What to where in Spain to blend in..


Apr 24th, 1998, 11:29 AM
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What to where in Spain to blend in..

My Wife and I will be leaving for Spain in a few weeks and wondering what would be normal "street" attire(we are late 20's early 30's in age). We will be in Madrid for the first part of the trip then on the coast around Almeria. I have read everywhere that the Spanish seem to like to be "dressy". Would I feel comfortable in business casual attire(Dress pants, leather shoes, dress shirt open collar), or are shorts and a t-shirt just fine? And for my wife? What about nightime at the clubs. I am trying to convince my wife in packing extremely light(1 medium small bag for both of us for 10 days) and just buy some cloths when we are there... What would anyone else where or do?

Thanks in advance for the info.

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Apr 24th, 1998, 11:43 AM
Sara Bouce
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I lived in Spain for several years, and to tell you the truth, I was always identifiable as a foreigner. The "office casual" craze that seems to be sweeping corporate America would be perfect for Madrid. J Crew, Banana Republic, etc. It is true that madrilenos dress up quite a bit, but I wouldn't worry too much about looking like one of them, because you're unlikely to be mistaken for one of them anyway. To avoid standing out in the crowd, people of both sexes should stick to neutral tones. No Spanish male I know would ever wear a canary yellow jacket or a bright plaid cotton shirt. Understated is the way to go. But I will never sell out my feet in the name of style, so if you're planning on doing much touring, it's essential to treat those feet right. And so what if you don't blend in.
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