What to wear in Paris?

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What to wear in Paris?

okay one final post (i'm really helpless in this whole going to paris thing)

what is the dress code like in paris? i know most books will say dressed up but what would you consider to be a dressed up outfit in paris for a) site seeing b) museums & cathedrals c) going out at night

--'o'[email protected]
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Cripes, now there is a "dress code" in Paris? Who'da thunk it?
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I will give you an example of what I wore on certain occasions, maybe this will help.I am from NYC and dressed according to what I wear at home..
we go to Paris in the fall so the weather is cool...days I wear sweaters and black trousers with black boots.That is fine for any museum,cathedral,restaurant.Nights,casual dining-usually a black sweater and black trousers,black boots.Dressier evening -a black pants suit with or without a blouse..high heels.I know I know - lots of black, but it looks good on me and it is comfortable,goes everywhere,blends in nicely..My blonde hair stands out enough sometimes.
Hope this helped a little.
My personal dress code is no jeans and sneakers, I don't wear them at home either so it is nothing to do with France.
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I agree with the NYC poster. Basic pieces in black are easy to mix and match and are always "la mode". However, for sight seeing jeans are perfectly acceptable. Before I went to Europe the first time I was told "'no one wears jeans"...not true. I saw lots of people sporting jeans in Italy and France. Of course they were all wearing great shoes and sleek jackets with their jeans. I do ask one thing...pllleeeeease do not wear sneakers. It'll mark you as a tourist and an American and in my view, it's just bad fashion sense...and who wants to go to the style capitol of the world and be unstylish?
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Search on "black" & leave the jammies home! Welcome to Paris.
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the previous poster has it right.just take all your best black things and you will be fine in paris.
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I agree with kate entirely except during the day when I'm trudging around I don't wear boots (don't have any comfortable ones) so I wear black flats/walking shoes. I don't wear exclusively black, but dark colors and things I can mix and match. In cold weather wool pants, in warmer weather cotton pants (a la Dockers) or linen pants or cotton/linen skirts. Sometimes I add a brightly-colored silk scarf just to relieve the gloom.
At night,if you're going to an inexpensive cafe in say the 5th, student country, you will of course see "kids" in jeans. But "grown ups" tend not to wear jeans much, unless as mentioned great jeans with an Armani sweater and an expensive handbag. And I rarely see them wearing "comfortable" shoes, but on the other hand most of them are not sightseeing.
Those Parisian women do know how to accessorize!
Enjoy your trip.
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And if you go to the FWI a lot, Guadeloupe is nice, you learn how to haul down something white and lots of accessories (most of which you can buy on the beach in the day to boogie the night away). Same technique in P but switch the color chart, madame.
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Merci beaucoup,
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I would recommend wearing a set of nice wings so that you could fly out of Paris as quickly as you come to your senses! Paris is so overrated! There are so many other places in Europe that are a better trip than Paris!
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Well, Joe, no one asked you.
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thanks a bunch everyone
i'm gonna go dig out my black things and about the post that said i should come to my senses - where would you propose i go then? (i haven't made reservations yet and i've got 2 weeks in london)

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