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What was the worst thing that ever happened on a trip?

What was the worst thing that ever happened on a trip?

May 20th, 2000, 07:45 PM
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What was the worst thing that ever happened on a trip?

Many things that were dissapointing hae happened to all of us on our trips. So if you could tell us yours, maybe you could spare one of us from doing the same thing on our next trip. I will tell you mine:

My mother and Father and I had just gotten to the Denver airport for our flight to Orlando. Anyway, my mom and I told my dad that we would meet him at security after he went to go park the car. So we sat at security, and we thought, "Wow, he must have had trouble finding a parking spot" now that was an hour and a half before our flight.....but things really got upsetting 20 min before our flight. I was 10, and my mom told me to stand there and wait in case dad came, and she would hop on the train to the terminal and see if he was there. 10 min later my dad came running, picked me up, ran me through security and we hopped on the train, without saying a word! Then when we finally caught our breath on the train I asked him in a very mean tone "Where were you!" (I had appointments with Mickey Mouse! lol) and he told me that he was waiting at security, and couldn't find us, so he went to the terminal to see if we were there, and he found my mom who told him where I was. Now, I know what you are thinking, the same thing I was! He wasn't at security, we didn't find him. WRONG! We all knew where security was, after all, it's easy to find when there are 2 different places for it!
May 20th, 2000, 08:25 PM
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The worst thing that ever happened.....I lost my plane tickets in the car on my way to the airport, and didn't find them until about 10 min after my plane left. Then....when i was trying to get another flight with those tickets, the lady was going over them and said "I'm sorry ma'am, but you are in the wrong spot" and i said "But....I want to go to Negril, I am not in the wrong spot" and the lady said, "Well, your tickets say you're going to Detroit." Which I wasn't going there for another month. I looked at the tickets, and crap, they are next months tickets!
May 20th, 2000, 09:30 PM
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Worst experience was being in a head-on collision on Rhodes, Greece. My friend was driving. We collided a truck while going around a curve outside the main city. The truck was barely dented, while our car was demolished. They threw us in the back of the truck and took us to emergency. From there they took us to the hospital. I was lucky with only bruises and cuts. My friend dislocated his hip and needed stitches in various places. Once we got to the hospital we learned that the doctors were on strike. Being civilized, the doctors would come in to handle urgent cases. My friend had excellent care and even claimed he had the best food of our Greek trip there. After a few days he was transported to a large hospital in Athens and finally was able to go home. Dealing with the police and medical personnel made this a trip I'll never forget.
May 21st, 2000, 02:26 AM
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Perhaps none of this could have been avoided but it was my worse travel day. We had an early morning flight from Curacao to Jamaica. First, we were nearly late to the airport but that was OK because it happened that the flight was delayed. It was delayed because of weather. We eventually took off into a sky full of threatening looking clouds. When the so-quiet, lovely "whisper jet" leveled out it was hit by lightning, knocking us vertically down as if slapped by a giant hand. No one spoke. I'm sure they were all thinking what I was thinking - that we're all going to die.

All was quiet until we landed in Kingston, Jamaica and then there cheers and applause. We continued to Montego Bay but our luggage didn't. Now somewhat beat-up feeling, we checked into our hotel room to find that it was mildewy.

By the end of the day we had our luggage (which had been tampered with) and were put up in a much nicer room.
May 21st, 2000, 02:50 AM
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The absolute worst thing was taking my parents in law on holiday to Paris and arriving there without George's wheelchair. He has MS and can't walk at all. British Airways had left the chair in London where the flights connected,
(along with our suitcase but it was so unimportant by comparison with the chair that it hardly matters). I had a furious fatherinlaw; a hysterical motherinlaw, a husband who was struggling to hold everyone together and the blood pressure was rising.

And that was before we hit the taxi driver on the bum with our passing wing mirror whilst driving into the city!
May 21st, 2000, 08:28 AM
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Hi, well mine can not compare to missing wheelchairs or head on collisions in Greece, actually my worst was when I was crossing a street in Mexico and I dropped a peice of luggage and a taxi driver ran over it before I could get it out of the way. It smashed everything I had inside, which was mostly glass. Then when I got back to the hotel, I found out they had rented my room to someone else, and when they finally gave me a new one, it didn't have running water!
May 21st, 2000, 11:09 AM
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Our worst thing was checking into our British Airways flight in LA back at Christmas time '90 and waiting and waiting to board - only to be told eventually that there had been a call that a bomb had been put on the plane and that they had removed the plane from the terminal area to search it, etc. Several miserable hours later they decided there was no bomb on the plane and they boarded us ... trust me when I say that no one slept on that flight to London that night and I've never seen so many nervous looking passengers as on that flight. Everyone, including the crew was on edge. We missed our connecting flight to Paris but that was minor considering we could have been blown out of the air.

Another not so pleasant occurance happened to me on TWA - the plane just took off from JFK enroute to LA, there was a huge noise and the pilot came on to say there was "some engine trouble" and we were returning. After about 5/6 hours delay (while they flew a plane up from Miami, apparently there was nothing available closer) we took off. Then near Las Vegas we were told a passenger was having a heart attack and we would need to make an emergency landing in LV, which we did. What a day!
May 21st, 2000, 11:25 AM
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Not quite a disaster, more a near miss!

