What's the best time of year in Spain?

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What's the best time of year in Spain?

I'm starting to plan for a trip to Spain in 2004 (Okay, so I plan ahead. The planning is half the fun, right? Besides, I need to learn Spanish, too.) We are mostly free to travel at any time of the year and so can avoid the July-August rush. I like the idea of going in spring when all the gardens and country-sides are lush with new growth. But, then again, the idea of being there for harvest time in the fall sounds exciting, too. What are your opinions on best travel time in Spain?
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Hi I visit Spain 3 or 4 times a year and the best time to go is definately May or June. It's not too hot then and the days are long. It may rain a bit but it is more likely to rain in October through to April. Avoid July August September - it's full of tourists!!
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I think it's great that you're planning so far in advance and that you're learning Spainish as well. We were in Spain last March and the weather was fine, although I think April or May would have been even finer.

To help you plan, you might check out guide books--I liked Fodor, Frommers, and Rick Steves, as well as several websites including spainlist.com, tourspain.es, spainalive.com, europetrip.com, and okspain.org.

My favorite cities were Seville and Barcelona and I wish I plan to go back to both (and I'm learning Spainish now as well). I'm also glad I saw Alhambra, though I did it as a day trip and while I loved Alhambra, Granada didn't thrill me as much. Also, I would have liked to spend more time in Toledo and use that as a base for a day trip to Madrid to see the Prado and Sofia, as I thought Toledo (especially the Hostal del Cardenal) were nicer than Madrid as a city.

We also loved seeing the caves in Nerja and the city itself as well as Ronda and the old city of Marbella.

Of course, other people have different opinions, but I think you'll be able to plan a great trip from various tips on this website as well as other sources.

Spain is wonderful. I'm sure you'll have fun planning and a great trip.
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Mike and Paula: Wow! Thanks for the good advice. I was secretly hoping that spring would be the better time. And Paula, thanks for the advice on what to see, etc.
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Our job prevents us from going in the Spring so Fall is only realistic time I guess. Am I hearing that we should plan for October rather than September?
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Really depends on what you want and where you want to go.

Andalucia is generally sunny most of the year and usually warm, except December-Feb when it is mild. The Canary Islands are 70F/21C even in January. The centre of the country is cold but sunny in winter and the north coast is cool and wet in winter.

Probably the best general time to go is either May/early June or September. It's worth checking out when the fiestas are on in the area you want to go to, as a good one is an unforgettable experience. Galicia in June would also be a great bet.
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We were in Andalucia in November. Some nights, we needed a light jacket if we were eating outside, but in general, the weather was wonderful.

However, it would have been a bit cold for swimming in the ocean. So, it depends - do you want to "see Spain" or do you want to relax and be a sand lizard?

We drove all over, took day tours from our condo and saw some wonderful places and things.
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what do you think about going to Spain April 15-30?
Is this a non-rainy season?
We want to do hiking and walking
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Concur with those who say spring. You avoid the bad weather.

Also, if you can get during Holy Week, especially in Seville, it is a special bonus. There are processions all around, and the one's in Seville are incredible.
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Do many tourist sites close for the winter beginning Nov. 1?
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I was in Marbella in late April of last year. The weather was great but we were at a resort. One word though if you are looking to sit on a beach or swim in the sea it is too early for that. The weather is great for everything else.(poolside works though)
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When you want to go to Spain in early spring, notice that above Allicante you will have much wind. Not just ordinary wind, but very, very strong wind. Under Allicante you are safe. It depends, but 2 years ago we had 28°C during the day and around 7° at night.
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