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What to take for entertainment on long flights?

What to take for entertainment on long flights?

Old Apr 11th, 1999, 01:56 PM
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What to take for entertainment on long flights?


All you veteran travellers......What do you prefer to take along to kill the time on long overseas flights? Your own music and player, a good book?

I have a 10 hr. flight to London coming up the middle of May that I dread. I'll be so anxious to "hurry up and get there" that I'll need something to distract me.

Last time I couldn't even sleep, I was so excited. I paid for it the next day of course, but couldn't help myself.

Any ideas?

Old Apr 11th, 1999, 02:28 PM
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Debby, get as little sleep as you can the night before the flight so that you are so exhausted you fall right to sleep after taking off. The more you sleep on the flight, the less tired you will be that first day in London. The worse thing you can do is stay up the entire flight or most of it.
Old Apr 11th, 1999, 02:40 PM
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I am one of those unfortunate folks who can't sleep during the flight, so I try to bring a few "toys" to keep me entertained. I'm also one of those people who's strolling the aisles or hanging out in the back of the plane, chatting up the other non-sleepers.

As you mentioned, bring along books & music. I recently started traveling with 'books on tape'; I enjoy hearing the story, rather than just reading it. If you're a 'game player', perhaps a portable version of Scrabble or a deck of cards. Even if you're traveling solo, it's easy to find others who'll "play" with you. (Obviously, if you run into me on a flight, I'm willing). Haven't purchased any electronic or computer gizmos, but do notice that more people are bringing small handheld items that run the gamut from poker/gambling to word games and to sports games.

I'm leaving on Thursday for my European jaunt & am very excited as I'll be flying on one of the American Airlines new 777 planes. Not only are they supposed to have a bit more room for the hoi polloi seated in the back, but also, there's supposed to be a small viewer mounted in the seatbacks, so you can watch individual movies! [Has anyone flown on these new 777's yet]

Anyhow, bring along a few distractions, try to nap a bit and don't worry about feeling pooped on your first day. I view the experience as reminiscent of college days & "doing an all-nighter".
Old Apr 11th, 1999, 06:34 PM
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Dear Robin,

That's great news about the mini viewers on the seatbacks of the 777's because that is what my flight is on. However, it is with Continental Airlines. Hope all of the 777's are outfitted the same.

I also liked the idea of a book on tape. Where do you pick up your taped books? I think my library has some, is that where you get yours?

John had a good idea too, aobut not getting much sleep the night before. that is never a problem, I'm too wound up to get much sleep then either.

Just call me a big kid at heart!

Thanks to all of you for the help.
Old Apr 12th, 1999, 01:00 AM
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I've been on many flights that are much longer than 10 hours, but I know how it is for folks who don't often go overseas. My own recommendations are: if you want to get some sleep (which I strongly recommend you do) then take melitonin on the flight 1/2 hour before you wish to sleep (can get at any grocery store), wear a face mask and good ear plugs, use the blanket and pillow and try to have an empty seat beside you.
If you can't sleep or if you choose not to then what I do is; watch the movie (s), listen to music and read magazines (books I find are too hard to read on a plane with all the noise, interruptions and babies crying etc).
I always grab as many magazines as I think I'd want (usually 4 or 5) as soon as I get on board then put them back in the racks as I read them. I also talk to the hostess/hosts if they are friendly or my travel companions. Occasionally I talk to other passengers, but often I find that boring so I don't do it often.
Old Apr 12th, 1999, 04:11 AM
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Sheila and Debby: Do report back about the 777s, ok? Good luck to you Debby - I have trouble with a 6-7 hour flight, can't imagine a 10! Our last time over, I begged the doc for a few tranquilizers and he finally obliged. I actually was able to sleep at least a little and my low-level claustrophobia was also held in check. I'd follow all the other advice, but try and get some Rx as well.
Old Apr 12th, 1999, 04:54 AM
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My upcoming flight to London actually lands at 9:10 p.m. London time (which I understand is a bit unusual). Therefore, I assume I shouldn’t sleep at all on the plane, but instead try to sleep when I get to England. Would that make the most sense?
Old Apr 12th, 1999, 05:10 AM
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I've gotten books on tape from my local library or the major bookstores sell them (Barnes & Noble, Borders, Bookstop).

And as for the 'try to sleep' advice, I agree whole-heartedly. It's definitely to your advantage to get some rest. But like I've said, it doesn't happen for me.

Scott - YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST! The best way to fly to Europe is on those day time flights and ABSOLUTELY, stay awake. Since you arrive in the evening @ 9:10 pm, you can check in to your hotel, maybe take a brief stroll in your area & go directly to bed. Next morning, you're on their time zone & don't have to endure the jet-lagged zombie state the rest of us experience when we arrive in the morning.
Old Apr 12th, 1999, 05:14 AM
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Dear Debby,
I think if you will have the transatlantic flight to london,it will depend on the arrival time at Heathrow/ Gatwick. If you arrive london in the morning, all you have to do should be a good andlong sleep as long as you could, otherwise you will be terribly tired in the morning in london. But if you arrive in the evening hour in london, you should enjoy books, or inflight videos trying to keep you awake so that you will have a good sleep that night in london.

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