10 minutes before my flight to Germany, I decided to buy a bottle of vino in Duty Free in Dublin airport. One problem tho' - I looked in my handbag but no wallet - all my money, visa card etc were gone!!
Boarded the plane anyway but couldn't figure out how I could have lost my purse! Ten minutes into the flight there was an announcement over the speakers - the pilot asking where I was sitting - he then came down to me and told me that my Dad had my purse - I'd left it in the car!!
Apparently, he had ran to the boarding gate but just missed me - the nice Aer Lingus chappies radioed ahead to the plane to let me know!!
May 21st, 2000, 04:23 PM
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Never had any terrible things happen, just inconveniences. Seems every time I fly American airlines there is either a pilot strike or bad weather in Dallas and I lose a day off my vacation. Last time I had to go to a hotel in Dallas for the night and pay for it myself on a trip to DC and I lost a full day. Dallas is only a 50 min flight from home so that was a bummer.
A bigger inconvenience was when I went to Athens and my mom met me there. We flew different airlines and met at the hotel. She flew Tower Air and when I arrived at the hotel she told me her luggage wasn't there. We arrived on a Monday and she called Tower Air everyday and they didn't know where her luggage was. She only had one outfit and only one set of underwear. Forunately she packed something to sleep in and her toothbrush. She kept saying this wouldn't ruin her first trip to Europe and just washed everything out every night. All photos have her in the same outfit. She didn't get her luggage until we were there 6 days. Needless to say we will never use Tower Air again.
May 21st, 2000, 05:55 PM
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The date was November 19: I ended up in the hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland with a heart condition. And I was alone. I had made plans to meet a friend that evening, had to call him back and say "Um, hello...I was wondering if you could recommend a hospital, I'm having heart trouble." The cabbie took me to the Royal Infirmary (my first sight of Edinburgh Castle was from the taxi on the way to the hospital). The nurse gave me a gown, told me to take off everything and put on the gown (do I wear my money belt with the gown or will one of the orderlies try to steal my passport? haha) To make my day even worse, I was hooked up to an ECG (electrodes ALL OVER my chest) which involved flashing everyone in the A&E.
They took wonderful care of me and I was released a few hours later, in plenty of time to make my date. The date, on the other hand, would fall into the "BEST thing that ever happened on a trip" category. That's another story...

left my friends in Oban Scotland b/c I had big plans that night in Edinburgh. I took the early train, they were to follow later in the day. Finally made it to Edinburgh and I was on the phone arranging to meet a friend when I got this sick feeling, I knew immediately that it was a certain heart condition (that hadn't caused me problems in at least ten years.) I did everything I could think of to get my heart rate back down but it continued to race and
May 21st, 2000, 05:58 PM
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whoops, forgot to delete that, i began the story once and just started over.
May 21st, 2000, 10:59 PM
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Last summer my husband and I decided to go mountain biking in the Italian Dolomites. The guide spoke little English, and we ended up communicating in bizarre sentence mixtures of English, German, Italian, and French. We were having a great time until the guide decided we should all attempt to "jump over a rock". I managed to accomplish this feat and was quite smug with myself until I went to brake (I was going quite fast down a narrow, semi-steep track at this point) and the brake-cable snapped! My brakes were absolutely useless. Ahead I could see 2 hikers just coming up the trail. With no way to stop I looked to my right, trees, left-grass, naturally I dove for the grass. Or at least what I thought was grass. It ended up that the grass was littered with sharp rocks. After the spectacular landing (thank god we had opted for the helmet-no one else in our group did), I looked down and my leg was completely bloody. I had impaled myself on one of those darn rocks. As blood dripped down my leg, the guide came up and I had to try to explain that the brake cable had snapped. The guide went over to the BIKE and started to examine IT, meanwhile my dear husband pulled out his "emergency kit" (that I always laughed at him for always carrying with us) and started to clean my wound (good thing because we had lots of cow's munching away observing us sitting amongst their dung), it was pretty obvious that I was going to need some stitches and a good clean-up. The guide meanwhile was still more interested in the bike-he didn't have any emergency gear anyway.

My husband bandaged me up and I had to cycle down 2 hours with a stiff and throbbing leg. Once back at the hotel the kindly staff directed me to the local doctor (my husband could understand his English-I couldn't). The doctor was very quick (5-minutes in and out, can't get that in America) and when it came time to pay (he had already thoroughly questioned us about our lifestyle and careers), he contemplated for about 20 seconds and wrote down a nice round number-100,000 please (lire that is). I never did get around to sending that bill into insurance claims and I'm sure to this day the Italians at the bike rental shop wonder why I was making such a fuss.

A week later when it was time to have the stitches out we were staying in a farmhouse in rural Tuscany. I made my way to the daily "open hours" at the local clinic (there was about 30 people sitting in the waiting room). They looked at me and quietly told me to come to the ambulance area, where they directed me to sit in the ambulance-as it was less complicated this way (filling out paper work and not upsetting the locals I guess). Again less then 10-minutes later I was out of there.

But that wasn't even the worst thing that's ever happened. The worst was last Fall when I came back on a Trans-Atlantic flight to Amsterdam, by some stroke of good fortune my plane was a full hour early and I was really looking forward to a romantic reunion with my husband after 2 weeks apart. I waited, and waited, and waited, nearly 3 hours before I finally gave up and had him paged. Yes, he was at the wrong gate, because the plane had landed at a different area then the "last time we had flown in from America on that airline" (duh, didn't you check the board? duh, last time we were on a partner flight). He thought I must have been having problems with customs. Well "dumb" husband has now been thoroughly versed in common sense should such a situation occur again.


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