed that it was my first and last time. The train is just so convenient. My husband is from Viareggio, and when we visit, I take the 9:25 am out and return on the 9:35 from Florence. I've never had a problem. And although it takes about 50 minutes to drive into Florence, it took almost 2 hours to solve the parking problem, and by then I was pissed. The train takes about an hour and 20 minutes. But I have met so many great people on the train, and like to spend time thinking about which places I'm going to go to in Florence. I've been there quite a bit, and have my favorite places. Coming home on the train is always enjoyable too, as I savor the day, and have time to think on my way home.
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Hi Joe, Last year we drove from south of Florence (near Poggibonsi) up the S22 and straight into Florence. Parked our car just under the Porta Roma, got out and walked about 1km to Ponte V. Parking cost us 19000 lire for the day. We drove straight down the road and back onto S22. I must admit I was horrified at the thought of driving into Florence, demanding we take a train, but in the end it wasn't at all bad - and we are from Australia, wrong side of the road, and not used to so much traffic. Denise

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