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OP May 12th, 2001 04:59 PM

When is a reservation a reservation?
I made reservations at La Spiaggia in Monterrosso (Cinque Terre) for two families for weekend nights in June via fax. They responded by fax and said, basically, "fine." However, I expected the owner to request my credit card to hold the rooms, as other hotels have done. But he didn't. I plan to confirm a week ahead by phone but am I doing all I should? Should I feel secure? Anyone else experience have this experience at La Spiaggia or other hotel?

Art May 13th, 2001 09:39 AM

Usually, they respond with a conformation number. If they don't have that, then at least the fax should show the date(s) that you will be there. You might want to fax them back if these are not on the fax that you received. <BR>

carol May 13th, 2001 10:35 AM

When making reservations by fax with small hotels in Italy, France and Greece I have never ever had anything so formal as a confirmation number. I have only occasionally been asked for a credit card number. <BR> <BR>The reservation can be deemed a reservation if you show up and the room has been held for you. It's difficult to have faith, but I haven't been burned yet.

OP May 13th, 2001 05:11 PM

Thanks for the comments. Now that I think more about it I may re-fax them, just in case. We're a large group and the thought of everyone staring at me wondering why I didn't follow through better gives me the willies!

leo May 14th, 2001 04:30 AM

I say don't worry. It is a very small place and the owner has a bit of a loose system. We made a reservation for two doubles in feb. and then switched to one triple in March. When we arrived he had reserved two triples so I was a bit paniced, but the the other triple was grabbed as we checked in. The owner has no trouble renting the rooms in the summer, so if you don't show he has no loss. It was also funny when we checked out, he asked us to tell HIM what he had quoted as a price for the room. Seems it varies depending on his mood. Anyway it was a delightful place, unfortunately all the triples are in back and not facing the sea. Had a nice beach and a decent resturant. One advise if you are driving, when the fork in the road comes and signs for Monterrossa point in both directions, take the fork to the right that will bring you down to the section where La Spiagga is located. The other direction (to the left) will let you off at the other end of the town and you have to drive on a pedestrian street to get to the hotel, which I imagine would be quite a thrill for tourists. Have a great time!

OP May 14th, 2001 10:42 AM

Thanks for the insight and the directions, Leo. How were the hiking paths when you were there? How were the dinners at La Spiaggia? The triples are supposed to be "water view" so that part of your post caused some concern. Since we're a family with a 13 yr. old maybe they're putting a cot in a double so we'll have our terrace over the water? Hmm, wishful thinking? <BR>I'm so excited about this trip I can't stand it. I've been fantasizing about Cinque Terre for a couple of years and planning for a year so this forum has been a blast for me.

leo May 14th, 2001 11:52 AM

OP, <BR>My stay was two years ago so they may have changed a bit. I was told that the rooms facing the sea were too small for an added cot (for the then 15 year old). But that may not have been accurate, or things may have changed. If Andrea told you that you will have a triple "water-view" I would trust him. <BR> <BR>Two years ago the trails were fine. People have posted on this forum that the trails typically wash out in sections over the winter and are repaired for the following summer. The farmers need to get to their fields. <BR> <BR>We stayed at La Spiagga the first two nights of our vacation so my memory is not great. I remember the food as tasty. Not gourmet but very tasty. A kind of Boullibaise (spelling?) one night and grilled fish the second. At the start of a trip we appreciated the ease of eating there. I don't know about your child, but mine gets very anxious not knowing where we will eat, are we lost looking for a place to eat, what do I want to eat etc. So this was a good way to ease him into the Italian dolce vita. We had plenty of nights of great meals to come, and by the end of the two weeks he could navigate through venice solo. Have fun!

OP May 15th, 2001 05:40 AM

Again, Leo, thanks. Your 15 year old sounds very similar to my 13 year old--food rules! And "tasty" is just fine for that part of our trip. <BR> <BR>After Cinque Terre we'll be heading to Venice for 3 days (with perhaps a day trip to Trieste to check out the operations of Olimpic sailmakers and then north to what's left of a concentration camp) then looping back to Milan via Verona (haven't been able to get a reservation yet, should I be worried?) and, possibly, Cremona to see the cello and violin shops. Next year our boy takes European history and I can't think of a better time to visit Italy.

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